Usability Testing6Usability testing tools are used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This gives direct input on how real users use the system.Kameleoon1 Insights13

Usability Testing Tools

Usability Testing Tools Overview

What are Usability Testing Tools?

Usability testing tools are used to evaluate how products or a webpage are received and used by a group of customers. This gives direct qualitative and quantitative input on how real users use the system or website. Usability tests also identify design problems before the final product is released. They help gauge customer satisfaction with the product.

Many usability testing platforms also offer A/B testing services and may overlap with functional testing tools. However, the core functions of the usability testing platforms are behavioral data tracking and prototype testing. These allow site developers to observe user engagement with the website or mobile app and identify frustration points.

Most products in this category offer remote, moderated, and unmoderated user tests along with video and survey capabilities. Many of these platforms include their own pool of remote users to conduct usability tests with. Alternatively, some vendors also allow buyers to use their own panel of participants to run the tests with.

Usability Testings Tools Features & Capabilities


  • Remote testing

  • Moderated testing

  • Unmoderated testing

  • Mobile app testing

  • Prototype testing

  • A/B testing

Data Analysis

  • Video capabilities

    • Video annotation

  • Survey capabilities

  • Task reporting

  • Behavioral data tracking

    • Heatmaps

    • Clickstream

    • Time on task

Pricing Information

Many vendors offer free trials of their usability testing platforms or freemium versions of the software with a limited test length. Monthly plans can range anywhere from $80-$400 a month. The more expensive plans provide unlimited testing time and a greater variety of testing methods and analytic tools. Individual and team plans with a set number of video session can range from $50 to $300. Enterprise level solutions are more expensive than individual or team plans. Vendors typically do not disclose prices for enterprise plans but most offer quotes upon request.

Usability Testing Products

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Kameleoon is a website optimization solution. Its very first A/B testing solution was launched in 2012. The initial A/B testing solution was enhanced in 2014 with a module for iOS and Android applications and a platform dedicated to web personalization. A/B Testing & Website Optimization...


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India-based BrowserStack offers a platform for live, browser-based functional and usability testing of applications.


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UserBob provides remote user testing. The vendor recruits users to try out an organization's website and records the tester's screen and feedback. Organizations can provide instructions on what will be tested and can also select the demographic groups from which the users will be chosen.


7 Ratings

SessionCam is a SaaS based solution that offers a suite of analytics tools including session replay, heat-mapping, conversion funnels and form analytics all designed to allow brands to optimize their website. Session replay technology enables brands to record customer activity on a site and replay...


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UserReplay, from UK-headquartered software company User Replay with offices in France and the US, offers a customer experience management tool dedicated to usability testing of websites, web forms, and web applications.


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UsabilityTools is a usability testing and website optimization platform. Some key features include: Visitor Recording, Form Testing, Feedback Forms and Click Testing.


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UsersThink provides landing page feedback on demand. The vendor takes care of setup, configuration and user recruiting.


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GhostRec is an in-page web analytics solution built around usability testing. It does not require any additional hardware and software, and it also has features such as heatmaps and 24-hour support.


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Navilytics is a web analytics solution. Some key features include: Visitor Recordings and Playback, Mouse Movement and Click Heat Maps, Scroll Maps, and Form Analytics.

Pulse Insights

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Pulse Insights' micro survey platform is designed to help clients get instant insights from their web and mobile properties in order to continuously improve. The vendor’s value proposition is that embedded, in-page micro surveys attract high response rates, actionable responses, and faster...


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score. is a remote usability testing platform that offers affordable, cross-platform services for testing and improving the user experience. The product allows you to watch videos of real people using your website or app to see where (and why) users get frustrated, lost, or confused. People...


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Screenster is a low-code solution for web UI testing automation. Along with the full support of Selenium and JavaScript, this tool features rich functionality for codeless test authoring and editing. Screenster enables robust automation of visual UI testing with self-healing locators, DOM and...