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Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager is well suited to an organization using multiple Oracle Product Suites and they want a single platform for managing the different Oracle products as well as any third party products. OEM has standard plugins available which will enable easy integration with third-party products. Enterprise Manager may not be well suited for an organization which may not be primarily using Oracle products.
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  • Creates visuals and graphic indicators for monitoring critical database operations and states.
  • Easily identify problematic connections, performance issues, blocking sessions, and identify sql code or scripts that are degrading database performance.
  • Easily display AWR reporting or ASH analytic's with a few clicks.
  • Easily set up jobs with Oracle scheduler, which you would have to otherwise script directly on the database.
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  • Connections to targets can become lost or dropped, resulting in the application not doing anything when clicking on a link, with no type of indication of what the issues is.
  • Log outs from the console sometime do not complete, and users remain logged in, even after closing the browser session.
  • The timeout function in the console has always been problematic, causing me to have to change the time out setting in the config file, whereas the option to disable the time outs on the console when the option comes up does not work. Selecting the option to disable timeouts still causes idle sessions to timeout.
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Alternatives Considered

We have not used any other products to monitor and/or manage our oracle instances. We have always used Enterprise Manager, although we did use a previous version (11g Grid Control), right around the time I arrived at my position. I upgraded to 12c Cloud Control with the upgrading of our Oracle databases
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Return on Investment

  • We have been alerted of critical issues that would have otherwise caused significant production downtime due to the comprehensive alert capabilities.
  • Oracle EM has provided many suggestions on fine tuning various SQL to help improve SQL performance as well as database efficiency.
  • We have been able to use visual indicators to monitor critical processes and connections at a glance, without having to spend significant time researching potential issues or performance problems.
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Oracle Enterprise Manager

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