YouEarnedIt, you really earned it!
December 14, 2017

YouEarnedIt, you really earned it!

Lisa Shapiro | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with YouEarnedIt

YourEarnedIt (YEI) is a platform that our employees use to send recognition to each other. Each month employees get an allotment of "giving gold" that they can use to send to any employee in the company with a thoughtful message telling them how they were appreciated. Employees can redeem the gold they receive for different items that we have set up in a "redemption store" when they choose. Employees can also see what other employees send gold to each other for and they can "High Five" those appreciations to further recognize the employee for their awesome work.
  • The user interface with YEI is done really well. It is very easy for our employees to navigate from giving gold to redeeming gold.
  • It is easy to add new types of redemptions to the "store" and the redemptions are easy to understand for users. They have a picture and a description with each redemption.
  • YEI also has reports that you can run to see different types of metric like redemptions, giving balance etc.
  • Another cool function of YEI is behavior bonuses. An example of this would be that the company poses a challenge and once you complete the challenge, you can go to YEI and click to redeem the gold given for that challenge.
  • The ability to create custom reports as admins would be a nice feature.
  • A feature that allows managers of the employees to be loaded into YEI and then they can receive a breakdown of the recognition of their direct reports periodically would be a nice feature.
  • Ways for the employee to create their own reports to see their own receiving and giving metrics.
  • YouEarnedIt has been a great motivator for your employees. Everyone loves feeling appreciated and YEI gives us a platform for peer to peer recognition, so it is not always top down and can be multiple times a day.
  • YEI helps us get to know our peers better because we can read what they are being recognized for. We will then know what they are working on and have a better understanding of the work they put in and all of their efforts.
  • The behavior bonus redemptions have allowed us to stream line rewards for challenges, so they save time for our employees who are administering the challenges.
  • Hey Taco and Namely
Both Namely and Hey Taco have their own version of this. Namely has appreciations that you can do through their HRIS platform, that is basically shout outs to employees and Hey Taco is a Slack integration that has its own way to send recognition and also has a redemption "store." Both are nice in their own way. The Namely appreciations is a neat additional feature to the HRIS platform and is especially useful if your employees use Namely HRIS is kind of a hub for them. Hey Taco is fun because it integrates with Slack so if you are using Slack then this is a good additional feature to look at. We were using YEI before these came along and have checked out both but still love YEI. If we had not been using YEI we may have brought in one of these options as a central choice for our employees.
YouEarnedIt can be great for any company, even if you only have a small budget or no budget to allocate at all to the redemption side, you can use the tool just for your employees to recognize each other by writing thoughtful messages. The messages are the most important part of the YEI process, they will empower your employees to appreciate each other which spurs motivation and a happier work environment.