Sophos Endpoint - An essential component in a modern antimalware/security platform.
Alex Farling | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 13, 2018

Sophos Endpoint - An essential component in a modern antimalware/security platform.

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Overall Satisfaction with Sophos Endpoint Protection

We use Sophos Endpoint Protection on our internal equipment, as well as client computers/servers. The product enables us to manage AntiVirus, Encryption, and Next Gen AntiMalware in a single portal with a single agent. The protection we get from this combo is second to none, and that's where the real value of this product comes through - tight integration to the entire platform...
  • Simple Installation.
  • Clean reporting.
  • Single pane of glass management with other Sophos products.
  • Client can occasionally be more resource intensive than we would like...
  • Customers on Sophos have yet to manage to encrypt a PC with malware. It's that simple - we don't have to fight those fires anymore...
Best in class... PERIOD... Bit Defender is a good AV product by itself, but it lacks in Next Gen Heuristic detection. It has allowed malware to get past it in our client environments, even with Admin permissions restricted. Sophos is hands down a superior product when paired with Intercept X. Again, if you don't buy the whole stack, you're selling yourself (and your security) short. We live in a world where security is no longer a single product...
We use it everywhere, including mixed environments / Mac and Linux deployments. Where it may not be well suited is for extremely budget-conscious customers who are not willing to adopt the whole solution stack - that said, you get what you pay for and Sophos is cost competitive against other solutions.

Evaluating Sophos Endpoint Protection and Competitors

Yes - BitDefender - we replaced it because it was allowing users to download Malware and encrypt workstations and file shares on servers... We were wasting time fighting fires that simply shouldn't have existed... now that is no longer the case... Knock on wood, we have had zero encryption events since installing the combo of Sophos Endpoint and Intercept X on our client machines...
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The Intercept X product is killing it in the reviews. We left another heuristic malware detection product for IX, and it was only logical to use Sophos for traditional AV and Encryption at the same time. Those products, coupled with their firewall and email scanning make for a very robust and centralized security platform that is quickly moving to single pane of glass management...
If we had it to do again, we would have simply done it sooner... This change has freed my helpdesk team up to do more valuable tasks instead of fighting fires because a user was able to click a link that contained malware to spite our best efforts to protect them with legacy software platforms.