Uberflip is Flipping Awesome: eBooks, Content Hubs, Blogging and More
December 20, 2014

Uberflip is Flipping Awesome: eBooks, Content Hubs, Blogging and More

Audrey Dalton | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Uberflip

We started using Uberflip to create HTML5 eBooks that were visually appealing and could be used across devices, in addition, they made great sales and marketing pieces to be used in campaigns and for sales enablement activities. When Uberflip came out with the Hub last year, I knew we had to jump on it. We were going to update our website and knew that a content area would be one of the components, so when I saw how the Hub would bring all of our assets in one place, it was a no brainer.
It's taken us some time to get it launched, but now it's launched and about 90% where we want it. We have some integration work and CTA work to do, but other than that, it's awesome. The main business issue it solved was consolidation, effective visualization, and organization of all of our content in once place. Now, rarely, do I hear a sales person say they can't find this or that item or enough content to send to some of their prospects. Additionally, we're really excited and happy that it's already responsive as that's where we're headed with our new site. It's one less thing to worry about migrating as we launch our new site.
  • Produces high quality HTML5 ebook quality that's shareable, easy to edit with great widget embeds like Vimeo, and pretty good metrics. You can gate specific folders or even individual items and set up subscription lists for folders.
  • Easy to manage, organize content through the hub. Items are moveable, hideable, editable, deletable with great flexibility on display order, date, menu, and trackability.
  • Easy to write and publish news releases and blog posts with a very easy to use wyswig editor. One of the interesting surprises on this was the ability upload images without having to host them elsewhere and only depend on URLs.
  • The Hub and Flipbooks are customizable as far as appearance such as fonts, color schemes, etc. Pretty much everything can be customized to suit your organization.
  • For the blog posts area, and perhaps I'm missing it, but when putting in the thumbnail, it would be nice for new users to at least get the recommending sizing provided to make the thumbnail look good in the large and small sizes and where the big view will focus on. For example, if it could provide a targeting feature that allows the users to choose where the big thumbnail should zoom in. Many times, I've had to resize or change positioning just to get it to look right on the large view. Related to this, the thumbnail area doesn't allow for users to upload directly there, you have to upload to the body of the blog, then take that url and paste it into the thumbnail area. It would be great to have that feature in the thumbnail area as well.
  • Would like a better searching tool for internal use, that does even partial key word searches within the body of the blogs. Additionally, give a search and tag functionality for internal, external use for the blog areas.
  • Be able to stream Google Plus because that is so important for SEO and other sites besides Twitter, FB, and Instagram.
  • Overall, it's very positive. We love the look and feel ability to even use it for quick landing pages if we don't have time to create one on our website. It's become an integral part of campaigns and social sharing. We were a bit concerned at first with SEO drop off from moving completely out of our old blog and news and press sections, but now we've seen it rebound. The only downside if you want to call it that is because it looks so great, you feel compelled to produce fresh content more often than if you didn't have a hub.
  • Next year, once we have more complete CTA integration and ability to put the widgets on specific pages, we hope to see gains in lead conversions and forms filled out directly in the hub for demos and the like.
Uberfllip always seems to be trying to improve features, integrations, look and feel and they are seriously committed to taking feature requests and acting upon them incredibly fast. For example, I had an issue with the ebook thumbnails when I initially launched, which required resizing and fixing each of them manually versus the Hub pulling a good image automatically. They saw what I was trying to do and the problem with it, and corrected the image problem in less than two weeks. They realized people were uploading documents of all sorts of sizes and we have some unique sizing for our eBooks from square to post card to landscape. In addition to innovation, the Hub has now become and integral part of our website, and we'd be hard pressed to create something as good looking and functional and easy to use as Uberflip.
Uberflip is great for content management and display, eBook creation, and content subscriptions. It's also great as blogging tool on it's own. If people are looking for it to host videos, it doesn't do that, but allows you display all or just selected videos from your video platforms of Youtube and Vimeo. I would ask what the support level is like, and it's awesome. They have very fast, and knowledgeable support especially as you are getting ready to make your Hub live.