Save time by tracking time with TSheets
Lauri Paxton | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 19, 2017

Save time by tracking time with TSheets

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Overall Satisfaction with TSheets

We use TSheets for everybody in our company, myself included. It makes it very easy for employees to track not only their total work time but also to track by client and project, which makes payroll and client billing extremely simple. All it takes is a few simple clicks to export information from TSheets into our payroll system and then payroll is done in just a few minutes. We also can import that same information directly into our accounting system to track time by client. Employees can access it on their phones as well, making it simple and convenient whether they're in the office or on the road.
  • TSheets makes it incredibly simple for employees to track their work. All it takes is a click to clock in and they're ready to work. They can track time by client, and by project whether they're in the office or on the road, or even working at home.
  • TSheets makes it easy for me to see at a glance not only who is working, but where they're at, and what they're working on. I can receive alerts if someone doesn't clock in on time, if someone clocks out early, or if someone is coming up on overtime. It makes it much simpler to track time properly.
  • TSheets makes it easy to track billable time by client and/or project. A few clicks and the time information is exported to our accounting software and I can easily create time-based invoices by client - with reports to back it up if necessary. It saves an incredible amount of time on both payroll and client billing.
  • The only thing I've run into that I think I would like to see change is the My Time Card option to pop-out from the website into a new window on your computer. It would be really nice if this had an "always on top" option so that it doesn't get buried under multiple windows. This would make it even simpler than it already is to switch time between projects.
  • TSheets has saved me so many hours of time on payroll and billing that I can't even imagine what it would be like to have to go back to doing things the way I did before. Before TSheets I had to chase down time sheets, manually enter hours into the payroll system, and simply trust that all the recorded hours on the time sheets were correct. Now I can instantly approve and export hours directly from TSheets into the payroll or billing system and not have to worry about chasing people down or making a data entry error. I also have detailed time reports if needed for everything from total hours worked, to time in/out, to client/project billable hours.
TSheets is great for businesses whose employees don't always work in the office - they can clock in and out no matter whether they're at a client meeting, in the office, on the road, or working at home. They can use it on their computer, on their phone, their tablet, anywhere they can access the internet or the mobile app. It's also wonderful for businesses who need to track time by client and/or job. It makes it easy and simple for everyone to do that and alerts management if something isn't right.