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Customer Success Software Overview

Customer Success Management Software provides a set of tools to help ensure that customers achieve their desired outcomes while using a vendor’s product or service. These tools help internal customer success, service, and marketing teams monitor customer activity and sentiment to better understand overall customer account health.

Customer success software platforms centralize all customer data into an accessible 360-degree view of the customer. The data might include support tickets, product usage, and adoption, downloads, upsells, or other customer signals. The typical goals are decreased customer churn, increased customer satisfaction (usually measure by an NPS score), and increased upsell opportunities.

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Customer Success Products

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Customer Verified
Top Rated

Totango is a customer success platform that is designed to help recurring revenue businesses simplify the complexities of customer success by connecting the dots of customer data, actively monitoring customer health changes, and driving proactive engagements. According to the vendor,…

Key Features

  • Customer profiles (235)
  • Product usage (228)
  • Customer health scoring (237)
Gainsight CS

Gainsight’s customer-centric technology aims to drive the future of customer success. The company’s Customer Cloud offers a set of solutions focused on customer success, product experience, revenue optimization, customer experience, and customer data, that together are designed to…

Key Features

  • Dashboards (202)
  • Customer health scoring (200)
  • Automated workflow (199)
Customer Verified
Top Rated

ChurnZero's real-time SaaS platform aims to help subscription businesses prevent customer churn. The platform integrates tightly with an organization's CRM system and their application or service. In doing so, ChurnZero (1) allows the business to understand how their customers use…

Key Features

  • Customer health scoring (165)
  • Product usage (161)
  • Dashboards (162)
Customer Verified
Top Rated

Intercom is a Customer Communications Platform that powers in-context exchanges in order to drive an unparalleled user experience that engages customers across their lifecycle.


WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that promises to transform the user experience in "today’s overwhelming digital world." Using artificial intelligence, analytics, engagement, guidance and automation, WalkMe offers a transparent overlay that assists users to complete tasks…


ClientSuccess, from the company of the same name in Lehi, is presented by the vendor as a simple yet sophisticated solution for CSMs, and the Executive team. For the CSMs, ClientSuccess brings together the tools, best practices, insights and analytics needed to proactively manage…

Key Features

  • Customer profiles (17)
  • Customer health scoring (17)
  • Automated workflow (17)

What is CustomerSuccessBox? An AI-powered customer success platform for B2B SaaS that provides actionable insights to drive customer success. Backed with $1 Million in March 2018 by pi Ventures and Axilor Ventures, CustomerSuccessBox was built from a clear need for a solution that…

Key Features

  • Customer segmentation (15)
  • Dashboards (15)
  • Product usage (15)

Custify is a customer success platform designed for B2B SaaS businesses. It helps users better meet customers' needs, reduce churn and increase lifetime value. The user can see in-product usage insights as well as data from CRM, support, billing, and other systems in one place. Relevant…

Key Features

  • Product usage (11)
  • API (11)
  • Role-based user permissions (11)

Planhat, headquartered in Stockholm, offers their modular suite of applications to subscription based businesses, providing customer success product usage health alerts and guidance, as well as revenue management for tracking subscriptions and business health.

Key Features

  • Role-based user permissions (10)
  • Product usage (10)
  • Customer profiles (10)
Cisco Webex Experience Management

Cisco Webex Experience Management (formerly CloudCherry) is a real-time, omni-channel Customer Experience Analytics and Sentiment Mapping product that helps customer-facing brands track, measure and improve customer delight. The software is described by the vendor as a customizable,…


UserIQ is a walkthrough tool that aims to empower SaaS companies to deliver what each user needs to be successful in every moment, starting with adoption. According to the vendor, key benefits include: effectively scale onboardingincrease feature usageaccelerate time-to-valueultimately…

Key Features

  • Product usage (5)
  • API (5)
  • Help desk / support tickets (5)

Freshsuccess (based on technology acquired by Natero by Freshworks in May 2019) is designed to help Customer Success Managers prevent churn, increase account expansion, and manage more customers with less effort. The vendor says features include: Customer 360 - See customer emails,…

Key Features

  • Product usage (6)
  • Automated workflow (6)
  • Integration with (6)
Medallia Strikedeck

Strikedeck, a Medallia company is a secure SaaS platform that helps the user build and operate an effective, efficient, and scalable customer engagement program. It is a purpose-built Customer Success platform that equips CSMs with the necessary tools to create a customer-centric…

Key Features

  • Product usage (5)
  • Automated workflow (5)
  • Customer profiles (5)

The technology developed by Userlane is designed to guide users through software like a GPS turn-by-turn navigation system. The vendor says this allows every user to operate even complex software on a professional level without any learning curve.Userlane includes interactive step-…


JivoChat is a combined live chat, VoIP, and business messenging service that integrates with email, Facebook, or other tools via API to provide a means to conduct omnichannel communication with customers. is a Customer Intelligence Platform that gives teams complete visibility of all their customers, allowing them to drive more revenue through smarter renewals and upsells. With the most up-to-date real-time data, recommendations for action & collaboration across the…


Amity is customer success software. According to the vendor Amity, senses changes in customer health or rhythms, recommends the right actions and measures effectiveness. Additionally, the vendor says Amity’s combination of real-time playbooks, intelligence and automation helps customer…


Vitally in New York offers an out of the box customer success platform designed to help B2B SaaS companies better understand their customers and drive customer experience, leading to better customer retention.


From pre-sale value assessments to post-sale value realization, Ecosystems is an enterprise cloud platform for quantifying customer value. Out-of-the-box, Ecosystems digitizes and scales the core needs of all stakeholders involved in managing customer value: Sales, Customer Success,…

Recruitive Ltd

Recruitive offers a wide variety of end to end Recruitment Solutions, including ATS Software, Cloud Based Recruitment Software, Onboarding Software, and Careers Websites.The vendor says they provide HR Professionals, Recruiters and Hiring teams with innovative cloud based technology…


Squelch, headquartered in Redwood City, offers their eponymous customer success and customer support tool, which aggregates data from a variety of sources (e.g. Box, Jira, etc.) to provide a complete picture of customer application or product usage, providing guidance for customer…

Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions headquartered in Reno offers B2B sales consulting teaching new business acquisition, as well as account growth and expansion, retention, and related skills.


SentimarQ (Sentiment Analysis Tool) is designed as a one-stop solution to analyze and work upon ever-expanding customer data sets, spread across social media platforms, online review panels, sites, surveys-internal and external. It is presented as a way to listen to customer sentiments,…

Retain is a Customer Insights Engine (CIE) that delivers a system for identifying and sharing customer teams’ best habits that drive revenue and retention. Sitting naturally in a team's workflow, Retain enables everyone responsible for engaging customers to make data-driven decisions…


Gyde is a digital adoption platform that helps users of various software applications in using them effectively & successfully. Gyde is designed to enable anyone with a basic understanding of using the internet to create step-by-step walkthroughs & help articles that assist…

Learn More About Customer Success Software

What is Customer Success Software?

Customer Success Management Software provides a set of tools to help ensure that customers achieve their desired outcomes while using a vendor’s product or service. These tools help internal customer success, service, and marketing teams monitor customer activity and sentiment to better understand overall customer account health.

Customer success software platforms centralize all customer data into an accessible 360-degree view of the customer. The data might include support tickets, product usage, and adoption, downloads, upsells, or other customer signals. The typical goals are decreased customer churn, increased customer satisfaction (usually measure by an NPS score), and increased upsell opportunities.

Customer Success Software Features

Some customer success software will include all of the features below, while others may focus specifically on one area of customer success tracking or monitoring.

  • Customer engagement analytics
  • Product usage tracking
  • Customer health scorecards
  • Rules-based alerts
  • Call-to-action notifications
  • Rule-based workflow automation
  • 360-degree customer profiles
  • Role-specific dashboards
  • Renewals dashboard
  • Interactive report builder
  • Sponsor tracking
  • NPS surveys
  • Customer communications
  • Integration with marketing platforms

Benefits of Customer Success Software

The benefits of using Customer Success Management Software include the ability to:

  • proactively find customers that need attention
  • prioritize areas of response
  • Identify potential brand advocates for use in customer stories/case studies
  • identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • optimize the customer lifecycle
  • Maximize customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

The software is primarily used by customer success managers, account managers, and sales executives.

Types of Customer Success Software

Some products in this category are broader customer success management suites, offering most if not all of the above capabilities.

Other products focus on a particular area. For example, some products support customer success initiatives by enabling contextual, usage-based communication in-product. Others provide the usage statistics and segmentation capabilities that customer success managers can use to trigger communications from within other systems. Customer success is one use case for these products. However, they are also used by other customer experience/engagement teams, such as Marketing, and are more likely to be integrated with than compete directly with full CSM suites.

Customer Success Software Comparison

  1. CRM vs. Customer Success: does your team need a comprehensive customer success management solution, or are you looking for something that could be built-out in a pre-existing CRM with a little bit of consulting help? Same teams can easily achieve all they would gain from a customer success software by further instrumenting their CRM (and saving money on a customer success platform in the process). However, companies that have a large volume of accounts, a large amount of revenue, or an overall complex customer success lifecycle will likely benefit from investing in customer success software.
  2. Information organization: this type of software might be a better investment for teams that need to organize and centralize a bunch of customer data from multiple different sources. These platforms are great at taking disparate streams of customer data and pulling them into one hub for customer success managers, marketers, and salespeople to view and analyze. But if your team doesn’t have a need to better organize disparate sources of customer data, some of these platforms may not be worth the money.

Pricing Information

Pricing for customer success software is not generally available, but most platforms have a tiered model based on the number of users, amount of revenue managed, or the number of accounts managed. A typical software instance might charge a one-time upfront fee, and then a per-seat monthly fee ranging from $50 to $200 depending on the feature set.

Customer Success Software Best Of Awards

The following Customer Success Software offer award-winning customer relationships, feature sets, and value for price. Learn more about our Summer Best Of Awards methodology here.

Best Of Summer 2022 Awards Winners for the Customer Success category. For Best Relationship, first place is ChurnZero. Second place is Totango. For Best Feature Set, first place is ChurnZero. Second place is Totango. For Best Value for Price, first place is Totango.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does customer success software do?

Customer success software is designed to help businesses monitor how happy customers are with their products or service. They also give customer success and marketing teams a view of customer activity on their platform or application. Most tools include features like customer engagement tracking and analytics, notifications or alerts, in-product calls-to-action (CTAs), customer account health scoring, and customer profiles.

Why do I need customer success software?

Customer success software is great for teams that are building out their customer success/service function, need to gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment and satisfaction, or that have a large volume of customer data that needs to be centralized and turned into actionable insights.

Some key benefits of using customer success software include:

  • Finding customers that need help or attention
  • Identifying future brand advocates
  • Look for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Record and track customer satisfaction over time
  • Get direct customer feedback
  • Engage with customers on a more regular basis

What are the best customer success platforms?

According to end-user feedback on TrustRadius, the top-rated customer success software platforms include:

People looking for customer success software on TrustRadius compare the products above with other tools like Salesforce,, ClientSuccess.

How much does customer success software typically cost?

Most vendors that provide customer success software don’t display pricing publicly on their website. Though most platforms follow a subscription-based pricing model that charges either monthly or annually. The cost typically varies depending on the number of seats required, the number of accounts being managed, or the amount of revenue being managed.