ZipRecruiter - A must use tool in recruitment marketing
March 08, 2016

ZipRecruiter - A must use tool in recruitment marketing

Daniel Reynolds, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ZipRecruiter

My clients use ZipRecruiter to promote their hard to fill positions - specifically in healthcare. All of my clients utilize ZipRecruiter in effort to help fill critical positions. Most of my clients have between 100-300 open positions at any given time, and ZipRecruiter plays a vital role in helping to drive applicants to these open jobs.
  • Drives applications
  • Drives QUALITY hires
  • Offers a lost cost per applicant ratio
  • Provides great customer services throughout the process
  • Providing a more visual aspect of the process
  • Showing results based on the specific site the job was promoted
  • A more detailed list of sites under their umbrella
  • Great ROI
  • Can track ROI on specific positions
  • Can start and stop campaigns at any time
ZipRecruiter stacks up very well with the competition. We still use the competitors as they both provide a great return, but in terms of quality, they are top notch. From a volume stand point it all depends on the budget that is allocated, you are truly getting what you pay for - which a lot of other organizations cannot say.
I would say that ZipRecruiter is suited for any scenario in which someone is looking to fill open positions. Whether it is 1 or 20, the budget can be set based upon the need and the staff at Zip will help you determine what that budget should be based up your specific needs.

Using ZipRecruiter

1 - Client services. I am the person who utilizes ZipRecruiter on behalf of all of my healthcare clients. I utilize it to make sure their hard to fill jobs are being promoted with the ZipRecruiter job board and alerts platforms. The goal is to drive applicants for their hard to fill positions, allowing they have the proper staffing within their respective organizations.
1 - Again - we only have one person who interacts with ZipRecruiter and that is myself. No specific skills are required other than knowledge of the jobs that we need to be sponsored at any given time. Organization certainly helps as to ensure that we promoting the correct jobs (not to many and not to few).
  • Alerting passive job seekers about open positions
  • Allowing active job seekers to find positions on various job boards
  • Fill open positions
  • Drive quality applicants
  • Targeting out of market
  • Promoting events
  • Using both alerts and postings together
  • Sponsoring more positions
  • Expanding geo areas for job alerts
  • Adding job alerts for those clients only using postings
Results. The bottom line is the results we are getting. We are seeing not only quality applications, but quality hires that can directly be tied to our use of ZipRecruiter. The ROI is second to none - a simple and easy to use tool that is driving healthcare professionals to my various clients.

Using ZipRecruiter

The customer services team provides anything I need so there have been no issues from a user standpoint. they respond quickly and provide all the information I need to make the best possible decisions moving forward. With their help we can do anything we need from a campaign stand point with zero difficulty.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Getting jobs sponsored
  • Getting updates on results
  • Making changes to campaigns
  • Getting automated job level results
  • Tracking budgets mid campaign