Useful tool, great support team
July 26, 2014

Useful tool, great support team

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Modules Used

  • usability testing
  • survey
  • tree test
  • card sort

Overall Satisfaction with UserZoom

I used UserZoom primarily to conduct quantitative usability tests. I was the first to use it on our team of user experience researchers, and helped assess it for purchase for our team. We used UserZoom to assess online and mobile experiences, when we needed the quantitative sample to assess the overall performance etc.... which is hard to do in a lab or other means. Later on we also used it to conduct simple surveys as well as tree testing, card sorting, and even used it to track performance when conducting qualitative usability tests in the lab. I also conducted an intercept survey using UserZoom when the company launched a new mobile design, so that we could capture the feedback of our pilot participants.
  • Quantitative testing can be done on the cheap compared to other quant tools or vendors... once you buy the license, you only pay for additional recruiting and you are managing the project, so there isn't the high cost of having other vendors doing the project management or running a survey etc.
  • Farily robust means of tracking and recording data. I also relied heavily on the excel spreadsheet of all the raw data, which you can have UZ customize for you to get what you need.
  • Great support system from the UserZoom team - they have researchers who can help with coding and also provide research support for a very good price.
  • Also they have tree testing, card sorting, survey capabilities (in addition to usability testing)... and mobile testing. and they seem to be continously be developing the tool to support additional methods.
  • There is some learning curve with the study programming aspect.... however, once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.
  • There is some limitations with what you can do... mainly because the study programming follows a linear model, and although there's logic that you can manipulate, I found some limitations (but never enough to cancel my study or look for an alternate due to methodology issues). The good news is that UZ also makes continued improvements in these areas as well... so I am expecting them to continue to look at this as well.
  • Better user experience
  • Means to measure the designs in quantitative way
  • An array of methodologies supported by the tool
I'm actually trying to get a license for my current job at my current company (recently moved to a new company). I gave it this rating because I am about to go to our executive to ask that we purchase it! I know that there will be value because we are forecasting a high volume of research next year.
It is expensive. It is warrented if your organization has a high volume of studies and is mature enough to do more than qualitative usability testing. On the other hand, if you find yourself doing many surveys (large or small), usability tests, etc. there is cost savings due to the recruiting cost being the only thing you pay for... by the way, you will have to figure out how the coordinate the recruiting, but UserZoom is so helpful with this process and I think recently they have made efforts to bring those solutions in house.