Best Virtualization Management Tools15Virtualization Management Tools help IT managers optimize the performance of physical servers and instances in a virtual environment.Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo)1 Virtualization Manager2 vCenter Server3 ONE4 Integration for VMware vCenter7 Platform8 Essentials9 Operations10 Prism11 Operations Manager12 Workload Consolidation13 Virtualization Management Center (VMC)14 VSI15 Enterprise16 Focus Cloud Optimizer19 Technology21 Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)22

Virtualization Management Tools

Best Virtualization Management Tools

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Virtualization Management Tools Overview

What are Virtualization Management Tools?

Virtualization management tools are designed to administer the operations and processes of a virtualization environment. The number of virtual machines running in the data center can reach hundreds and thousands. For this reason, it becomes imperative to have visibility into the virtualization environment to understand the overall performance and health of the system.

Virtualization Management Features & Capabilities

  • VIrtual machine administrator alerts

  • Processor and memory allocation to virtual machines

  • Dynamic resource allocation

  • Performance monitoring

  • Programmable APIs

  • Future requirements prediction

What do Virtualization Management Tools Do?

The primary tasks performed by these tools are to check to make sure that all virtual machine software and hypervisor versions are up to date. They also establish and maintain connectivity across the environment, and monitor the performance of each virtual machine. They do this by, for example, allocating more memory or processing power to right-size virtual machines for optimal performance.

Virtualization management tools are also required to identify the root cause of any problems. They do this by analyzing the application, server, virtual and storage layers to troubleshoot issues.

Increasingly, virtualization management tools are being asked to handle more strategic management tasks. For example, they are required to identify usage patterns and help to predict future virtualization infrastructure bottlenecks and resource limits.

Virtualization Management Products

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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

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SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager (VMAN) is a tool for monitoring, performance management, capacity planning and optimization for on-premises or cloud-based virtual environments. It also integrates with other SolarWinds products.

18 Ratings

Foglight is a database performance management suite from Quest, with modules to perform cloud analytics, network performance monitoring and virtualization management, scaling to a broad, cloud / virtualization focused IT infrastructure monitoring solution.

4 Ratings

Nerdio provides streaming IT services over the Internet by virtualizing hardware and software. Companies using Nerdio no longer have to maintain servers, desktops and software, but instead plug into virtual services in the cloud.

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Login VSI is a performance monitoring tool for virtual desktop environments. The vendor says that Login VSI can be used during different stages of virtualization deployment, from planning to deployment to change management, with the goals of improving performance and availability and making the e...

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eG Enterprise is a converged application and infrastructure monitoring solution that enables organizations to ensure peak performance of their business-critical applications and IT services. The vendor’s value proposition is that with eG Enterprise, users can monitor every layer and every tier of...

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VMmanager is a commercial Linux-based VPS management web panel with support for KVM and OpenVZ virtualization. According to the vendor: 1. VMmanager KVM is designed for virtualization management. VMmanager uses the Linux KVM virtualization for hosting virtual machines. This solution enables use...

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Opvizor is a VMware health analyzer and issue detection virtualization management solution from the Viennese company of the same name.

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Densify is a cloud optimization and control product. It balances infrastructure supply and application demand to maximize efficiency and cost savings.

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10ZiG Technology is a world-market leader in VDI endpoint device software and hardware. The 10ZiG Manager™endpoint management software remotely controls any endpoint running on a 10ZiG OS via one centrally-managed and easy-to-use platform. This solution is designed so that IT administrators can e...