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Dynamic Yield

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Dynamic Yield

Well-suited for marketers looking to benefit from a unified A/B testing platform with easy personalization, targeting, and promotional messaging functionality, instead of having platforms where the testing and other features are separate.I wouldn't recommend Dynamic Yield for companies that are lacking a sufficient development team (primarily front-end) supporting the marketers who would be using this tool. Much of the benefit comes from the advanced templating that can be done to automate the creation of tests, which requires strong development skills.


  • Easy self-service platform.
  • Prebuilt templates, and ability to create more, makes repeated tests or messaging easy for marketers to set up without needing engineers.
  • Account managers are actively involved in client success beyond implementation.


  • The analytics of Dynamic Yield are not very clear, and do not always match up even closely with our Google Analytics. Their measuring criteria is different, so I understand the discrepancies, but it sometimes causes problems for me when producing reports from both systems and having to explain why the numbers are so far off.
  • The documentation is not always very helpful. It provides basic instructions on how to do things in the interface, but does not provide nearly enough specific examples on how to set things up. For most things beyond a simple setup, I have to get in touch with my CSM, and this is problematic in cases where I need to be able to act quickly.
  • I have encountered problems using templates for the Site Personalization. Specifically, when updating a template, it takes a very long time for the actual code deployments to update, if at all. Most of the time, if I do want to change a template, I have to uncouple the variation from the template, make the changes, and then save a new template.

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Dynamic Yield9.1
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Dynamic Yield is the best one stop shop solution for internet publishers when it comes to optimization, monetization and audience targeting.

Alternatives Considered

DY is cheaper and allows for more customization for AB testing

Return on Investment

  • Increased engagement on pages with the use of recommendations
  • Increased conversion with the easy to set up AB tests

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Dynamic Yield

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