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19 Ratings
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Lead Forensics

I think Lead Forensics works a little better as a sales enablement tool, rather than a marketing lead generation tool. There is good data a particular salesperson/BDR could pull that might be helpful, or at least pursue companies that are engaged.I would recommend having a display ad vendor in place, or have social ads ready, that could help target the companies that are de-anonymized to help determine the buying committee and gain opt-ins to target with emails.I would also recommend making sure you have the people/processes in place to manage this, as I previously mentioned, the process seems more manual, at least at the level of our contract.
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  • They do a good job of the actual deanonymization of the accounts and putting it into an easy to filter view
  • It is nice to be able to see the pages visited by the particular companies and how much time the were on each page.
  • They make it fairly easy to tag/segment groups that are visiting the website.
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  • The product was a little bit pricey.
  • Some of the leads still required some legwork to get contact information on your leads.
  • At times, the sales staff seemed very pushy. Used-car-salesman-like.
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Alternatives Considered

Lead Forensics gives you much more detail. You can actually see the company names of people visiting your website. However, the obvious downside is that it costs money. For us, we use Google Analytics on an on-going basis, and Lead Forensics was a nice tool to have for a short amount of time.
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Return on Investment

  • In the end, we canceled our subscription, however, we had a couple solid leads from our use. We reached out to those clients. We didn't generate actual business, but at least we're on their radar.
  • In general, we have a better understanding of the marketing capabilities Lead Forensics can offer us. They provided us all of the tools we'd need to be able to recommend it to our clients.
  • We were able to see the effects of our marketing and learn from their successes of different tactics.
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