Talend Open Studio for all
December 12, 2018

Talend Open Studio for all

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Overall Satisfaction with Talend Open Studio

Talend is used by parts of my company mainly in the integration team. We use it to move data between various systems such as FTP, Oracle DB, DB2, MDM, CRM. We move data on a schedule and on demand. We use Talend Open Studio to sync data between various systems. We also use Talend jobs to backup some important files which are generated part of other ETL jobs.


  • Talend runs fast and long without any issues to move millions of records as part of a single job run.
  • Talend shows a good preview of the data counts moving between various systems.
  • Using property files in Talend we can dynamically use various environment specific values seemlessly.


  • Talend Open Studio does not have enough components to do Deduplication and fuzzy match using machine learning.
  • Talend Open studio is not highly available and makes it tough to run Tier 1 applications.
  • Talend Open Studio does not provide any good ways to do unit testing of the components.
  • It was easy to quickly ramp up a team of ETL developers without prior knowledge on ETL jobs
  • We could move millions of records into CRM systems within a span of a day as part of a large data migration project.
  • We did not have a scheduler as part of the open studio. We had to build a quartz based scheduler to run the jobs on schedule and on demand
Talend Open studio is free and anybody can quickly ramp up and start working on it. We do not need to have strong ETL skills to start using it. Exploring the intricacies takes skill. Doing basic integrations is quite easy with Talend compared to Oracle Data Integrator or other ETL tools. We can deploy Talend applications/jobs on Weblogic or docker. Oracle Data Integrator is not easy to use compared to Talend.
For quick daily integrations Talend is a very good tool and it makes development time so short and easy. Citizen developers who are not great programmers can pick up and start using Talend Open Studio within weeks. It's well suited for all kinds of data migration between various systems.

It is less appropriate for smaller synchronous services where you need to trace the complete transaction and how data moved between them. It's also less appropriate for small data movements where other tools can be easier to use and manage.

Talend Open Studio Feature Ratings

Connect to traditional data sources
Connecto to Big Data and NoSQL
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Simple transformations
Complex transformations
Data model creation
Metadata management
Testing and debugging
Integration with MDM tools

Using Talend Open Studio

20 - It's mostly used by Integration developers and few architects. Developers use it to build ETL jobs for bulk data movement between disparate systems such as Data bases and files and FTP locations. Architects use it to quickly check data transformations and to move small set of data into target systems to check the functionality.
5 - Talend Open Studio is an open source software. We have support from middleware team to deploy the jobs into weblogic app servers and support from Systems team to support the jenkins build and the github repository. Talend Open Studio itself is not supported. We depend on the open source community for any issues.
  • Quick data transformation
  • Quick data migration
  • Bulk and schedule data migration between disparate systems
  • We never used Talend Open Studio for CRM systems. This has turned out really cool for us.
  • We could ETL millions of records without any licence cost with free Talend Open Studio
  • We could automate file backup using Talend Open Studio jobs
  • We may use Talend for bigdata in the future
  • We may use data preparation in future
  • We might consider using Talend ESB
There is no licence requirement for Talend Open Studio. So, this is not relevant question. However, if you are asking whether we will use Talend in future. Yes. We will continue to use it. It's very powerful free tool which caters to all our extra, transform, load capabilities. We just love Talend for it's great functionality and ease of use.

Evaluating Talend Open Studio and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Analyst Reports
  • Third-party Reviews
Cost is a very important factor for any software with great functionality. The free Talend Open Studio is a great starter for anybody with low to medium ETL requirement. We have tested and used it for few millions of records migration and it works great without any issues. Also, the stability of the product is very important for us. MAC users have some issues with older versions of Talend. It works great on Windows.
I do not see any reason for change of evaluation or selection process. Talend Open Studio fits all our requirements and data migration needs. Even when new systems are added to our kitty, we do not see any short of Talend Open Studio components to use. It's just great for what we need from it.

Talend Open Studio Support

Talend Open Studio is free and we are not using the enterprise version which comes with licence and support. So, mostly depend on the open source community for any issues that we face. The document is good and we didn't have to use any support so far. We did evaluate the enterprise version and so far sticking to the free version.


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