Great Data Management Tool But a Bit Pricey
Updated March 03, 2023

Great Data Management Tool But a Bit Pricey

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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO Data Virtualization

TIBCO Data Virtualization is available to all of our organizations. TIBCO Data Virtualization is used by most of our organizations to bring multiple data into one reporting solution. TIBCO Data Virtualization allows us to pull data from many different sources in many different locations and create the reporting requirements that are needed by our various business departments.
  • Use different data repositories in one solution.
  • Use of analytics tools by end users.
  • Use of SQL so users don't have to learn a new scripting language.
  • Unable to find a way to run a scheduled report to be saved to another location.
  • High cost compared to other solutions.
  • Tool is a bit difficult to learn.
  • Better ability to create reports/dashboards from many sources in one location.
  • Allows ability for better decision making when able to review various data in one reporting tool.
  • A bit expensive so need to crunch the numbers to see if it is worth the cost.
There is a learning curve to using TIBCO Data Virtualization. The built in connector for Salesforce is the tool that we used. The amount of data loaded on a monthly basis did not take much time to import into Salesforce using TIBCO.
All of the data that was loaded by TIBCO Data Virtualization was from on-prem sources to Salesforce. The ability to load data from multiple sources saves the end users time and effort to analyze the various business services that our customers are using and the ones they are not. Showing the business services that our customers are not using in a snapshot allows opportunities to entice the customer to take advantage of the other services we can offer them.
I was not involved in the purchasing decision of TIBCO Data Virtualization. TIBCO Data Virtualization does provide us with a good reporting tool that can access various data sources in order to review the analytics and make future decisions. It can be used on-premise or in the cloud. It is robust and can pull data quickly to generate the various reports and dashboards needed.
We need to forecast business decisions and have many different data sources that are used across our organization. We need to pull the data into one location for many business users to access. The data changes quite frequently so it was imperative to be able to update the data quickly without much user intervention as the data changed. TIBCO Data Virtualization is able to pull the data in and update the reports and dashboards with the new data seamlessly. Without TIBCO Data Virtualization it would take so much more time to gather the data from multiple sources, analyze the data, and create the reports to disseminate to the decision-makers.
Data virtualization is very insightful. It can be used to create various "what if" scenarios. It is handy to be able to access data from multiple sources in one location that is readily available. It improves business outcomes and drives innovation. We are able to view the data virtually and able to modify data to analyze the impact to our business.

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Are you happy with TIBCO Data Virtualization's feature set?


Did TIBCO Data Virtualization live up to sales and marketing promises?

I wasn't involved with the selection/purchase process

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Would you buy TIBCO Data Virtualization again?


If your organization is large, has many different data sources, and has the budget then TIBCO Data Virtualization may be the solution for you. The TIBCO Data Virtualization tool does take some time to learn. If your organization is smaller with a lower budget then there may be a better solution for you. We also need reports automatically generated on a periodic basis and saved to another location (such as our electronic document management system) but we aren't sure if/how this can be accomplished using TIBCO Data Virtualization.

TIBCO Cloud Capabilities

It was very helpful to load data from different sources into Salesforce using TIBCO. It made the ability for the users to show our customers all the services they use from us along with the customers' specific data. This saved us time and money to have the data available in one location rather than spending time gathering this data.
We implemented TIBCO as a new deployment. We use TIBCO to load data into Salesforce from multiple data sources. TIBCO does have a high learning curve but once we configured TIBCO, the data loading was nearly seamless and saved us so much time and money.
We newly implemented Salesforce and utilized TIBCO to load data into Salesforce which allowed us the ability to provide our customers with a snapshot of the offerings they were taking advantage of from us.
It is nice to see TIBCO adapt their products as technology changes. We did not have a need to implement any of the new capabilities offered by TIBCO but it was nice to see the ability to do so if there was a need.
  • Import data faster
  • Protect data
  • Enables business users to access data efficiently and easily
TIBCO has always been very responsive to any support issues and questions that we have encountered. Our issues have been fairly common issues and are resolved very quickly. TIBCO has even reached out to us when they notice any issues with our online agent.
I have not provided feedback to TIBCO but feel my feedback would be taken into consideration based on my past experiences with TIBCO.
  • Process automation
  • Use fewer development resources
  • Enforce centralized data

Using TIBCO Data Virtualization

1 - Only IT staff use TIBCO data virtualization
1 - IT staff are the ones with the skills to support TIBCO Data Virtualization in our organization
  • Combining data from different sources
  • Ability to combine data to be viewed by customers efficiently
  • View performance metrics
  • Implement real time data rather than just historical data
  • Implement data housed from other sources rather than just on-prem data sources
We have been looking at implementing Microsoft Dynamics to replace Salesforce which would eliminate our need to use TIBCO.

Evaluating TIBCO Data Virtualization and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
TIBCO Data Virtualization was able to meet our needs to load data from multiple sources into Salesforce. Once the configuration was completed in TIBCO initially, we did not have to touch the configuration again which made implementing TIBCO very efficient.
Talk with peers to see which software solutions they implemented and better understand the learning curve to in incorporating the various data virtualization applications.

TIBCO Data Virtualization Implementation

Professional services were very helpful in the implementation. I don't think we would have been able to implement this on our own, however.
  • Implemented in-house
  • TIBCO professional services
Yes - We implemented our UAT environment first then our Prod environment.
Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled - We should have providing the end users with more advanced direction and guidance prior to the implementation phase.
  • Initial configuration/setup

TIBCO Data Virtualization Training

The training was helpful. I was able to understand how to use TIBCO for the data load process that we implemented and how to perform various troubleshooting steps based on the training I received. The technician was thorough and took the time to answer any questions. Once we were shown how to use TIBCO in the test environment, we were able to configure the production environment ourselves.

Configuring TIBCO Data Virtualization

I believe the configurability is complex.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code

TIBCO Data Virtualization Support

Good followup
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Quick Initial Response
Slow Resolution
Less knowledgeable
Difficult to get immediate help
Support doesn't seem to care
Customer support for TIBCO Data Virtualization is very responsive and helpful. They are courteous and quick to assist.
Yes, we did purchase premium support as we weren't entirely sure how to implement the data load and how to remedy any issues that may crop up in the future. Using premium support gave us quick turnaround and our issues were addressed and resolved very fast. The support team is very knowledgeable, polite, and seem to have a vested interest in resolving our issues.

Using TIBCO Data Virtualization

Well integrated
Unnecessarily complex
Slow to learn
Once it is configured, its overall usability is good. Initially implementing it does take some effort and time.
  • Loading data once it has been configured
  • Updates are seamless
  • Reviewing errors are typically intuitive to finding the possible solution
  • Initial implementation
  • User interface could be more intuitive

TIBCO Data Virtualization Reliability

It seems to be flexible and scalable based on our needs.
We have never encountered issues where it was unavailable when we needed it.

Integrating TIBCO Data Virtualization

The learning curve of integration was a bit steep in my opinion.
  • Salesforce
Once the configuration was completed with the help of TIBCO professional services, the integration with Salesforce has not experienced any serious issues.
  • File import/export
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)

Relationship with TIBCO Software Inc.

I wasn't involved initially with the sales process but my involvement after the sales process was positive.
The vendor has been very accommodating with any needs that have arisen after the sale.
I was not involved with the negotiation.