Centralized, Cloud-based Project Management within a few clicks
Updated September 29, 2020

Centralized, Cloud-based Project Management within a few clicks

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Overall Satisfaction with Teamwork Projects

We carry out all our projects, internal and external, on Teamwork Projects. Our entire organization uses it, divided into teams and departments with their own security accesses and permissions; on billable projects, we take advantage of Teamwork's built in Billing feature, which although basic is very sturdy and sufficient for most invoicing needs. The included Timer feature helps a lot for our technicians in the field to track the exact time they use on a specific project for billing and time compliance requirements. Finally, we also use Teamwork Projects via reporting for our KPIs and project trends for the entire organization.
  • Time Tracking feature. Available in both Desktop (web-based) and Mobile (native app) versions, it's very handy for keeping track of time employed on tasks related to a project in particular.
  • Reporting feature. Reports in Teamwork are surprisingly easy to make and very comprehensive in the information they convey. And each project has their own dashboard in the Overview tab, giving PMs a quick glimpse of the projects being managed.
  • Project handling. Every project has features (tasks, messages, time, risks, billing, milestones, files, notebooks, links and comments) that can be turned on and off individually depending on the project class, adding more flexibility to project management.
  • Integrations with third-party solutions. Despite integrating with some well-known ones, such as Dropbox, Google, OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365, it still lacks integrations with major CRMs such as Vtiger, ZOHO CRM and Freshsales, to name a few.
  • Customization options. It's always nice to have a CSS template option to give customers the capability of creating their own Teamwork sites.
  • 2FA authentication. It's a long shot, but some projects are very sensitive or confidential, so adding a two-step verification option to current authentication features (it does offer SSO) will be a nice-to-have feature.
  • POSITIVE: A faster TTM on projects.
  • POSITIVE: A better and more accurate resource usage control, especially on service projects.
  • POSITIVE: A more centralized hub for project managers and their peers.
Actually, Teamwork Projects is well suited in almost all project management scenarios, even considering opposite project methodologies such as cascade and Agile; TW provisions tools and features for both (task lists for one, Kanban boards for the other). There's no small or big project, single-handed or multi-teamed (to one or more companies and resources) projects that Teamwork Projects can't adequately handle. We have had almost all kinds of projects, and for all of them we've relied on it.

Teamwork.com Feature Ratings

Task Management
Gantt Charts
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Workflow Automation
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Team Collaboration
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Support for Agile Methodology
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Support for Waterfall Methodology
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Document Management
Email integration
Mobile Access
Timesheet Tracking
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Change request and Case Management
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Budget and Expense Management
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Project & financial reporting
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Integration with accounting software

Using Teamwork Projects

15 - Mostly, Services & Support agents (the department I'm a heed of) rely heavily on Teamwork Projects for our professional service projects and internal tasks. We usually keep track of the tasks performed on each customer and upon each project contract, serving this as a proof-of-work on demand by the customer to check up the completed and outstanding tasks for a time period, and also allowing us to create invoices per service performed by hour or day, and on the rate of each agent that performed it.
2 - Teamwork Projects is very straightforward to keep on support. The users, teams and organizations creates almost by themselves, and the relationship between them and the projects is very simple. Most of our TWP administrators and PMs, including myself, mostly deal with new hires and their accesses (if applicable), and the PMs to keep track of open and in progress projects; also, to keep the due or completed projects in archive.
  • Professional Services project management
  • Implementation projects
  • Internal time tracking for remote commuters
  • Internal time tracking for remote commuters, allowing most of our remote workforce to keep in contact and acknowledged their work while out of the office
  • Keeping track of training, marking them as tasks in an internal "dummy" project with no due date, and assigning such tasks to each resource who requires the given training
  • Using the Kanban board style of mapping tasks to implement Agile Methodology to our implementation projects.
  • Keep tracking our implementation projects
  • Keep tracking our professional service projects
  • Keep tracking our remote commuter time record & tracking
We are already at an annual contract, and have been for the past 5 years; so far the system has delivered, and our personal is already trained in it. A major overhaul of our entire infrastructure (as in moving everything to a single, unified platform) might change the current continuity of Teamwork Projects on our organization, but that's not feasible in the near future.