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Bazaarvoice Conversations

Bazaarvoice Conversations is great at organizing a person's time to specific task and to quickly get them done so we can move on to other daily tasks.The ability to pre-populate answers in a database within Bazaarvoice Conversations would be nice so we did not have to copy and past from a document on our desktop.
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  • Our ability to answer questions on our retail partner websites in a timely manner. We constantly win awards from our retail partners for questions responded to in 24 hours or less.
  • Bazaarvoice Conversations gives us the ability to respond to all 1-2-3 star ratings and some 5-star reviews also. We welcome 1-2-3 star reviews as it gives us an opportunity to let customers know we are responsive to their issues.
  • Bazaarvoice Conversations is easy to train on for new employees. It is intuitive and easy to teach people how to get their job done fast which I as a manager appreciate.
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  • Bazaarvoice does suffer from some deficits. Filtering for reviews and questions is virtually worthless if you're trying to zero in on a specific product or group of products. The best you can do is filter by product ID, but different retailers will have different IDs for the same product, so even that is not intuitive or effective.
  • Speed of the product is slow on the average day, very slow on a bad day, and slightly better than slow on a good day. Loading more questions/reviews or refreshing a view can be time consuming.
  • Bazaarvoice's reporting is severely lacking. I need to use reports to track my team's responses for quality purposes. I also use this data to gauge productivity. However, report filtering doesn't allow you to filter by response date...only the date on which the review was posted by the customer. Although the spreadsheet you get DOES include the response date, this is inexplicably missing from report filters.
  • Thinking back on speed, reports take a VERY long time to pull, even when your date range is small and recent.
  • If you have multiple users who respond to items, there's also no user differentiation in reports. So unless you have your team members sign/initial their responses, there's no way to tell who wrote what when you look at a response report. This seems like an oversight since every user has their own unique login credentials.
  • Finally, you should consider what your retailer network will REALLY look like. My company has around 15 retailers activated on our network, but more than 90% of our reviews come from just two of those dealers. Responding to questions is free with BV, but reviews require an upgrade to Connections Premium, so it's a good idea to check all your retailers' sites to see how many reviews they house and how active users are before paying for the upgrade.
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Likelihood to Renew

Bazaarvoice Conversations9.0
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We are happy with the product and really just need to optimise our deployment of it on an ongoing basis. There is a lot of functionality prebuilt within Bazaarvoice which we want to have on our site, and to recreate this in our platform would take significant effort which is not practical for us.
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Bazaarvoice Conversations9.0
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I'm sure all processes and program can improve, however Bazaarvoice has reached a very easy usability level and hope this continues as the product improves over time.
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Bazaarvoice Conversations9.0
Based on 1 answer
Support levels for Bazaarvoice are amongst the best that I have ever encountered. Response time is immediate and I always know the stage of my issue.
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Bazaarvoice Conversations9.0
Based on 1 answer
Save time and energy by utilizing their implementation team!
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Alternatives Considered

Our eCommerce platform is ISAMS so we were previously using the inbuilt product review function within that. ISAMS reviews worked but lacked the bells and whistles of Bazaarvoice, and we had to initiate a fair bit of customisation to get simple functions like keyword blacklisting built in. We also considered Feefo but their proposition is more of an independent 3rd party surfacing review content about numerous businesses in one place. We wanted customer communications relating to our reviews to come from us, not from Feefo, so Bazaarvoice was a better fit for us.
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Return on Investment

  • Increase in conversion
  • Decrease in bounce/exit
  • Increased customer satisfaction
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Bazaarvoice Conversations

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