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Dynamic Yield

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Dynamic Yield

Top Rated
36 Ratings
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Dynamic Yield

Well-suited for marketers looking to benefit from a unified A/B testing platform with easy personalization, targeting, and promotional messaging functionality, instead of having platforms where the testing and other features are separate.I wouldn't recommend Dynamic Yield for companies that are lacking a sufficient development team (primarily front-end) supporting the marketers who would be using this tool. Much of the benefit comes from the advanced templating that can be done to automate the creation of tests, which requires strong development skills.
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  • Easy self-service platform.
  • Prebuilt templates, and ability to create more, makes repeated tests or messaging easy for marketers to set up without needing engineers.
  • Account managers are actively involved in client success beyond implementation.
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  • Data feed infrastructure is not lean, but it works just fine, especially when you require it to support localised content for multiple domains and your product have a lot of attributes
  • Doesn't support a backend API yet, but I am aware that it's on the way. It will be very helpful for page Load performance and SEO of the content provided by Dynamic Yield
  • Doesn't support negative engagement with products or product attributes, as yet
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Likelihood to Renew

Dynamic Yield8.6
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implementation took a long time but also, DY has really proven that they are transforming and adapting their platform to be more user friendly and the right technology choice for their brand or company
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Alternatives Considered

First of all, the other tools we looked at was more focused on A/B testing and personalization but one of the that we loved immediately of Dynamic Yield was the recommendation engine: given that we were missing such a feature in our e-commerce, that really made the difference.Another thing was about the people: Dynamic Yield staff looked more technical and results-oriented than their competitors, that in the first phase, was too focused on selling the product then proposing solutions.
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Return on Investment

  • Major ROI comes from article recommendations. We are able to increase article page CTR which directly converts to more B2B sales
  • Negative: On large sites the pricing model is quite heavy
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Dynamic Yield

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