Robust, user-friendly, and precise.
Updated March 06, 2022

Robust, user-friendly, and precise.

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Overall Satisfaction with Spiff

I use Spiff in two main ways: 1. To measure and keep track of my personal quota, total commissions, and per paycheck breakdowns. 2. To compare my performance from previous months/quarters/years to evaluate my growth (I do the same thing for teammates who fall under my supervision as well).
  • Spiff does a great job of accurately tracking my quota and compensation
  • Keeps a solid history of my compensation and quota attainment in one spot
  • Makes it easy to make adjustments when it comes to spotting any potential errors
  • Make a place where I can opt-in for email notifications every time my commission changes/when I book a new deal.
  • It would be cool to have a year-to-year comparisons page
  • More collaboration with teams/managers
  • Decrease in overall commission processing time
  • Provides increased visibility and accuracy when it comes to compensation plans and payouts
  • Decreased time to conflict resolution involving commission descrepancies
  • Increase in both motivation and productivity for sales reps
Spiff is incredibly easy to use. Even someone logging in for the first time can easily understand how the system works and what information is relevant and/or most important to them. It also has a solid amount to support in case you do have questions or need to loop in a team member for something.
Spiff has allowed me to trust my organization more because I know exactly where my commission comes from. There is complete visibility into what I'm getting paid for, how much I am getting paid, and whether or not it matches up with the compensation plan we had discussed in the first place.
Personally, I didn't make the decision to use Spiff at my current org, that is just the system they use across the entire company. I have used CaptivateIQ at a previous company. I will say that between the two tools, I prefer using Spiff. I feel the overall setup and modeling of Spiff are easier to understand. Additionally, setting up and connecting to Spiff was much simpler than setting up CaptivateIQ was.

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Spiff is well suited for any sales organization (or really any type of org and/or department where people either carry quotas or make commissions). I could also see if being useful to any team where certain performance metrics can be easily measured and tracked over time. Personally, I can think of many teams where Spiff couldn't be utilized. I feel it is most beneficial for teams I already described, but its utility could go across the board.

Salesforce Spiff Feature Ratings

Sales compensation plan creation
Complex sales crediting
Sales compensation process automation
Incentive auditing/regulation compliance
Sales compensation dashboards & forecasting
Incentive modeling
Agile incentive strategy
ICM mobile visibility

Using Spiff

Our entire Sales organization uses Spiff. They mainly use it to calculate and keep track of their commissions to make sure their OTE and other earnings are accurate. They also use it for forecasting, alignment with the fincance and enablement departments, and for ensuring comp letters are on file and easily accesible.
Spiff is an extemely intuitive system. 5 or more minutes on the tool should allow anyone to get a basic understanding of its uses and value to salespeople. The UI is also clean and easy to follow. You can find at a glance, most of the time, exactly what information you're looking for.
  • Forecasting
  • Comp accuracy and tracking
  • Single source of truth for salespeople
  • Cross-functional alignment
  • Our sales leadership team uses Spiff for to keep track of individual activities
  • Teams collaborate on Spiff
  • Not sure, but would certainly be open to learning what other teams are doing / what functionality is available I am not yet aware of.
Spiff has become an indisposable tool for our sales org. Our salespeople, management, and finance team use it on a daily basis to ensure accuracy and keep ongoing records of this ever-changing information. It is also heavily integrated into our team's cadences. Using Spiff saves us a ton of time, helps us avoid re-work and double checking, and allows us to keep our commissions as automated as possible.

Spiff Reliability

We have a fairly large Enterprise sales team (200+ people and growing). Back when I first started at my organization this number was actually around 100 people. We've doubled in size since then and we have had zero problems adding these additional users.
In all my time using Spiff, I only recall it being unoperational (outside the times when there is scheduled maintence. During those times, Spiff does a good job at communicating when their services will be offline and why). The times when I do get a small error, 9 times out a 10 a simple refresh of the browser will fix the issue.
Pages load quickly, dashboards update numerous times throughout the day, and the integrations are seamless and operate without a hitch. On occasion, commissions will be delayed in calculating corrctly by a day or so, but that is quite rare. I don't find that delay to be a huge hinderance anyways.