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May 01, 2021
Christee Carter Selway | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Toad for Oracle is being used by DBAs, application developers, and system analysts. It aids in issue troubleshooting, data validation, data comparison across systems, and easy application development testing.
  • Easy connections to databases
  • Easy to use UI
  • Robust Debug Tools
  • Great Explain Plan breakdowns
  • Excellent Customer Support and Training
  • Too many versions and options
  • Licensing too confusing across various versions and upgrades
Toad for Oracle is an excellent resource for everyone from experienced DBAs to entry level analysts. Its just easy to use and a great tool to support application development work, testing, and database management. It is great for SQL server also, although less commonly used for that.
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May 09, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Toad is not a free product. Therefore, where I work, only the "real" Oracle developers get a license, while the rest can use the free SQL Developer. Which is a great product that can do anything you want or need. The fact that the Oracle developers get to use Toad does not mean that the company I work for has money to spare... it means it has some real added value where the company is willing to pay for. Toad is a real powertool that is used by Oracle developers as well as DBA's.
  • Tools, tools, tools... for a developer this is a dream product. You feel as if you're in a airplane cockpit where the whole database is at your full control.
  • Quick links or shortcuts are particularly handy, write down a table name and shortcut directly to the definition. Same goes for packages and stored procedures.
  • If you know your way around, development goes really fast. One reason for this is the endless ways in which you can add screens and windows.
  • The power and control it gives is at the same time kind of a negative thing. There's too many options available, even when you don't need them. For simple database operations it's sometimes easier to just use SQL Developer since navigation is way more intuitive and easy.
  • Related with the above: there is a steep learning curve. However, since this is the main tool for any Oracle developer, this is not that much of a problem.
  • If I remember well, Toad used to be free, some 20 years ago. Or at least had a free version. It would be nice to have a free version. The dedicated Oracle developers and DBA's won't use the free version, but all the rest of us developers might use it instead of SQL Developer. It would make communications between everybody somewhat easier.
Well suited for development of stored procedures, packages, running scripts, and each and every DBA operation. Not very well suited for quick and simple querying. Toad seems to be overkill for simple things. Also, it's not very well suited for non-Oracle developers, who might be scared of by the endless amounts of options, tools and windows that Toad offers.
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May 19, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Toad for Oracle is used as [a] database query tool to pull data as per business requirements for analysis and impact assessment. It is used to create ad hoc reports for [businesses]. It is also used to validate data in target databases and identify any discrepancies.
  • Best for quick reporting for business
  • Identify data discrepancies in target database
  • Impact analysis and analytical reporting
  • Easy connections to database
  • Easy access to schema instances
  • Multiple database support and connections
  • Explain plan can be better
  • Bit costlier
  • Not so helpful to non-Oracle developers
Mostly suited for data querying, validating data, and ad hoc reporting. Not very useful for non-technical users and updating data in [the] database.
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March 20, 2020
Jatel Desai | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Toad for Oracle is being used by my team to manage our databases. Working with medical data, we use Toad to manage the data we store, which involved packages, sequences, procedures, and schemas. Toad makes it easy to manage schemas in different instances and make modifications quickly. It addresses many business problems like this.
  • Giving scripts for table modification commands.
  • Easy access of different instances and schemas.
  • Capabilities to monitor running packages.
  • Speed as to which changes can be made.
  • Efficiency of the tool.
  • The user interface could be better.
Toad for Oracle is a great tool to use for teams who are managing a lot of data. We have 4 instances in which there are around a hundred schemas, each with tables and packages of their own. Toad for Oracle makes it easy to mange these tables in the databases and make the required changes as necessary.
I give the overall support for Toad for Oracle a 10/10. This is because whenever there has been an issue with this software, our team has got an immediate response. The same can not be said for similar software. The most recent example of this is when we needed to renew our licenses. Some employees were unable to log in to code with the given license key. Support was able to resolve the issue quickly.
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December 04, 2019
Maurice Samuels | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Toad was used comparably to Oracle SQL Developer. It's a good graphical interface to Oracle RDBMS and provides a bridge for non-native SQL developers and analysts. It's primarily used by the business analysts and database administrators. The demo version is feature-rich and provides limited support to database hardware monitoring.
  • Easy to install interface to Oracle RDBMS.
  • Ability to export data to many different spreadsheet software formats.
  • Converts common query language to standard ANSI SQL.
  • Toad is high-cost.
  • Not all tools are easy to navigate nor understand.
  • Error handling isn't as accurate as it should be.
  • Accessing Oracle RDBMS
  • Exporting database data into spreadsheet format
  • Cross-database implementations (connecting different database software, i.e. bridging Microsoft SQL server to Oracle RDBMS)
  • Real-time database session monitoring
  • Visibility into database metadata without requiring explicit knowledge of data dictionary
  • Easy to install on common workstation operating systems
  • Access to RDBMS procedural code outside of non-graphical interfaces (i.e. ability to call dbms_datapump)
Support costs extra. Online documentation is not well written and in-tool help is not useful. Support incidents are not quickly resolved (time zone issues). It is often difficult to determine if performance issues are due to the database or Toad. When Toad freezes, a complete recycle of the running workstation is required, which is very problematic.
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November 10, 2019
Ram Nair | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Toad for Oracle is used to connect to our Database. It is used to do query, write PL/SQL, execute and fine-tune our database queries for better performance and optimization.
  • Database query execution
  • Connection to various database
  • Multiple DB connections
  • DB query optimization
  • DB query auto formation
  • Improve explain plan
Toad is very popular and widely used across organizations and teams. It is useful to connect to the individual database schema or if you have multiple database schemas. It can be useful when you need to connect to your development, test and production database simultaneously. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use for the newbie to advance database programmer.
The reason for rating it highly is because it's very popular, probably number 1 in the market. It also has a very large user community and has excellent support and there are several user forums in case you have any questions. Oracle Toad also has an excellent & user-friendly user interface which is very useful.
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October 15, 2019
SUbrat Mishra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Toad is currently used by our DBA team and some of the development teams. It is primarily used for SQL building, SQL tuning exercises. We are also using it in DB design tasks. DBAs primary use it in their day to day operation. It is only used by oracle DBA team now. They use this to pull session information also.
  • SQL Formatting
  • Running multiple SQLs as multithreading operation
  • Data extract exports
  • Better syntax error information
  • Auto tracing options
Toad is well suited with Oracle as it provides a mechanism to run multiple sqls at the same time against a single database. Performance and memory management of the tool is particularly good. The way it provides the explain plan generation is really handy when a developer needs to analyze their sqls in lower environment. It is also handy for DBA team for their daily operational tasks.
I would like to support this tool, because of its features particularly used by DBAs for user management, SQL tuning, schema management, db change management. It's multithread sql execution is a nice feature to run multiple sqls against a database and compare the data easily. It can be more changed for dev teams.
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October 14, 2019
Aaron Baker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Toad for Oracle is used to interact with data in our Oracle Utilities Suite databases. It is also used by our DBAs to support those databases. We perform DML and DDL functions with the tool. It allows us to run more than 1 query at a time against the same database, unlike other products.
  • It is user-friendly for the most part.
  • It has all of the features you expect from a tool like it.
  • It allows you to run more than one query against the same database at the same time.
  • The date/time settings in Toad are kind of difficult to figure out. I have to use an ALTER SESSION command to format the dates so I can actually query date/time fields.
  • It seems to be updated too often. I get notifications very frequently about new versions being available.
  • The export function is difficult to use.
Toad for Oracle is well suited for anyone who knows how to write SQL well. It has all the features you want although they're sometimes difficult to find. Toad is less well-suited for people brand new to writing SQL. SQL Developer is a little more user-friendly in my opinion. If the UI were better designed, it would be easily better than SQL Developer.
It's a good tool. It does exactly what you expect it to do and has all the same features which other competitors offer. It's not prohibitively expensive for an IT organization either from what I understand. Otherwise, we would just select 1 tool over another and use that exclusively. Overall, you get what is promised.
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October 02, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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This application is being used almost exclusively by our technical team. It provides a helpful environment for creating, testing and running SQL scripts. I really appreciate the library feature that allows me to save and catalog scripts for future use.
  • I appreciate the library feature that enables me to label and store previously created statements. These are saved off to a network share for future use.
  • I also really like the describe function that lists all fields in a table. This helps as I build new queries.
  • I wish I was better at using the tuning function. I have seen others use it and am very impressed with the graphical depiction of query costing.
  • I don't have any unmet needs from this tool. I mostly need more time to be able to get in and take advantage of its existing features.
I mostly use this application to build SQL Queries. Its library and tuning aspects are very helpful.
I have not had any issues that required me to contact support.
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September 14, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
It solves our integration projects and database queries, and the need for transactions to set up standards for our customers.
  • Sql database queries.
  • A developer database tool.
  • Integration support.
  • License support that is manageable.
  • Previous version support.
  • Better installer and push support.
It's used for our database support users, for Oracle DB, and to solve standards for queries and other things that SQL Developer doesn't have.
There's hardly any licensing or support for previous versions, and hardly any support for managing and automatically pushing installer or version control.
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January 18, 2019
Ravinder Gupta | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
My client organization is a big enterprise with thousands of Oracle Database instances. We bought unlimited organization level license of Toad for Oracle. This was done because almost everyone who works directly with Oracle Database used Toad, be it DBAs, developers, or testers. We have been extremely happy with the choice. I personally work on Toad for Oracle as a database administrator and developer. It gives you tons of features and makes working with Oracle Database super convenient.
  • Schema Level Administration: Toad for Oracle allows you to create and maintain schema objects conveniently. It's GUI interface is the best in this class of software. It's easy to learn and get used to.
  • Performance Monitoring: You can monitor database performance and long running transactions using Toad for Oracle interface. For most of the performance issues reported, i prefer using Toad for Oracle over Oracle's native tools like SQLPLUS or OEM.
  • Data Modelling: You can develop data models for your database design and generate scripts to create the objects in the database instance.
  • I like the ease with which Toad for Oracle lets you use features like SQL Loader, Export/Import, etc.
  • It sometimes hangs up if you are working on multiple Toad instances in parallel.
  • If you are running some few thousands statements through Toad, it's better you do it directly through SQL Plus interface. It takes way longer if you do it through the Toad for Oracle interface.
  • Toad for Oracle should consider including some graphs and histogram charts for performance monitoring . This will be especially useful for non-technical users like project managers.
Toad for Oracle is very well suited for all Oracle implementations, be it single instance or RAC. It is best suited for use of Oracle DBA, Developer and Database Engineers.

I don't recommend Toad for Oracle for Project Managers or Solution Architects. This can be a pricier choice for these people. They can do fine with free options like SQL Developer.
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January 10, 2019
Dhruba Jyoti Nag | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Toad for Oracle is used by all developers across my organizations. It is stable IDE for database developers and few DBAs in our organization can think of doing development in Oracle database without having Toad installed. It is mainly used by solution developers who design queries and test their performance using the explain plan module.
  • The UI of Toad has not changed much from the earlier versions and thus developers can focus on what they do instead of having to pay attention to the many redundant features which seem to come up every year.
  • Designing a query in toad is a breeze. It also helps while taking data dumps.
  • Performance analysis module of toad is also very robust providing graphic analysis of queries.
  • Toad is very reliable.
  • The full enterprise features come at a cost. Dell should think about how this wonderful solution can be made more viable for small companies.
  • Toad is not a very big player for non-RDMS DB clients.
  • All newer linguistics are not recognized by Toad.
For a person who has newly been introduced to an RDMS database, Toad reduces the learning curve a lot by providing a very user-friendly UI on top of an Oracle database. The explain plan feature of Toad also helps a lot when it comes to optimizing queries. For someone who is not comfortable logging in to a box and taking data dumps, they can easily do so with the Toad user interface.
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December 08, 2018
Rajat Wadhwani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Toad for Oracle is used to manage databases in our organization. Huge data generated in the oil and gas industry needs to be managed to make business decisions and managing such huge data needs an application which is able to handle such data. SQL builder helps to build queries which are used to extract data out of oracle databases. It is used across the organization so that everyone has the same data rather than having local databases in their system.
  • Manages huge volume of data and provides a platform to run queries. Not very expensive.
  • The SQL builder really helps those who are new to SQL. Very well integrated with other applications.
  • Very intuitive and user-friendly with lot of features and functionalities.
  • A Python platform to write scripts which can be used to extract and manage data would be really helpful.
  • Needs to be linked to more applications to import data such as SharePoint.
  • Reduced cost is like icing on the cake.
While managing data one of the tasks is to work on a particular filtered data. In that case "views" play an important role. One can play with the the data on a particular dataset without disturbing the original data. Also it is very important to make sure everyone uses the same data in such a large organization which is updated to avoid any discrepancies.
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November 06, 2018
Akshay Malhotra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Toad is the best tool for SQL development, you can have thousands of tables and the indexation and current searches work fantastic, if I had to describe it in one word it should be fast.
  • Import/Export function where we are able to export the data in any of the format like .csv, xlsx, .txt etc., according to the number of rows required.
  • Database diagram - Easily able to generate the database diagram which will shows the relationship between objects.
  • Toad automation scripts and formatting SQL scripts for developer.
  • Transform function and cleansing the data.
  • License Key is costly since we have to pay rather than open-ended tool.
  • Some of the SQL commands are still not recognized by Toad like (NOSQL), PIVOT etc.
  • Reporting will not be exact since this is not owned by database production. An example of that is SSRS reports run by Microsoft.
What I think is the best in this software is that it has a complete environment to work within the data base, you don't have to work with other tools. This is the form you have to work in, there you can see from a field of a table to the database relation, which is really complete. Backing up the databases is pretty easy, and you can restore it also in a few clicks.
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February 27, 2018
Andrew Kuhn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Toad for Oracle across the whole organization. I have been on multiple teams throughout that utilize this tool as their primary database interaction tools. Our database administrators utilize this tool to view/manage process, table changes, analysis and some small data copies. Our analyst teams across the whole organization utilize Toad to perform their day to day job. Our analyst teams need to be able to dive deep into the data in our database tables to build out specs needed to develop new business functionality or reporting. The interface within Toad allows for users that don't have a technical background to be able to analyze the data within our tables to determine what new tables or requirements we need to implement. Our analytic teams do not always have in depth knowledge of SQL, which makes it difficult for them to dive deep into the data without a user interface that is very user friendly. This allows our analysts to focus on analyzing the data and not have to spend time figuring out how to write sql statements to get to the data.
  • Easy interaction with data
  • Interactive tools to build out SQL for individuals that are not as comfortable with SQL
  • Can allow business administration teams to quickly make changes to database and monitor process that are running on the database
  • The tool does have a tendency to freeze up when multiple windows or browsers are open
  • When looking at data it would be nice to be able to right click on a row/column and say filter on that individual column and value
  • More tools to interact with XML Clobs within a table
Toad is very useful to individuals that are not as technically advanced in database interactions given the strong UI interfaces. This is the group that has used this tool over the last few years. There are a lot of other tools also within Toad that allow for much more technical users to interact with the database through the process monitors and other features.
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January 02, 2018
Tom Blades | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Toad for Oracle is being used in our department here at Experian for querying the database and troubleshooting issues with the Oracle application which are reported to us.

Toad is a crucial tool for our department as we have limited front-end access, and therefore we have a controlled platform to query tables/packages where differing levels of rights and access is granted for HR/Finance respectively.
  • Quick querying of data and debugging of issues which is particularly made easier with the stored procedures function and has a very friendly user-interface.
  • The use of a stored TNSnames file for accessing the different environments makes it very simple to connect to different databases.
  • Creating and editing packages is very simple and allows you to toggle different views of the package which is very handy when they are of such a large size.
  • Version control on stored procedures - currently not something which is available
  • To allow scheduled reporting remotely without the need to be physically logged into the software
Toad is well suited to our data-centric organization as we have segregation of duties for HR/Finance and we have restricted access to particular tables. Rights given to perform write functions to DEV and Read-Only for UAT/PROD makes this a very secure tool for our business to prevent data corruption.
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November 06, 2017
Robb Glietz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used by one department. We have different sources which feed data into our Oracle database at a Co-location. Toad for Oracle makes it easy to access the database and work with the tables and schema. When having to either add tables or build out a new database for new data, Toad for Oracle make it a breeze to get those tasks done in no time with minimal effort.
  • One key feature I use all the time is the stored procedure Toad makes it easy not just to create them but also to debug them which speeds up the process to get them down with minimal downtime.
  • The other key feature I just love is the query builder since we have a lot of tables it makes it easy to build a query using data from the different tables by just using the table name.
  • Toad for Oracle makes it easy to connect to different databases via the GUI.
  • I would like to see them build in version control for stored procedures, right now I have to cut and paste the procedure before making changes to it in case something happens in my coding.
In my mind there is no other way to work with Oracle except to use Toad for Oracle, it makes everything you do with Oracle Databases so much easier. The GUI is very easy to use and things are arranged in a way that makes sense. If you do a lot of stored procedure then it is a must-have for it makes creating, troubleshooting and deploying so easy.
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October 26, 2017
Dan Hotka | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Toad for Oracle makes things VERY easy for the developer. I like the PL/SQL templates within the product. I also like how easy it is to add your own shortcuts to customize the coding experience to your needs.

In my book: Toad for Oracle Unleashed, chapter 10 is 'Toad as a SQL Tuning Tool'. The Toad team has made performance tuning of SQL very easy.

I use Toad for light development, as a data query tool, and as a SQL performance tuning tool.
  • SQL Performance Tuning. The Toad team has done a great job with explain plans...and DBMS_XPLAN displays as well. They have also included 'advanced' explain plan features that one would have to use SQL*Plus to get otherwise. The Toad Team has a great Trace File Browser that takes you right to the poorly performing SQL.
  • Toad for data analysis. Toad is a great query tool. If you don't know SQL, Toad has this great Query Builder that is a drag/drop operation that will create simple to advanced SQL just using your mouse. You can then export to a nice report writer and Excel. Most export to Excel.
  • Oracle code development. Toad is simply the best with its templates, ability to condense and expand code...and allows you to add your own short cuts to help customize Toad to your programming needs.
  • I've wanted the Toad Team to make some of the more advanced features available on more affordable packages. Right now, I can't think of any functionality that is missing that I turn to another tool for.
  • Toad now does ( ) matching...this is something I used to have to use the vi editor for...but now Toad covers it. Toad also covers brace and bracket matching.
  • The Toad Team did add my QBLOCK_NAME stuff...that is super helpful when performance tuning SQL that contains sub queries. We worked together on this and now I can use Toad for this type of tuning as well.
I know of many companies that use Toad as a data analysis tool. Toad has a great following and I know people who switched jobs and now do not have Toad...and REALLY miss it.

Toad is a good development GUI. Toad is great for data retrieval, even for the novice... Toad is a great SQL tuning tool.
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October 27, 2017
Miguel Angel Merino Vega | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Many platforms [designed] to manage a database are intended to simplify the management of databases. Although generally in large companies their DBA is responsible for supporting these issues, many companies still look positively on using these tools to control their operations’ databases. And not only in positions such as a DBA, but in positions where software development database management tools are mostly welcomed for the simplicity, ease of use and speed they offer in their work.

Of these existing tools for Oracle SQL - we find Toad as the most versatile among them in terms of simplicity, ease and speed alternative.

  • It is simple to use. If you are migrating languages ​​you'll find many similarities with respect to SQL Server Development Studio or MySQL Workbench.
  • Its performance is good. You will not be [waiting] long before you run a query or [have to] get used to long waits.
  • The learning curve is almost direct.
  • If you already use Oracle SQL Developer, you could expect some delays or a learning curve in finding all the options.
  • You need to get a license.
  • It can be somewhat heavy compared to tools among other areas.
If you need to rely on a tool [to build a database], Toad is recommended. Oracle SQL Developer is better for when you go to live [a]long with Oracle. According procurement policies software, Toad may not be the most advisable option because you must purchase a license.
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August 04, 2017
Sergio Alvarez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's been used by the IT department to manage users, data, reports, procedures, etc. We use as the main program to deal with an Oracle DB 11g, which has all the necessary data to manage all day by day working of university.
  • It's a wonderful tool to get any kind of relational data from tables, apply filters, test examples, Maintain the database, control the users.
  • It can give you statistics of use, bottlenecks, etc.
  • It lets you develop and test your own queries and/or PL programs. You can even optimize both of them.
  • It is only available for Windows. I would like to use it on Linux or even Apple environments but it's not possible right now.
It is great to administrate Oracle DBs and to develop and test your queries to include later (once debugged) in another environment. Maybe it is too powerful to make simple DB tasks, but it is good even in those cases. I think that anyone who works with Oracle DBs should also work with Toad. it 's a "must have" program.
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April 04, 2017
Veera Sadayappan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Use Toad for Oracle to connect to Oracle DB. It used to write queries (sql/plsql/package etc.) and run them. Also used to do some Admin activities with UI interface.
  • Browse Database Object
  • Run queries
  • Admin activities
  • Visual Explain plan
  • More options for explaining plan
  • Little easier to find data in query results
Any querying is good. Good format to recognize different syntax. Browsing database objects is very handy. Can filter and search for objects from browser. We can also edit data from object browser.
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October 03, 2016
Charanya Rajagopalan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This software was used for my client project (a top US bank). Most of the projects across the entire organization used Toad for Oracle although the decision to use a particular software like this was based on two main factors: 1. Budget 2. Suggestion from the technical leads of individual projects.

I was part of the Business Intelligence team and we used Toad for ad-hoc-query analysis, data analysis, to verify SQL logic, database development, code formatting, extracting reports and much more.
  • Ease of use with a well designed and pleasant interface.
  • The Schema browser is very simple and easy to navigate between different levels of a database schema which is a great time saver! It looks simple and its use will make more sense when you use tools that don't have this feature.
  • The ability to run multiple queries in a single window without having to save the queries.
  • Very useful built-in features that help in better code analysis, are easy for comparing different versions of code, extracting reports, query evaluation, code formatting and editing.
  • Better code de-bugging capabilities.
  • Occasionally, the application crashes without warning. Leaving me to start my work all over again. This was not a frequent issue but it does happen from time to time.
It is well suited for day to day database development, database management, code analysis, query optimizations, executing ad-hoc queries, generating reports and much more.

Toad was used by different teams within our project and was suitable for users of all skill levels:

  • Database development team: For end-to-end database development.
  • Database support team: For fixing bugs in code logics within procedures and functions and for monitoring day to day jobs.
  • Database Administrator: For administering database and automating code analysis, performance analysis etc.
  • Business Intelligence/ Reporting team: For Analysing SQL logics and comparing database vs. report logic and output.
  • QA team: For creating test data and validating various functionalities.
  • Front-end team : For verifying database objects that are linked to front-end application.
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September 01, 2016
Sunder Lal | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Toad is being used in my whole organization for daily Database activities and module development like Packages, Procedures, Table creation, Triggers, Functions and more. It helps us in developing SQL scripts and managing our organization's database.
The business problems which we solve using Toad are Data cleanup, everyday monitoring the database and doing modifications in the database, if needed.
  • It provides excellent platform for writing database queries and executing them and at the same time managing the complete database. It is beneficial for everyone from DBA to SQL developers.
  • Its main strengths include in the functionalities such as Script execution, Generating ER diagrams, Evaluating Queries and Query plans, Generating Schema Doc, Importing & Exporting results of queries and Reverse Engineering.
  • It has the capability to show the statistics related to time taken by a query to execute completely and finally how many records have been retrieved from that query.
  • It allows me to view different type of packages present inside any database scheme easily and then allowing export of queries into csv or excel files.
  • Since it doesn't offer a very large buffer size, it will not be beneficial when you need to retrieve millions of rows from a query. So, it is not beneficial for executing very large queries.
  • It has a slow performance when you execute a query which will retrieve large number of rows and thus you could only process a fixed amount of information at a particular time using Toad.
  • It doesn't provide any script history to view your previous queries which you have executed in Toad. I would like this feature to be added in Toad.
I would say Toad is an excellent database management tool for analyzing and maintaining the database of an organization. It can be termed as the first preferred choice as the Query Builder providing graphical representation for your queries. It is well suited for companies that don't have a very large database, i.e approximately not more than 1 million records are processed every day.
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August 04, 2016
Johnny Wu | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Toad is being used by developers and DBAs across our IT organization. It is used by our team to monitor databases, perform queries, generate DDLs and review performance (wait events), etc. It's also used by other teams to develop applications, run queries, and ad-hoc reports. Further it's used by the migration team to migrate code changes across environments.
  • We use it for develop and debug many of our custom and integration applications throughout IT. It has many options to display and export the results. The result was also fast. It doesn't crash easily like Oracle SQL Developer.
  • We also use it monitor databases. There are couple of views, such as Session Browser, that we use frequently. But it needs to be customized to display the information we use really want. Once it's set up, we can see all the queries, top events, long ops, block locks on each session, and take action if necessary.
  • It's easy to see all objects. There is a function - Schema/Object Comparison - which I like, to compare and a particular list of objects between two similar databases. And it will automatically list all differences and generate a sync script.
  • The user interface can be improved. As a DBA, there are times we need to have different sessions open to different databases. And if we open an Editor, and Schema Browser for each database, it becomes very confusing after a while to see which window is for what database. I think the problem is with the tabbed interface. Their dual tabbed interface can definitely be improved to streamline things to ensure which window is for what database.
  • The Session Browser can be improved. Out-of-the-box views have too many columns hidden, and apply some default "group by" columns which I don't find useful. It's hard to set up the view to see exactly the way you wanted. I think color coding the sessions between Active/Inactive/Killed (similar to the view in DBArtisan) will be helpful.
  • The default interface is too cluttered, too busy. I don't need/use nearly half of those buttons, and I would imagine most people don't need those buttons either. Again, I have to do some customization to hide those things to make it the way I wanted to be. I wish there was an easier way, for example, just show the buttons relevant to a developer, or DBA, but not both.
Toad is good for rapid, enterprise-level development and monitoring. It has many features, and is highly customizable. It's useful for both DBAs and developers. It's also better than Oracle SQL Developer. It helps you connect to multiple environments, multi-task, migrate codes, compare schema objects, kill sessions, generate DDL and much more. Some functionality is not intuitive and the interface can be improved to make it less cluttered and easier to use.
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May 20, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We are currently using Toad for Oracle to monitor the various Oracle databases and their connections between each other. We also utilize the editor part to run SQL queries on our databases and to modify entries via script as needed. It allows us to see a visual layout of what entries we're working with instead of using command prompt / SQL plus.
  • Allows for modifying table data
  • Performs powerful, complex commands by clicking a single button
  • Offers tools for running complex scripts on tables and exporting for reports
  • There is a steep learning curve to use the software
  • Slightly expensive
  • Can cause significant damage to your databases if you are untrained
If you have very large, complex databases, then Toad for Oracle is the software you need for monitoring and manipulating the data. However, if you have only one or two small databases with very little data, you might be better off saving the money and using a free SQL script compiler instead.
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