Campaigns, customer health, and other dashboards are useful!
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November 20, 2019

Campaigns, customer health, and other dashboards are useful!

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Overall Satisfaction with UserIQ

  • Our customer success team tracks customer health ratings
  • Our customer success and product teams look at feature usage
  • Our customer success team uses the onboarding/walkthrough campaigns
  • Have a really easy way to tag features and know what you're tracking.
  • Great, simple user walkthroughs that you can plug into your app to improve onboarding or increase feature adoption.
  • Some interesting dashboard views and you can slice users/accounts many different ways.
  • Pretty user-friendly interface.
  • Easy to collect qualitative data (nps, survey, etc.).
  • Pricing can be prohibitive. Would love to use this on some of our B2C apps but it will be too expensive. Works much better in a B2B model or something with lower usage levels.
  • Connections seem fragile so frequently having to monitor that things haven't broken.
  • Some features missing that seem standard (real-time usage, incomplete user journey, can't see hotspots for clicks - have to tag an element explicitly).
  • We've been able to identify clients who are missing value in our product based on health scores and usage.
  • Expensive product for the value it's delivering to the Product Team but may make it back in ease of use over Google Analytics and other competitors.
  • Often have spent resources trying to troubleshoot when something breaks. Would prefer a little more stability although some of that may be user error.
We use both for different reasons. GA is our primary customer usage product in our b2c apps since it's pricing is not restrictive by number of users. The dashboards and metrics tracked in user IQ are more accessible and you're able to track at the feature level much easier. Both have a lot to be desired on user journey tracking. User IQ also does a much better job of tracking by account and user.

Mouseflow has hotspots that are divorced from tagged features. This is a really valuable feature that UserIQ is missing. Mouseflow also shows recordings of user sessions so you can get a sense of journeys.

Neither product above has user-walkthroughs built in. UserIQ's NPS and other campaign features are very valuable. In some scenarios, we use Google Tag Manager and some custome developed components in lieu of a UserIQ campaign. Campaigns are generally more user-friendly and require little to no dev resources while custom components and (sometimes GTM) require development help.
Well suited for adding user-walkthroughs to your app or in-app experiences. This is where it shines over something like Google Analytics. Also strong in measuring account/user health since both can be tracked down to a user level.

Weaker with advanced data analysis as they're missing some features that are really helpful in making UX and other product decisions.

Better in B2B than B2C because of their pricing model.

UserIQ Feature Ratings

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NPS surveys
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