Alert the Wordpress!
March 31, 2014

Alert the Wordpress!

Nick Bachan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Wordpress is currently being used by ARC as a marketing and branding tool across the company's following departments:

Staffing: Testimonials are turned into concise, appealing blurbs and published in the staffing section of the company's recruiting blog. Career advice and general knowledge are presented by experienced professionals in conjunction with the recruiting team to create a thorough informational resource.

Mobility: Sales achievements by account executives in the mobility department are discussed in detail and promoted as milestones for ARC as a company. Mobility sales typically represent ongoing, fruitful business relationships, and framing them as such enhances the brand of the company.

Project Development: IT services and solutions have become a tremendous source of revenue for ARC.

Social Media Marketing: WordPress allows recruiters to share job postings and even publicize them by linking the blog to ARC's Twitter and Facebook pages. The WordPress interface serves as a functional hub from which many branching interests can be efficiently served.
  • WordPress is very user-friendly, even if employees don't possess direct CSS/HTML knowledge. Upgrades can be purchased to automate many processes, leaving users to focus on content and design.
  • Many types of themes are available, and users have the ability to tailor sites and pages according to very specific guidelines and objectives. This allows for an element of distinction and it is also conducive to relevant, engaging content.
  • Many apps, extensions, and add-ons are available (many of them free) to track page views, audience trends, social media outreach, and geographic traffic data.
  • The Wordpress interface could be fine-tuned to more efficiently guide users to desired settings and menus. The current layout of the dashboard makes for some frustrating navigation.
  • The apps and extensions offered by Wordpress are sufficient, but not catered to suit every need. These could be tailored to the requirements of media-heavy posts or podcasts to make more options available to a diverse user base.
  • The publicizing tool can be glitchy, sometime s posting content twice instead of once (meaning two Facebook posts, tweets, etc.). This is harmful to user interaction, because a focus on content quality can be drowned out by oversaturation.
  • Wordpress has helped ARC build, develop, and maintain relationships with clients, customers, staff, and other IT industry professionals.
  • Accessibility to an online interface has mad e customer service more effective since people can voice their concerns and reach the company directly in a structured forum.
  • A negative impact has been the occasional diversion of business and employee resources when the WordPress interface needs to be changed or updated. This harms productivity because there is not yet a team with the knowledge to specifically tackle issues with the system.
  • LiveJournal,TweetDeck,Hootsuite Free
Wordpress is more user-friendly and immediately accessible than interfaces like TweetDeck and Hootsuite because it isn't dense in its presentation. The other tools are functional but busy, whereas Wordpress allows a user to focus on one meaningful task or message at a time. It's a more sophisticated version of a simple recording tool such as LiveJournal, and it can be adapted to fit many different styles and business approaches.
I have a relationship with the brand, and I have seen results in every relevant aspect of its implementation - brand recognition, availability of information, customer satisfaction, etc.
WordPress is well-suited if a company's brand and message have already been determined.

Key Questions:

Is this a tool that is going to enhance the brand and profits of your organization?

Can the technical aspects of implementing a WordPress-related strategy be reconciled with a company's business objectives and pre-existing corporate culture?

Is the creation of marketing collateral for internal and/or external clients a priority in terms of increasing profits and building relationships?

WordPress is an amazing tool, but it may not be suited to every company. The questions above are paramount in determining if a strategy built around such a tool should be implemented. Ultimately, it must facilitate broader business goals rather than define them.


They are always - literally - a click away, and there are constant emails sent out to all users detailing common issues and concerns. Knowledge is dispersed regularly and accessed very quickly when needed.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - For those who are more focused on messaging, branding, and overall communication across organization, payment for premium support is a great option. This is a necessity because of low proficiency with CSS and HTML (coding languages), but Wordpress allows people to utilize those skills if they have them.
The Wordpress team always alerts me regarding subscription expiration dates, traffic to my site, and the work of other Wordpress users who are doing innovative things with similar tools. I always feel as though Wordpress cares about long-term success of its users.