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What is PowerReviews?

PowerReviews helps companies gather ratings and reviews from customers, build Q&A content, syndicate reviews across retailers and search engines, and measure results from these endeavors. The company also offers managed services to help businesses improve customer engagement. The company was…

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PowerReviews is a versatile tool that businesses use to enhance their online operations and build trust with customers. By displaying and …
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What is PowerReviews?

PowerReviews helps companies gather ratings and reviews from customers, build Q&A content, syndicate reviews across retailers and search engines, and measure results from these endeavors. The company also offers managed services to help businesses improve customer engagement. The company was…

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What is Podium?

Podium, formerly Repdrive, is a ratings and review management platform from the company of the same name in Provo, Utah.

What is allows businesses to generate, monitor, and market online reviews to increase the companies visibility in search, create and showcase social proof to build their reputation, and collect feedback to improve their customer experience. Create a Review Funnel Landing Page The review funnel…

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

PowerReviews is a versatile tool that businesses use to enhance their online operations and build trust with customers. By displaying and distributing reviews on their websites, businesses can collect valuable insights for making informed business decisions. The software also enables businesses to easily manage and moderate reviews, ensuring that only authentic and helpful content is showcased. This feature not only provides value to customers through syndicated content but also helps businesses establish credibility and transparency. Additionally, PowerReviews offers a questions and answers feature, allowing customer service teams to address inquiries about products effectively.

Many businesses have found seamless integration of PowerReviews into their existing websites convenient. For example, [REDACTED] NUTS utilized PowerReviews on their direct-to-consumer website to provide transparent and honest reviews from customers. The software has been adopted by various brands and organizations across multiple projects as a means to request, collect, and publish reviews from consumers. As seen on, PowerReviews effectively collects and showcases user-generated reviews at the product level while offering the opportunity to address customer questions. Moreover, this software has global support for different web platforms, allowing businesses to expand their reach and engage with a larger audience.

One of the key uses of PowerReviews is in the e-commerce industry, where customer reviews play a vital role in building trust and informing purchasing decisions. Implementing PowerReviews on websites enables consumers to leave reviews on products, providing valuable feedback for future customers. This user-generated content not only guides potential buyers but also enhances consumer confidence by combining Q&A support with customer service chat. Furthermore, PowerReviews serves as an essential tool for online retail companies by facilitating the collection of client feedback and researching competition, ultimately boosting client confidence.

PowerReviews offers benefits beyond individual websites as well. It allows businesses to syndicate reviews to other online partners, expanding their reach even further. Through onsite ratings and reviews, PowerReviews assists in mitigating sizing and returns issues that can plague e-commerce, helping to address customer concerns before purchase. The software is also utilized by various teams, such as eCommerce, Merchandising, and Technical Design, for moderating reviews, answering questions, and gathering seller ratings. Whether used as an onsite product review platform or a Q&A provider, PowerReviews positively impacts sales conversions on websites and retail partners, particularly during new product launches.

Users rely on PowerReviews for collecting and sharing customer reviews, but it also plays a crucial role in analyzing reviews of competitors. By understanding market trends and customer preferences, businesses can make improvements to their products and services, ultimately building trust with customers. PowerReviews is a valuable tool for businesses operating globally, as it supports multiple languages and web platforms. This allows companies to collect reviews from purchasers of products both online and in-store, while also syndicating those reviews to retailers.

One of the significant advantages of PowerReviews is its ability to address customer concerns before purchase. The onsite ratings and reviews provided by PowerReviews help mitigate issues related to sizing and returns, helping potential customers make more informed decisions. By providing transparent and honest reviews from previous buyers, PowerReviews empowers consumers to confidently choose the right products for their needs.

PowerReviews has become an essential tool for various teams within organizations. eCommerce teams rely on it for moderating reviews and gathering seller ratings, while Merchandising teams use it to gain valuable insights into product performance. Technical Design teams also benefit from PowerReviews by using the software to assess customer feedback and make product improvements.

In conclusion, PowerReviews offers a range of use cases that cater to the needs of businesses across industries. From collecting and displaying customer reviews to answering inquiries through the questions and answers feature, PowerReviews enables businesses to build trust with customers, inform buying decisions, and drive sales conversions both on their websites and retail partners. With its global reach, syndication capabilities, and support for multiple languages, PowerReviews is a versatile tool that enhances the user experience for both businesses and consumers.

Excellent Communication and Service: Many users have praised the platform for providing excellent communication and service. They have appreciated the prompt and helpful responses from the support team, which has contributed to a positive user experience. User-Friendly and Implementation-Friendly Nature: Reviewers have consistently mentioned that the platform is user-friendly and easy to implement. They appreciate the intuitive design and navigation of the platform, as well as its compatibility with existing ecommerce systems like Shopify. This ease of use has made it convenient for users to adopt the platform without any significant hurdles. Syndication Support for Reviews: Several reviewers have highlighted the benefit of syndication support provided by the platform. They found it simple to syndicate their reviews, which in turn boosted product conversions. This feature allows users to display their reviews on websites and social media channels easily, extending their reach to potential customers.

Slow PDP Loading: Some users have reported that the product detail pages, or PDPs, load slowly on the platform. This slow loading time can be frustrating for users and negatively impact their overall experience.

Repetitive Tasks: The nature of the tasks on the platform is quite detailed, which has led some users to feel like they are constantly performing repetitive actions. This repetition can decrease efficiency and engagement for these users.

Challenging Start for Non-Tech Users: Several users have mentioned that getting started on the platform without basic coding knowledge or assistance from a team member can be challenging. Navigating the backend interface and overcoming the initial learning curve may require persistence and additional support.

PowerReviews users commonly recommend attending webinars for valuable insights. These webinars provide users with in-depth knowledge and understanding of customer feedback.

It is also advised to be transparent and open with the account team to ensure the best user experience. This approach helps address any concerns or issues promptly, leading to improved satisfaction with the platform.

Users suggest evaluating PowerReviews against BazaarVoice in terms of pricing. This comparison helps determine which solution offers better value for specific needs and budget.

These common recommendations highlight the importance of attending webinars, maintaining transparency with the account team, and considering price comparisons with competitors like BazaarVoice.

Attribute Ratings


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Companies can't remove reviews or game the system. Here's why
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Actually, reviews are one of the most important "sellers" we can have in a business, once is a client like anyone affirming the quality or no from the product. So this is a thing I've judged was worth investing in. I was starting a business and I was searching for a good software to help me.
  • Design suit
  • Rating & Reviews product
  • Data dashboard
  • Simple trial tool
  • Integration for more ecommerce platforms
  • Prices
Although it's a nice software and tool for the business, I would only recommend it to a friend if they have a business of at least medium size. In other cases, they will not really need, for the purpose which I know (reviews e ratings most for e-commerce). If I'm asked about other cases I'll tell about PowerReviews.
Sumon K Chowdhury | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PowerReviews to display and distribute reviews on our website and across our global online operations. We're getting the considerations we need to build trust in our product on our website. When selling things online, ratings and reviews are significant and helps us collect insights for business decisions. Using Power Reviews gives our customers value through syndicated, and we can easily manage and moderate reviews. Our customer service teams can answer questions about our products using the questions and answers feature. The members of our support team are helpful and proactive. One of my favorite features is that it was simple to incorporate into our already-existing website.
  • Excellent communication and service.
  • It's user- and implementation-friendly.
  • Easy to syndicate our reviews.
  • It boosts product conversions.
  • PDPs load slowly.
  • UGC user handles should be bulk-uploaded.
  • The work can be repetitive, but that's because it's so detailed.
PowerReviews' ease of use and seamless integration has benefited our business immensely. It has a fantastic admin website for configuring the app, and the IT support is dependable. Our customers can review our products, which has helped our trademark and increased sales. It was effortless to integrate because of the plugins and out-of-the-box solutions. Customers' honest feedback on our products helps others decide if they'll meet their needs. We use ratings to rank search results. After submission, it would be nice to get updates on syndication.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PowerReviews serves several purposes for us, but the two most important are collecting and disseminating client feedback and researching our competition. It felt amazing to show customers that we listened to their input by making changes to our products in response to what they had to say and then releasing those changes to the public through our review system. Client confidence in us was bolstered as a result.
  • Reviews should be made visible on online platforms.
  • Take a look at the stats and dashboards.
  • Controlling a campaign.
  • We need a more engaging dashborad.
  • More room for personalization.
  • It would be helpful to incorporate more interactive visuals into published reports.
Each and every business needs to actively seek out client feedback. If your company doesn't currently have an automated system in place for collecting and responding to reviews, PowerReviews is an excellent place to start. Also, the system may be scaled up or down fast and easily to meet the evolving demands of your organization. It's a nice upgrade from free or cheap plugins without breaking the wallet.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We user PowerReviews for UGC (User Generated Content). We sell a wide variety of products and most of them requiere some sort of guidance when buying it, we mix this with a Questions & Answers section as well as with customer service chat in order to increase consumer confidence when they are purchasing and researching products in our store.
  • Content Gathering
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Displaying the reviews
  • Integrations could be better/simpler
  • Loading times
For our line of busienss this tool or a similar one is a must, it is not hard to implement and you get real feedback from your customers. You will have to read or SKIM over the reviews in order to see they are real and actually about the product, but it is something that takes little to no time.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PowerReviews in a variety of ways, but the main two are to collect/share our customer's reviews and to see reviews of our competitors. It was great to be able to use the feedback from our customer reviews to be able to make product improvements and updates based on real feedback and show those updates to our customers, letting them know that we truly appreciate and listen to their feedback. This helped us build trust with our customers.
  • Display reviews on websites and social media channels.
  • Review reporting/dashboards.
  • The administration tools would benefit from some organization.
  • Make dashboards interactive.
  • If your team doesn't have basic coding knowledge, getting started may be difficult.
Every company should ask its customers for reviews. PowerReviews is great for any size business that is looking to dip their toe into the review world but doesn't already have an automated process for doing so. With that being said, it is a solution that is easily scalable to match your business's needs and to quickly adapt and change. It is a step above the free or low-cost plugins, but it doesn't break the bank.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PowerReviews to display reviews in the US and two other countries on our web site, and to display user generated content (Instagram posts primarily) in the US. Our digital marketing team is primarily responsible for this content, but confers with other departments as needed to respond to reviews. This content provides the social proof needed to increase conversion rates in e-commerce.
  • Review display
  • Customized look and feel
  • Review moderation
  • Reporting
  • Organization of admin tools
  • Live HTML custom reports vs. downloads
  • Increased syndication possibilities
Any site with e-commerce should have reviews if possible, to give users the confidence necessary to click "add to cart." PowerReviews is easy to implement and has highly customizable display possibilities. I would recommend them to a mid to large enterprise looking for a scalable solution. Small businesses might be able to use a more stripped down tool.
Jonathan Strupek | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
BEER NUTS used PowerReviews in our direct-to-consumer side focused on We used PowerReviews to help give our customers more honest and transparent reviews about our products from other customers. This helped us reach out goal of creating a more positive user experience while building trust and transparency. We saw an immediate uptick in reviews!
  • Implementation into existing ecommerce systems (we used Shopify).
  • Customizable to fit your brand standards.
  • Simple frontend user experience.
  • If you lack basic coding knowledge (or don't have someone on your team to set this up) it may be a bit of a challenge to get started.
  • The backend has a bit of a learning curve to it, but can be worked through easily with persistence.
If you're looking for a review solution that's a little bit more custom tailored than a free or low-cost plugin that are within some e-commerce app marketplaces (such as Shopify), PowerReviews is a perfect fit! Their team is extremely talented and will work with you every step of the way to both get you started and keep your success on track. PowerReviews does an awesome job of syndicating reviews from different marketplaces (such as, eBay, etc.), so if you're selling on multiple marketplaces PowerReviews is a great fit!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PowerReviews is our onsite product review platform, as well as, providing Q&A for our customers. In addition, we leverage PR's network to seed products for reviews. As a manufacturer, was also syndicate our reviews to other online partners.
  • Their UX is well designed
  • Strong support team
  • Simple Q&A process
  • They need to improve their segmentation of candidates for product seeding (heard they are planning to)
Any brand or retailer should consider PR in their due diligence. As a brand, it will be important to consider the platform your partners are using however, to avoid multiple syndication costs.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used PowerReviews as our program that allowed customers to review products purchased on our website. PowerReviews was used across the eCommerce department but mainly focused on the marketing and merchandising team. It was a helpful and necessary platform since customer reviews are extremely important to have for an online retail company.
  • Filters out reviews that didn’t provide any helpful information to the customer.
  • Let us review what customer feedback was before they were approved.
  • Allowed us to pull data on product reviews when needed.
  • Filtering reviews in the platform was a bit difficult at first. (Example, filtering by the number of stars in a review).
PowerReviews is suited for any company that is an online retail store. If you are selling products to a customer over a website, you should have a program that allows your customer to review your products. Not only is it helpful for the next customer to read and has an impact in purchasing, but it also gives us information if multiple customers has a problem with a product. I don’t think PowerReviews is necessary for other types of websites.
Toby Mei | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PowerReview to collect product reviews from customers that purchased the products from us; it is also used as a Question and Answer platform where customers can ask questions about the products and we will answer them. The reviews, questions, and answers will be published on our website for all visitors to see. It's great information where potential buyers can get to help them make better decisions.
  • Collect and publish seller and product reviews
  • Question and Answer platform
  • Syndication network help increase your reviews
  • Could provide search functions for Question and Answer
  • Could provide rating and reviews right in the email that customers receive
PowerReview has great functions and features provided for
  • ratings and reviews - customers can even upload pictures and videos
  • questions and answers - a great user-generated-content for SEO
  • syndication - reviews from other channels published on your site.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PowerReviews across our global online operations to collect reviews from purchasers of our products online and in store. We also use PowerReviews' social Q&A features to solicit questions from website visitors and answer through our customer service and technical support teams. Our reviews are also syndicated out to retailers that sell our products.
  • Their flexibility with moderation options works well for our business. We can moderate immediately, or have PowerReviews handle the first round of moderation.
  • The back end reporting allows us to export and distribute review content on an automated schedule, helping our product managers get first hand feedback.
  • Easy for customers to leave reviews, with some customization by product type built in and configurable for our products.
  • Also relatively easy to drop visitors in to a review form for the exact product they've purchased.
  • Good value compared to the other major player in the consumer review space.
  • Customer support has mostly been positive but there's been a couple of instances of slow response to our service tickets or emails.
  • Some challenges dialing in our product feed for the backend admin to properly title and categorize our products.
  • For Q&A, helping customers see that their question has already been answered. Our support team moderates many duplicate questions.
If you're a mid-sized company looking for a good value in a product review service, and have a technical team to implement, it's a good service to consider.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We implemented PowerReviews on our website so that consumers can leave reviews on our products. The Digital Team manages the reviews and works with PowerReviews to get the program up and running. Then our online customers use PowerReviews to leave feedback. This allows future consumers to read what other users have to say about products.
  • PowerReviews does a good job at flagging responses so there isn't anything inappropriate on our website.
  • PowerReviews provides a nice "snapshot" of reviews with an average rating, recommendation percentage, and the main pros and cons. Making it quick and easy for the customer to get overall information.
  • It is easy for customers to leave reviews. There is a good amount of open-ended questions as well as options that customers can choose from. The system is customizable to fit our needs.
  • I have an issue signing into PowerReviews website almost everytime I log on and need to reset my password.
  • The products that have been reviewed are frequently called "no name available." If the customer is on a product page leaving a review, I feel like it should be associated with a product name automatically.
  • On the PowerReviews website, the information is not easily condensed into one screen. The scroll left and right feature is terrible. Moving over to the right you lose sight of the name of the product you are looking at.
PowerReviews is a great tool for outside customers to leave reviews, however, it is not very friendly for the team that is taking the information, analyzing it, and trying to learn from it. Their website can be much improved for ease of use, additionally, it may just be my server, but it takes a lot of time for information to load, even if the review volume is 0. Just all the baggage that comes with the page loading makes it slow.
Larisa Chubaruk | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use PowerReviews across the whole US organization for more than one brand and multiple projects. Allows us to request reviews from consumers, collect reviews from consumers, publish them on our site, syndicate our reviews collected with our retailer partners and vice versa. Also, use them for specific projects and sweepstakes.
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Technology
  • The dashboard and analytics. They are improving on it, but sometimes is difficult to use.
Perfect for collecting and displaying reviews on the site.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are utilizing PowerReviews not only to collect and display reviews on our site but to syndicate them to our retail partners. It has positively impacted sales conversions both on our site and for our retail partners. PowerReviews and its sampling program have also been critical to launching new products with reviews.
  • Sampling
  • Syndication
  • Support
  • Reporting
PowerReviews is most suited for medium to large sized e-commerce businesses that not only need review display, but also syndication and review sampling. Smaller, startup e-commerce businesses might need a less-expensive, lighter solution for their review collection and display needs.
October 27, 2017

A Review on PowerReviews

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Today we are using PowerReviews for onsite ratings/reviews. It is primarily being used by our eCommerce department. We have historically had some struggles with sizing and returns so the onsite reviews help to mitigate some of that and address customer concerns before purchase.
  • Client Success/Account Management
  • Breadth of available tools
  • Ease of use
  • Scheduling more frequent business reviews
The tool was easy to integrate and user-friendly. The back end portion could use a user interface refresh. Account management is super attentive and helpful.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PowerReviews is used by our eCommerce, Merchandising, and Technical Design teams. In addition to moderating and hosting our reviews of products, we also use it as a quick way to identify potential issues with products, as well as a place to answer questions from customers directly from the merchandising teams. In addition, we use their Seller Rating functionality to gather reviews of their experience with the buying process on our site as a whole.
  • Customization of appearance and forms is very simple
  • Moderation is simple and easy to navigate
  • Seller Ratings widget is incredibly easy to install and maintain
  • Simple integration with email service providers and other vendors
  • Reporting can be very slow
  • Support tickets aren't threaded - in that you can't see the previous information when you get an email back from their support team
Well-suited for both large and small businesses, as it is a very scalable product. Lots of reports available, which means that it can be very helpful for gleaning insights for merchandising or product teams in your company. They provide good engagement with their "community manager" teams, which basically are there to help you navigate the product. They do frequent webinars and white papers, which are helpful for continuing learning about the product and industry.
Reid Mirre, CPM | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used PowerReviews for our eCommerce website. We collected over 4,000 reviews, plus questions and answers on our products. We used it to give UGC on our site, from real customers, to support the quality of our products as well as the value of our brand and our support.
  • Account Support. We had a great account manager for years who was with us through mergers with BV and post-cancellation of their merger. She provided excellent support, cared about our success, and took effort to know (and remember) us as clients.
  • Technical Support. We usually had less than a day turnaround for technical questions. We often needed support beyond most customers to achieve what we as a development team needed, and PR was always happy to oblige.
  • Stability. We never had significant outages or a lack of features. PR started to really improve the platform, once they broke out on their own (again.)
  • Vision. As noted, the BV merger set them back a bit, and while they are working hard, the platform is slightly dated.
  • Responsive support. Again, this is just an area where they are making efforts, but it feels behind.
PowerReviews is great for organizations that have multiple teams who moderate reviews, answer questions, etc. We had multiple routing options set up with PowerReviews, that the competition does not seem to be able to handle. Their review moderation happens quickly, and is open to challenges or concerns on reviews that either slipped through or didn't make the cut. They are used to working with large clients and are able to give you great support, especially with the team members who have been with their organization for a while.

What they could improve upon would be adding more features and modernization to their platform, both to what the customer sees and what you as a business user interacts with. Both feel slightly dated.
Timothy Lakin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PowerReviews is the product reviews engine for - we use it to collect and showcase user-generated reviews at the product level. We also use their Question and Answer product to directly address customer questions and we syndicate reviews to other vendors. It supports international web platforms as well.
  • User-friendly dashboard and platform - easy to use daily to read and publish reviews, easy to use Question and Answer module.
  • Excellent customer service and support - If any problems arise they respond immediately.
  • Easy to implement on different platforms and deploy new features as needed.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Could use some tightening up on a review moderating process - it's not bad now, but it could show only unmoderated reviews since last visited.
PowerReviews is ideal for collecting, moderating and displaying user-generated product reviews on an e-commerce website. It's an easy to use product that allows you to add features and expand usage as you go.

PowerReviews is not expressly a marketing tool designed to personalize web content based on customers' browsing or review habits, though that may be coming soon.
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