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January 04, 2021
Melissa Kevra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Culture Amp is being used across the whole organization to measure overall staff engagement. We use this survey to get a baseline for our culture, then set culture focus/goals to work towards.
  • Customizable questions and templates - everything can be customized to fit my demographics I want to see, and our core values/culture.
  • People science backed questions in all areas of staff engagement, DEI, team/individual effectiveness, onboarding, exit surveys, etc. Culture Amp is one service that provides so much benefit to all aspects of the talent cycle.
  • Easy to use platform where I can build surveys, customize them, and so many analytical tools where I can easily see my results, the impact of each question that goes beyond just high/low. Real science that tells me what is most driving/impacting staff engagement and some ideas for how to fix it.
  • It does take a lot of time to launch, analyze and act on an engagement survey. The tools are easy to use, and I actually think the time I spend on it is very useful for my company. But if someone doesn't have much time to give to this I can see it being overwhelming.
Well suited - if you are trying to measure staff engagement, and you really are interested in drawing conclusions and making actions based on the survey results.
Less suited - if you don't have a leadership team / HR group that is invested in learning about staff engagement + acting on it, Culture Amp will probably provide you with too much detail/options that you'll be able to do with.
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January 04, 2021
David Ferrier | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Culture Amp for our employee engagement surveys. The tool is owned and managed by our HR department, but surveys are sent across the entire organization. The Culture Amp tool allows us to easily and anonymously survey our entire employee base and make comparisons throughout the year with how engaged our employees are feeling. The tool also permits us to provide direct feedback to managers on how their employees are feeling.
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to administer
  • Easy to integrate
  • Difficult to account for dotted-line reporting
  • Difficult to track when someone's manager changed
  • Admin interface is sometimes clunky to use
Culture Amp is ideal for asking your employees what is working in your organization as well as where there are areas for improvement. It is very easy to design surveys from scratch or use their built-in templates. We find the industry comparisons tools very valuable to ensure we are providing a culture that employees want to remain at or join.
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January 18, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Culture Amp is being used across the organization to assist in promoting a continuous feedback culture--gathering data on employee engagement through surveys--and it houses our performance evaluation process. For surveys, the way that Culture Amp collects and reports data is very easy to use and intuitive and removes the need for a data analyst to organize information in spreadsheets. It streamlines performance evaluations a lot as well by keeping peer evaluation nominations within the platform and allowing for an archive of lots of information that's easily visible when writing a biannual performance evaluation.
  • The Culture Amp support team is unparalleled. They offer live chat support as well as office hours that you can attend for help on anything from technical issues to the best way to phrase a survey question. They are always willing to help and are experts in their field.
  • The report pages are very detailed and it's easy to view the data in a lot of different ways. This helps with more insightful analysis.
  • I love that you can benchmark your survey results to your industry/region; it helps a lot to give context to your results.
  • I wish there were a way to include pictures as part of surveys; sometimes the thing we need feedback on is best demonstrated visually.
  • The interface of defaulting to the engagement home screen and then having to navigate to performance was tricky to train people on; when they had performance evaluations due, they'd log on, see the empty engagement inbox, and assume they had nothing to do rather than navigating separately to the performance inbox.
I'd recommend it to smaller companies and remote companies where giving feedback is very important but often more difficult. I think it would be difficult to control administrators/surveys in larger companies where there's less understanding of the departments. I also wouldn't recommend it to larger companies that prefer lots of branding customization since Culture Amp doesn't include a lot of options for that.
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January 23, 2018
Lisa Shapiro | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Culture Amp is used to administrator our semi-annual company-wide surveys on how the business is doing and also for other surveys we just started running like one we use for measuring diversity at our company. Culture Amp also provides benchmarks from data they gather from all their users that we can use to measure our own progress.
  • The platform for Culture Amp is very user-friendly. It is easy to navigate when answering the survey questions.
  • Culture Amp gives the ability to compare your business to other benchmarks from outside sources.
  • Culture Amp can cut data in many different ways based on criteria like department, gender, tenure etc.
  • Culture Amp guarantees anonymity of its users because it will not cut data a certain way if there are less than 5 people in that category. Ex if there are less than 5 females, you cannot cut the data by gender.
  • It would be interesting if users could see comments from others on a platform and that admin could give answers to comments and other people could rate the comments so that admin would see if certain feelings were mutual or if just the outliers make comments.
  • As a user (not an admin) I would like a platform to log-into so I could see my ratings overtime, especially since we often survey on the same questions. It would be nice to see if things were improving in my mind or not.
Culture Amp is a great fit for our company. Bigger companies would probably also see results from it because the more users that take the survey then this increases the ability to cut data by various things like, age, gender and tenure. Smaller companies may find it difficult to cut data, but may just want to use the platform to survey without sectioning employees out into groups.
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February 22, 2017
Ariel Lopez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our company uses Culture Amp to help measure engagement and provide feedback for managers. We do a company wide engagement survey every six months and present the findings to our team and discuss actionable items we learned from the survey. Throughout the rest of the year we utilize Culture Amp to run 180 reviews for our managers. We do this on a 6 month cadence as well, the first 180 is peer feedback (leadership) and the second is team feedback.
  • I love that the survey is customizable and that additional questions can be added.
  • A really interesting feature is the benchmarking and the data used is from other companies within the same industry and vertical.
  • The fact that this is completely anonymous and that our team can feel confident to provide honest and real answers to the survey questions.
  • They already have a good assortment of templates to utilize but I would like to see more added on a regular basis.
  • The system is easy to use, and this does not relate to its functionality, but maybe more interesting design to the pages and experience as a whole.
  • It would be interesting to have the ability to share the survey results with the team and be able to add feedback comments as well.
Culture Amp has been incredibly helpful for digging into our teams engagement levels and figuring out the exact areas of focus for improvement. It was easy to see trends across teams and understand the specific areas that we were doing well and also the areas that needed immediate focus. These surveys have also allowed us to be able to talk to the results and what the company will be doing to work towards the actionable items. It really has helped us become more transparent.
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February 27, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use the platform for administering surveys across the entire organization. We have ongoing automated surveys and we also run ad-hoc surveys on demand. We use the information to gain insight into employee engagement, turnover, candidate interview experience as well as new hire and onboarding experience. The data helps us identify opportunities for improvement, evaluate new initiatives, as well as collect baseline data prior to launching initiatives, to be used later for comparison and evaluation of progress.
  • Provides survey templates with benchmark data from all other users, grouped by industry and company size.
  • Very user-friendly analytics of the post-survey results- easy to apply filers, graphs, charts, heat maps, great visuals. The data and charts are also very easy to extract in several different formats such as Excel, PDF, and CSV.
  • Extremely easy to share results with leaders/managers, apply security permissions for only parts of the data if you don't want to share full company results.
  • They also have a library with very helpful/guided PowerPoint and storytelling templates for preparing a high-level overview of results and presentations.
  • They recently launched a text analytics feature but I think it still needs some work. I don't find the attributes of sentiment to comments to make complete sense. Text analytics are also not yet available for export so it makes it very difficult to share with others in presentations and reports outside of the system.
  • Currently they don't have the ability to set an automated file with and connect with an HRIS (at least not with Ultimate) so every time you want to refresh your users you have to upload a new file feed manually (which is pretty simple, it is just impossible to set the refresh on autopilot).
Great partner for administering our annual engagement survey. You can set up automated reminders for users who have not filled out the survey over a period of time. They also offer a lot of benchmark data and resources to really understand what your organization's results mean and how to go about picking the most critical pieces of information that need attention and can have the greatest impact on the organization.

If you choose not to use their survey templates or add your own questions to a survey, you may not be able to get any external benchmark data, as it all depends on how relevant your own questions are to the questions used by others in their shared templates.
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February 17, 2017
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Used mostly by HR to gather worker satisfaction survey results
  • Great user experience
  • Very intuitive to use
  • Easy upload of a csv file for emails of users to send surveys to
  • The only downside is that to send a survey to a large group of users you must manually upload a csv file to their site.
  • Must have a admin user to send surveys
Small group of survey respondents would work well.
For larger groups (greater than 5000) I'm not sure it would work well.
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