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Scale Computing HC3

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225 Ratings

Scale Computing HC3

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225 Ratings
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Scale Computing HC3

Scale is obviously well-suited for SMB / SME environments. Larger environments will likely find a reduced need for dedicated storage admins or VM specialists in-house. Environments that rely on SDN or very complex VLANs may find Scale's networking to be somewhat limited.
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  • Simplified management. Management of the cluster is via a single web interface, it is simple and does not require extensive training to navigate or operate making it accessible to mid-level staff.
  • The flexibility of the hardware mix within a cluster. Allowing a variety of hardware levels and ages within a cluster and the system's ability to assigned loads to best leverage this mix of hardware allows us to manage cost by not "over buying" hardware capacity to meet a few high demand workloads.
  • Support by Scale. We have had few needs to contact support which is the first plus, but secondly, when we have had needs or questions responses have been prompt and accurate with first contact resolution.
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  • The tools for migrating to the HC3 platform have a few issues and caused issues with some security keys and certificates. After a couple issues we ended up migrating key servers by using a fresh build and migrating data with was more disruptive but more successful.
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Likelihood to Renew

Scale Computing HC38.8
Based on 6 answers
Since I have had no issues with downtime; easier management of my cluster and the ability to lower the number of devices in my Infrastructure, I will gladly renew my support contract with Scale Computing HC3 and upgrade my equipment with them when it comes time for it.
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Scale Computing HC38.8
Based on 4 answers
General ease of use.
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Scale Computing HC39.8
Based on 153 answers
When you call Scale Computing support you get an experienced knowledgeable engineer who will see your problem through to resolution. That engineer will probably be able to solve the problem but if not, will remain as your single point of contact. None of that irritating passing from engineer to engineer, each time re-explaining everything about your problem, that we've all grown tired of.
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Alternatives Considered

Usually you don't make a platform change until you find something that's ten times better (i.e. An order of magnitude better). Scale HC3 is that platform. The Scale Computing HyperConverged Virtualization platform makes virtualization automatic so that you can move on to spend your time and money doing more interesting and valuable things.
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Return on Investment

  • Troubleshooting times have decreased.
  • Support issues have decreased due to only have to call one vendor.
  • Availability of our VM's has increased
  • Space in our server room as increase and temperatures have decreased which is really important to us.
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Scale Computing HC3

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Scale Computing HC3
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