Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas)13Companies offering UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) present a combination of a software platform and outsourcing of responsibility for enterprise messaging, voice, conferencing, and (fairly well) all communication technology, primarily to prevent front-loading of costs and gain cost-control thereafter, and also to provide users with a standardized, reliable service.BlueJeans1https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/3D/pB/JIJ514N302NX.PNGNetFortris (formerly Fonality)2https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/jl/H5/V8K3PGZTKTRQ-180x180.JPEG8x8 Virtual Office3https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Oc/Vs/0PHO4ZRX25XQ.JPEGFuze4https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/K9/Bf/41QQ840QO2WN.JPEGDialpad5https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Ma/mJ/S2U09DBACACR.JPEGVonage Business Cloud6https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/3h/pY/6AN8AI64M10B.pngEvolve IP - IP Phone Systems7https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/C5/tf/6RFH2P0TBEO6.PNGFluentCloud8https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Kz/My/09BONELOUWQK.PNGUnify Unified Communications as a Service9https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/5N/A7/7RX2SF5X2KVD-180x180.PNGWest Unified Communications as a Service10https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/2c/Bs/2518VAFC6TXN-180x180.JPEGCisco Hosted Unified Communications Services11https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/KP/BJ/EKH5RFTLCO4X-180x180.PNGBroadSoft UC-One12https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/xf/xZ/SJTLG48HOHXL.JPEGOfficeSuite UC (formerly Broadview)13https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/lC/O7/AWW2NV1VTHTD-180x180.JPEGZello for Work14https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/TU/CU/3AQJI2O8BBT0.PNGAT&T Connect15https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/10/5S/3XFHATD0DGJ5-180x180.PNGGoogle Unified Communications as a Service16https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/a6/c6/JGG6SW6IUMTJ-180x180.PNGVerizon Unified Communications as a Service17https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/0R/qQ/N94WVN7UKJOM-180x180.JPEGOutput Messenger18https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/ou/ZP/7OARPT0U5X0J.PNGMessageMedia SMS19https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/8f/B5/S8KVS3SAISU7.PNGClearpointe Managed IT Services20https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Ws/kM/F9TTGIHF4OF3.pngPanTerra Networks Unified Communications as a Service21https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/qA/Qg/JFHPHZSDXBIJ.jpegTata Unified Communications22https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/9d/Ph/EI24Z9N3FB7C-180x180.PNGEvolve IP Unified Communications23https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/cw/ad/MJD9B0SL11BM.PNGBT Unified Communications as a Service24https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/mw/hB/RQREIDKQ38ET-180x180.JPEGBroadvox Unified Communications as a Service25https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/oY/MR/64HJRLUOANPN.png

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) Companies

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Companies

What are Unified Communications as a Service Companies?

Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) provide a broad range of communication and collaboration applications and services in the cloud.

UCaaS Features & Capabilities

  • Enterprise messaging

  • Presence Technology (makes it possible to locate and identify a computing device)

  • Online meetings

  • Team collaboration,

  • Telephony

  • Email

  • Instant messaging

  • Audio, web and video conferencing

  • Call recording

  • Centralized management

Some UCaaS vendors also offer contact-center capabilities, including auto-attendant, interactive voice response, call routing and customer relationship management integrations. Many vendors are also building APIs into their offerings. This helps customers embed cloud-based communication tools directly into their applications.

UCaaS Trends

Recent trends in this space include:

  • Increased integration options: Customers have become more demanding about integrations and require better integrations with CRM and other line-of-business applications.

  • Security is becoming a differentiator with some vendors providing package encryption and VPN. Even less expensive products are adding two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On.

  • User interfaces are becoming more customizable. This enables customers to design the product around their corporate brand.

Pricing Information

Pricing ranges widely depending on the actual bundle of technologies purchased and the number of users.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) Products

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460 Ratings

BlueJeans is a web conferencing and unified communications software with multi-vendor, multi-device interoperability with both mobile and browser integration for businesses of any size.

8x8 Virtual Office

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110 Ratings

8x8 Virtual Office is a unified business phone and VoIP communications service. It includes features such as instant messaging, softphone, video calling, web conferencing, call recording, visual voicemail. Prices range from $22-$175 per user per month, depending on amount of features desired.


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108 Ratings

Fuze Voice is a cloud-based unified communications platform that includes IP-PBX voice service, video conferencing, and collaboration tools such as content sharing and instant messaging capabilities. It also integrates with a wide range of popular CTI, CRM, and click-to-call solutions.

20 Ratings

Dialpad is a cloud communications platform that provides users with integrated voice, video, and messaging capabilities from one unified interface. It integrates with the vendor's web conferencing product, UberConference, as well as with G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Okta, ...

25 Ratings

Vonage Business Cloud is a communication solution aimed at small-midsize companies. It integrates with third party applications, and includes IP-PBX capabilities, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. Pricing starts at $19.99 per month and increases with the amount of phone lines needed.

2 Ratings

FluentCloud, from FluentStream Technologies, is a dynamic, cloud-based business phone system. FluentCloud includes FluentStream's leading phone system, phone service and customer support team, all in one. The FluentCloud product aims to provide businesses with new telecommunications flexibility, ...

4 Ratings

BroadSoft UC-One is a Unified Communications as a Service platform that allows users to work from desktops, tablets, desk phones, or smartphones, and move between devices. UC-One includes business phone services, messaging, audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, virtual meeti...

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Zello for Work is designed to turn any smartphone into a user-friendly push-to-talk (PTT) device on any network. This can be done with the user’s existing smartphones or ruggedized devices. Zello users can speak in groups or to direct contacts, decreasing nonessential noise in the work environme...

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Output Messenger is a leading secure and private instant messaging solution designed for all businesses. This solution provides real time chat on the user’s desktop and mobile through single user credentials. The solution also allows users to securely share ideas.

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MessageMedia offers enterprise communications via SMS. The company says it serves 15,000 clients worldwide including Fortune 100 financial services, healthcare, and technology companies, as well as government and non-profit entities. According to the vendor, key values include reliability, as wel...

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Tata Communications is a modular unified communication platform for global voice, unified conferencing, managed services, and communication APIs through its tier-1 IP netework available in five continents.

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Evolve IP’s Unified Communications suite fully integrates voice, video, instant messaging and presence, desktop sharing, and audio/web conferencing. Critical communications features are delivered in familiar applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lync, Google Apps, and Salesforce.com, thus e...