Silverpop: Simple and Reliable, But Not for Breaking News
November 04, 2013

Silverpop: Simple and Reliable, But Not for Breaking News

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Deliverability always seemed reliable, which was a major bonus because of the massive number of emails we were sending out.
  • The product itself is simple to learn, and the interface is easy to navigate after a few uses.
  • My previous company selected it for its lower cost compared to relatively similar programs, so it is my understanding that the price is a particularly important factor as to why we chose to use Silverpop for such a long time.
  • Largely, the time it took to send out emails was far too long. Oftentimes I would find my superiors asking me frantically, "When are you sending out that breaking news email!? Our competitor already sent it 10 minutes ago!!" In the news business, being "first" on a major breaking event is extremely important. And after double-checking if there was any user error, it always seemed to be that the problem remained with Silverpop. Granted, with the volume of emails we were sending out being several thousand at a time, I understand a slight delay, but when it came to my job it was a large hassle.
  • On a few occasions, the preview did not fully match the email that was sent out. On one specific occasion during my early use of Silverpop, it sent out an email with unreadable text that was an embarrassing mistake on my part. However my colleagues with more experience were quickly able to show me a "work around" so it never happened to me again, if the preview function had shown it in the first place, then I wouldn't have had that very public mistake.
  • During my tenure at my previous employer, through the use of Silverpop marketing and social media, traffic on our site doubled to an average of almost 5 million unique visitors a month. I can't determine the ROI as my role at the company had nothing to do with purchasing or accounting, but I guarantee that number was a direct result of our email marketing.
Overall Silverpop was very easy to use compared to other email marketing tools I had experience using. The only reason why it isn't getting a perfect 10 is because of the time it took to send out mass breaking news emails -- which in reality, 10-15 minutes -- is not that slow considering the quantity of email addresses in our database. But because of our industry and what my job requirements were, it proved to be a bit of a headache. Regardless, I would still recommend Silverpop to large marketing companies and others who have a design department with or without experience using other email marketing tools. It is a reliable and effective tool.
Realistically, if economically it makes sense for a company to use Silverpop over any other competitors, then they should use Silverpop. The positives highly outweigh the negatives. But they should really consider whether or not they need a fast delivery time (and how they define "fast" - 1 minute or 10 minutes or 30 minutes).