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Dynamic Yield

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Dynamic Yield

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29 Ratings
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Dynamic Yield

It is well suited for a small e-commerce site. It is tedious for a medium site's dev shop that already has procedures in place for development.


  • The ability to customize css/js/html for any variation.
  • A wide array of user targeting variables.


  • Reports can be even more detailed with more metrics to track
  • More templates could be provided for non technical users who cannot code

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Dynamic Yield9.1
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Dynamic Yield is the best one stop shop solution for internet publishers when it comes to optimization, monetization and audience targeting.

Alternatives Considered

We selected Dynamic Yield because it centralizes many features.

Return on Investment

  • Basically, we're still in the implementation stage so it's hard to tell. Also, I think it'll be a challenge to measure the ROI due to the lack of product funnel reporting.
  • For sure there is a positive effect since when we test a new feature, and we see for example that it doesn't harm our KPIs, it's great!
  • It's good not only for increasing our KPIs, but also for decision monitoring.

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Dynamic Yield

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