SolarWinds Virtualization Manager - Good to GO - Go NOW!
Jennifer Aguilar | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 26, 2018

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager - Good to GO - Go NOW!

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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

We utilize SolarWinds Virtualization Manager on a daily basis to monitor 2 sites, 3 Clusters. I utilize virtualization manager along with other tools to ensure that we are proactive rather than reactive. The main dashboard is displayed on a wall monitor to ensure that the team has full visibility to the environment.

The tool tells you if you have VM ware tools out of day, attached media to the virtual machine, data store over allocation, host running low on disk space, VMs rebooted, VM Phantom Snapshot Files, ... the list goes on and on. You have great visibility into resource allocation across the whole environment. CPU Utilization, CPU Ready, Memory Utilization, Data store I/O latency. I can't appreciate this tool enough; you get more out of this tool simply by asking Virtualization manager to discover your environment.

  • Set up and installation is unbelievably easy. Integration to Orion can be done with a point and a click after you have VM up and running.
  • Details across the environment are so very valuable ; they are color coded as to the severity of attention necessary to resolve any issue.
  • Capacity Planning is a must during budget processing and when users come to ask for additional resources to run an unplanned application.
  • I would love the ability to acknowledge that an image of a machine does not require VM Ware tools, therefore it should not trigger a condition to load the tools. We have images of servers and computers used to spin up machines; vm ware tools is loaded after the server or computer is provisioned for production.
  • When integrated with Orion, I would love not to loose my place in Virtualization Manager when I add additional resources to a resource map. Each time I add a resource to the map, I have to add what was previously there ... this is only when you integrate with Orion. Stand Alone, you can add, edit, delete resources to show on a map.
  • I am having a hard time coming up with additional room for improvement, as I do need to upgrade my current version when time permits. This is such a valuable tool that is used every day, multiple times a day!
  • The ROI is really hard to calculate. If your systems don't fail, and the up time is reaching 5 9's - I would say that we are doing quite well. The tools that people choose to use to aid in the pursuit of success can make a dramatic impact. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager has made a personal impact for me; I can tell you who, what, when, where, and most times... why the performance is great or perhaps having issues.
  • My objective is to serve up an application to work stations that are up and available for 911 calls 24X7X365. Virtualization manager has assisted in monitoring resources and indicating issues. I highly value Solar Winds Virtualization Manager.
  • I also use SolarWinds Virtualization Manager to monitor my data being replicated between sites. I have great confidence at night and during the day because of the information being presented by the tool!

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager has definitely reduced downtime. We have triggered notifications when disk space utilization reaches 80 %, giving us plenty of time to react to a server or workstation.

The CPU Ready state and Data Store I/O is such a great tool to assist in fine tuning resources allocated to the clients. The tools have allowed me to manage the efficiency of the environment and to better manage the resources that I purchased and promised that would work! The tools tell me when we have excess or garbage in the environment, thus allowing me to get rid of the trash before it impacts performance.

I use capacity planning each budget cycle and especially when the application team comes to request resources to run an unplanned application!

Never forget to plan for the unplanned!

I absolutely love the PerStack dashboard that is in SolarWinds Virtualization manager. The ability to custom the widgets is totally awesome.

It is also nice to remove irrelevant information.

Virtualization manager from SolarWinds, I am quite partial to this product, and the whole SolarWinds product line. SolarWinds develops their products according to the users. I can definitely say that the users groups associated to SolarWinds has been the driving factor to success. I am a member of the community, and there is not much that this group can do to influence the product. You can be a member even if you don't have any of their products. You can demo any of the products and SolarWinds appreciates the feedback positive or negative. I can't say enough about SolarWinds, and specifically Virtualization Manager. Tools leveraged properly make great success stories.
So very well suited when your environment is totally virtualized. The details continue to push my team attend to the environment. I would hate to think about bringing up a virtual environment without SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. The CPU ready and data store I/O are great gauges to watch during the day and a quick glance or two over the weekend. You can tell if something is out of character right away.