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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Solutions Overview

What are Unified Communications as a Service Solutions?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms provide a broad range of communication and collaboration applications and services in the cloud. The three main capability areas UCaaS solutions cover are: voice/VoIP, audio and video conferencing, and instant messaging/chat. Many vendors also include team collaboration features, such as screen sharing or real-time document editing. Contact Center software may also be offered as a separate solution or add-on product.

Many vendors in the UCaaS space started out offering one type of communication tool, like Web Conferencing or VoIP software, and then expanded their cloud services to include other types of communication tools. As a result, there is a certain degree of overlap between UCaaS and these two software categories. Certain vendors may be more well known for their web conferencing and voice solutions, even if they also offer fully featured UCaaS platforms.

Other legacy unified communication (UC) vendors have had comprehensive unified communications solutions for a while, but many of these systems started out as on-premise solutions. Now, both vendors also offer unified communications delivered via the cloud.

Collaborative Meeting Services

As more and more organizations transition to remote working, businesses and their employees increasingly rely on UCaaS and Video Conferencing platforms to support their online collaboration needs. In this sense, UCaaS platforms are not only unifying communication across businesses, but actively facilitating collaborative activities.

Thus, ‘collaborative meeting services’ is becoming a popular new moniker for UCaaS platforms. Some examples of technology vendors that are leaning heavily into this trend include Microsoft (Microsoft Teams), Cisco (Cisco Webex Teams), and Zoom.

UCaaS Features & Capabilities

  • Instant message/chat

  • Presence Technology (makes it possible to locate and identify a computing device)

  • Audio, web, and video conferencing

  • Voice/VoIP technology

  • Team collaboration features (e.g. screen sharing)

  • Business email

  • Call recording

  • Centralized management

Some UCaaS vendors also offer contact-center capabilities, including auto-attendant, interactive voice response, call routing, and customer relationship management integrations. Many vendors are also building APIs into their offerings. This helps customers embed cloud-based communication tools directly into their applications.

UCaaS Comparison

Recent trends in the UCaaS space are changing how businesses think about their communications. Before purchasing a UCaaS solution, really think about whether or not your organization will benefit most from a unified platform, or will thrive best in a situation where different teams or departments manage their own communications tools, and rely only on a VoIP or web conferencing platform. Trends to look out for when determing which UCaaS solution may be right for you include:

  • Increased integration options: Customers have become more demanding about integrations and require better integrations with CRM and other line-of-business applications.

  • Security is becoming a differentiator with some vendors providing packaged encryption and VPN, as well as two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On.

  • User interfaces are becoming more customizable. This enables customers to design the product around their corporate brand.

  • A high degree of consolidation of different types of communication software (e.g. audio/video conferencing, VoIP) into unified cloud platforms.

Pricing Information

Pricing ranges widely depending on the actual bundle of technologies purchased and the number of users. However, for the most comprehensive, enterprise-ready UCaaS solutions, pricing starts at around $300/year per license or user.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Products

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1,317 ratings
620 reviews
Top Rated
Zoom is a unified communications platform primarily known for its use as a web conferencing tool. It features HD video and audio, collaboration tools, chat functionality, and an enterprise cloud phone system.
8x8 X Series (Formerly Virtual Office)
146 ratings
214 reviews
8x8 Virtual Office is a unified business phone and VoIP communications service. It includes features such as instant messaging, softphone, video calling, web conferencing, call recording, visual voicemail. Prices range from $22-$175 per user per month, depending on amount of features desired.
Microsoft Teams
771 ratings
146 reviews
Top Rated
Microsoft Teams combines video conferencing software with team collaboration tools. The communications platform allows MS Office users to conduct conference calls and share files via SharePoint, and join or initiate a group chat.
NetFortris (formerly Fonality)
52 ratings
107 reviews
NetFortris provides business phone systems using Polycom and Yealink IP phones. They offer three subscription-based pricing plans, all including unlimited VoIP and desktop phone options. Advanced plans include other features such as video collaboration, softphone, and on-demand recording.
74 ratings
91 reviews
Top Rated
Fuze is a cloud-based unified communications platform that includes IP PBX voice service, video conferencing, and collaboration tools such as content sharing and instant messaging capabilities. It also integrates with a wide range of popular CTI, CRM, and click-to-call solutions.
Dialpad Talk
46 ratings
73 reviews
Top Rated
Dialpad Talk is a cloud communications UCaaS platform that provides users with integrated voice, video, and messaging capabilities from one unified interface. It integrates with the vendor's web conferencing product, UberConference, as well as with G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, LinkedIn…
Google Hangouts (Classic)
380 ratings
70 reviews
Top Rated
The classic version of Google Hangouts is a communication platform that includes messaging, voice, VoIP, and video call capabilities. It was part of Google’s G Suite offering and integrated with applications such as Gmail and Google+. Users of the classic version of Hangouts will be migrated to the …
100 ratings
61 reviews
Top Rated
RingCentral is a cloud-based VoIP solution available via computer mobile application. It features video and audio conferencing, desktop phone rentals, collaboration tools, and integrations with other business applications. RingCentral offers plans available on a monthly, per user subscription basis.
GoToConnect (formerly Jive)
25 ratings
60 reviews
Top Rated
GoToConnect Powered by Jive is a cloud-based business phone system with built-in web-based video conferencing solutions. It includes features such as call analytics, call recording, softphone, fax to email, voicemail to email, and desktop integration.
MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel)
50 ratings
60 reviews
MiCloud Connect is a business communications solution for contact centers that includes features like IP PBX telephony service, desk phones, softphone, and collaboration tools. It is integrable with other business communication technology, including Microsoft Outlook and CRM software.
Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager)
84 ratings
35 reviews
Top Rated
Call Manager is a unified call control center from Cisco that supports enterprise collaboration functions across the spectrum of IP telephony, video & web conferencing, and messaging. Features include call forwarding, call back, call transfer, ad hoc conferencing, and call park.
Ooma Office
2 ratings
35 reviews
For businesses of all sizes, Ooma provides advanced voice and collaboration features which they describe as flexible and scalable. With plans starting at $19.95 per user per month, Ooma Office is available without contracts or long-term commitments so as to make it easy for a small business to scale…
Vonage Business Communications
27 ratings
19 reviews
Vonage Business Cloud is a communication solution aimed at small-midsize companies. It integrates with third party applications, and includes IP-PBX capabilities, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. Pricing starts at $19.99 per month and increases with the amount of phone lines needed.
Amazon Chime
14 ratings
17 reviews
Amazon Chime is a communications service from Amazon Web Services with a built-in VoIP solution. Amazon Chime can be used for online meetings, video conferencing, and business calling, and features pay-as-you-go pricing.
Avaya OneCloud UCaaS
49 ratings
11 reviews
The vendor states that users can rely on Unified Communications as a Service to help teams connect more easily no matter where they are. Call, meet and collaborate with others using any device or system.
Nextiva Business Phone Service
9 ratings
6 reviews
Nextiva is a business communications platform that includes a VoIP solution, CRM software, BI software, cloud storage, phone and device rentals, email marketing automation software, and a contact center solution. These products can be purchased individually or together.
Evolve IP - IP Phone Systems
5 ratings
4 reviews
Evolve IP is a cloud-based business phone system that has integrations with third-party applications such as Google, Salesforce, and Zendesk. It includes features such as call forwarding, call park, voicemail, caller ID, group directory, audio conferencing, and inbound fax messaging.
Comcast Business VOIP (VoiceEdge)
6 ratings
2 reviews
Comcast Business VOIP is a telephony and VoIP software solution available under the VoiceEdge brand, supporting mobile telephony, SIP trunking, cloud PBX, as well as Unified Communications features with the higher tier Business VoiceEdge edition that supplies users with a softphone, readable voicema…
0 ratings
2 reviews
FluentCloud, from FluentStream Technologies, is a dynamic, cloud-based business phone system. FluentCloud includes FluentStream's leading phone system, phone service and customer support team, all in one. The FluentCloud product aims to provide businesses with new telecommunications flexibility, wit…
Sangoma Switchvox, formerly from Digium
7 ratings
2 reviews
Switchvox is an IP PBX supporting business phone systems, allowing users to simplify communications down to one solution delivered on-premise or hosted in the Cloud. Switchvox Cloud is a fully-featured Unified Communications (UC) solution designed for SMBs, featuring presence, instant messaging, con…
Unify Office by RingCentral
1 rating
1 review
Unify, formerly Siemens, offers unified communications as a service.
West Unified Communications Services (InterCall)
17 ratings
1 review
West Unified Communications Services, now from Intrado and including the former InterCall and West IPC products, aims to support and provide all enterprise communications needs.
AT&T Office@Hand
9 ratings
1 review
AT&T Office@Hand is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that provides feature-rich voice and collaboration tools that can help you improve customer engagement, drive employee productivity, and streamline operations. It replaces the former AT&T Collaborate, and AT&T Connect conferencing tools.
Cisco Hosted Unified Communications Services
5 ratings
1 review
Cisco offers hosted unified communications as a service.
BroadSoft UC-One
3 ratings
1 review
BroadSoft UC-One is a Unified Communications as a Service platform that allows users to work from desktops, tablets, desk phones, or smartphones, and move between devices. UC-One includes business phone services, messaging, audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, virtual meeting …

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between UCaaS and VoIP?

Think of VoIP as just one component of UCaaS. UCaaS platforms typically cover four main capability areas:

  1. Voice/VoIP
  2. Meeting solutions (including audio and video conferencing)
  3. Team collaboration (e.g. document sharing, screen sharing)
  4. Instant messaging/chat and presence technology

While VoIP is one component of these larger unified communications platforms, most vendors that have comprehensive UCaaS platforms still offer their Voice/VoIP solution as a stand-alone product. This is because many companies have their communication technology organized in a decentralized fashion, and still use separate solutions for different communication needs.

Is Zoom a UCaaS?

The short answer is yes, Zoom is considered a competitor in the UCaaS space. By offering a web conferencing solution (meetings and chat), VoIP tool (Zoom Phone), and webinar platform (Zoom Webinar), organizations can utilize Zoom as a comprehensive UCaaS solution. Additionally, Zoom also features its Zoom Rooms bundles to allow organizations to have a one-stop-shop for their communications software and hardware.

What's the difference between UCaaS and CCaaS?

CCaaS stands for "Contact Center as a Service", which refers to contact center software provided as a cloud-based, subscription service.

Whereas UCaaS consolidates organizations' communications platforms, CCaaS focuses on enabling multichannel communication via one platform. Additionally, UCaaS may be better suited for internal communication, versus external communication. In this case, CCaaS shines in applications meant for interactions with customers and clients en masse. However, if customer communications are low at your organization, a UCaaS platform should suffice for your needs.