Great tool for personalization
October 13, 2020

Great tool for personalization

Fernando Gavarrón | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Dynamic Yield

In our case, we use Dynamic Yield to activate personalization capabilities on our client's websites to maximize their performance.

Until we started to work with Dynamic Yield, adding personalization capabilities to websites was, let's say, a challenging task.

With Dynamic Yield, we have found one of the best tools to do the job. It may not be super easy to install, but once implemented, it has allowed us to do personalization on a scale in a pretty simple way with good results.

For those clients mature enough to go beyond testing and into personalization, Dynamic Yield has proven to be one of the best tools to do the jump.
  • All in one tool. You not only can activate personalized content for your audience but also, you can create A/B test within the tool. Also, you can send customized emails campaigns or emails based on user actions (e.g. shopping cart recovery).
  • Tons of widgets. Dynamic Yield has a lot of pre-created components that allow you to add almost anything to your website, say a recommendation module, a social proof, timer, etc.
  • Predictive targeting. It is what allows you to do personalization on a scale. In essence, predictive targeting works by highlighting personalization opportunities for specific audiences based on your current personalization campaigns.
  • Great documentation. You have access to an academy, help center, community forum, and Inspiration center. Also, they do webinars quite frequently.
  • Their support team may delay when the issue has some complexity.
  • Some integrations, like the triggered emails, can be more simple.
  • Lack of a report to show the value of the tool. Right now, it requires some work to achieve this.
  • I miss some CDP capabilities to create better segmentation.
  • If used extensively, Dynamic Yield is a tool that pays for itself.
  • Uplifts on conversion rates.
  • Improvements on user-centric metrics like lower cart abandon rate or CLTV.
Dynamic Yield provides more complex and rich capabilities to create personalization.

It has a lot of components that easily allows you to insert elements such as recommendations or social proof to your site.

Also, one of the main features is its prediction engine. Once you have a winner on any of your campaigns, Dynamic Yield will cross that winning variation with your audiences and find if, for a specific audience, the best performing variant is not the one who wins. Then it will present you with a personalization opportunity allowing you to show the best performing variant for this audience and leave the rest with the winning variation.
Overall, the support is very good. If you are a partner (my case), they assign you a customer success manager, that helps a lot. Also, there is a technical person to provide support to the partners, again a great help.

My only "complain" is that with some complex issues, the support may delay in providing you with a solution. Sometimes that can cause some tension with your client.
Overall, the interface is not difficult to understand. Although to create campaigns or define strategies for recommendations, some study is required.

Also, some reports are hidden, you really need to know where to look in order to see them (e.g. strategies performance or email campaigns performance).

Also, there is a lack of context help that would improve a lot the usability, especially when you face a feature or a report for the first time.

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I would recommend Dynamic Yield to those companies who have been doing testing for some time and have the feeling that A/B testing is not enough for them anymore. In this scenario, a personalization tool like Dynamic Yield is a good "next step" to continue to improve the web or app performance.

I won't recommend starting using Dynamic Yield if you are just beginning with A/B test or doing CRO projects since there are cheaper alternatives and you won't probably use the tool on its full potential.