Zendesk saved my team
September 22, 2013

Zendesk saved my team

Forest Basford | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Easy to get started, sign up and get your customers onboard within days.
  • Smart features, only the features needed to perform the job at hand. No padding of features.
  • Plays well with others, amazing API options that should allow integrations with any modern tools.
  • Great UI, looks great for the team and the customers. Easy to customize the external side to comply with style guidelines. Separate UI customizations for internal to meet usability needs.
  • Amazing team at Zendesk, always thinking ahead and adding great features.
  • Keeps other tools out of your department by offering high transparency. No need to double your work by cloning data into another compliance tool.
  • ITIL inspired design provides security and compliance that will make your Ops team happy.
  • Consumes few internal resources, our operations team was thrilled to just verify tool security and never touch Zendesk again.
  • So many good things I can't list them all.
  • It's designed for one job, customer care. It's so amazing it's tempting to try to fit it into other roles. It won't do it well. Just let it solve that one problem for your company and integrate it with the other less awesome tools as needed.
  • The forums are only so-so as far as forums go. We did not mind but it could be a pinch point for acceptance.
  • The built in reports are not super. But the export and API integrations are, and external reporting is a breeze. Still, the built in is only ok.
  • Some folks can not adjust to the tag based rule logic for the workflows. If it makes sense to you you can automate it very well. If not you may get in a tangled mess.
  • It's not great for bureaucratic teams that want dozens of fields in a ticket. However I would say this is a bad business practice. Make any excuse you want but the essence of efficiency is inspired simplicity. If you enjoy tax forms stay away from Zendesk.
  • Per seat cost is high at the Enterprise level. The service level prices ramp exponentially and it can cause sticker shock.
  • Providing documented resolution of client issues and the remedies without slowing down the team.
  • Providing self help resources to empower customers.
  • Low overhead for a COGS department is essential and this was achieved.
  • Professional web front for clients to enhance buyer confidence.
  • Mobile access to tools to enable remote work any time.
  • Secure communication with clients.
  • Proof of customer satisfaction and documentation of SLA compliance.
It's the best day-to-day tool for customer care I have used in 16 years of working in the industry.
Healthy happy teams get along well with the tool and I know that if I see it in use and being used well I can work with that team.
I never hesitate to recommend Zendesk. I miss using it and without it I think my previous gig would have been a disaster. Those in the industry know how bad the tools we are offered can be, and how they can end up driving our goals. This is a tool that just does what is needed and your team can shine.