Must have developer tool
March 19, 2021

Must have developer tool

Vlad VARNA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with VMware Workstation Pro

We use VMware Workstation (on Windows) and Fusion (on mac) to test our software and to test it safely with malware. We also use it to deploy development web servers in Linux on Windows development machines. We also use the Network Editor to test different networking conditions that would be harder to replicate physically.
  • You can have different test machines on a single developer host.
  • It's almost as fast as a physical machine.
  • You can use snapshots to quickly experiment with new things and updates without worrying you will lose everything.
  • With the Network Editor, you can configure whole LANs, which would require a lot of effort and equipment to set up physically.
  • The VMX configuration file is easily editable for more advanced features.
  • At the moment, it's incompatible with Microsoft's HyperVM, which is used in Docker and the Linux Subsystem on Windows 2 (WSL 2).
  • VMware shared files sometimes stop working and need to be reset.
  • 3D support is limited to Windows and only certain scenarios.
  • It saved a lot of development time.
  • It saved a lot of testing configuration time.
  • It helped us also with archiving older build machines that would only occasionally be needed so it would be a waste to keep physical machines for them.
VirtualBox has done a lot of catching up with VMware in the past years, so if you don't need the advanced network configuration or 3D support it's a good alternative, but VMware seems to still be faster, and support for USB devices is a lot more robust. The UI is also more "native" in how it feels and moves.

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Out of the desktop VM solutions, it's better than its competitors in terms of speed, features, and reliability (though in the recent releases reliability seems to be going down; probably mainly because of issues with HyperVM). If you want to have a whole Linux environment that you can just move on a stick it's better than WSL. If you need different preconfigured OSes for automated testing it's also very good

VMware Workstation Pro Feature Ratings

Virtual machine automated provisioning
Management console
Live virtual machine backup
Live virtual machine migration
Hypervisor-level security

Using VMware Workstation Pro

10 - development and QA
  • Automated Malware testing
  • Automated QA testing
  • Software development environments
It's a solid product, and if they make it compatible with HyperVM (WSL, Docker, etc.) it would be great

Evaluating VMware Workstation Pro and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
I've used it for many years and it always gets the job done. Even if you encounter issues, there are fixes available online.
I wouldn't change it

Using VMware Workstation Pro

There are some settings that can only be done by editing the VMX file. However, that is easily done, and you can find examples on the internet easily.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Snapshots
  • File drag and drop (but only when permissions allow)
  • Compacting disks
  • Working with some composite USB devices.
  • Working with HyperVM which is needed by many Windows features.
  • Compacting disks when you don't have double the space.