Zoom's a boon; it is to Skype what iPod was to Zune
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January 08, 2019

Zoom's a boon; it is to Skype what iPod was to Zune

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Overall Satisfaction with Zoom

Zoom is our primary means of meeting as a group, and everyone in our company uses it on a daily basis. Our team is spread amongst a few different towns in two different states, so we need a way to meet regularly that doesn't require physically traveling. Along with a daily scrum/agile workflow meeting, Zoom is used for any as-needed meetings throughout the day.
  • User-friendliness. Zoom's interface is straightforward, and you can trust that a new user to whom you send an invite will be walked effortlessly through every step of joining the call, in a matter of minutes.
  • Recording. Recording a call is easy and reliable. It's great to be able to bring absent team members up to speed so simply.
  • Back-end data. All kinds of stats are easily available, from call participant name lists to participation numbers over time.
  • One persistent bug comes when switching between multiple accounts on one computer. For some work contexts, I use our business-level account to facilitate calls with larger numbers of participants. When I switch back to my personal account, the display name from the business account persists and will continue to reset back to the business display name even after being manually fixed.
  • Zoom has made our geographically-disparate team much, much more efficient. Though we've always had active text-based communication channels running throughout the day (whether Slack or simple text messages), the ability to meet via Zoom every day just creates a sense of cohesion we haven't been able to achieve historically, without physically traveling to meet up.
  • Zoom's user-friendliness and intuitive integration with things like Google Calendar have made it 'stick' with our team well, as compared with other software we've attempted to adopt as a team, which sort of petered out. Having a long-standing and consistent communication medium gives a sense of stability and flow to our work experience over time.
Compared to Skype, Zoom (predictably) comes across as a much more professional platform. Its feature set is richer, its functionality is more reliable and business-focused, and its interface feels more up-to-date. Increasingly, professionals I've worked with, in a variety of fields, are using Zoom as their go-to remote meeting platform, which means you can increasingly count on clients, colleagues, etc., to be familiar with Zoom--making the meeting process that much easier.
Zoom has, in my experience, performed well in multiple contexts ranging from personal use to large-scale business meetings. Its user-friendliness and quick setup make it ideal even for one-off calls between friends or colleagues; and its robust feature set (especially at the pro+ levels), capacity to facilitate many participants and recording functionality all make it a powerful tool at the corporate level. I cannot think of any scenarios where Zoom wouldn't be a great fit.

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