Simply Amazing, the Node Cluster that can't be beat!
January 23, 2018

Simply Amazing, the Node Cluster that can't be beat!

Brian Dunk | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Scale Computing HC3

The Scale Computing support is simply outstanding! I have only ever had to reach out for assistance on 3 scenario's when I forgot how to do something or was attempting to do something out of the norm. They were right there beside me and assisting me in any way they could; up and beyond what was needed from their end. They are always quick to reply and follow up within a few days if they haven't heard from me. To this day, 5 years after the initial sale; the team reaches out periodically to see how everything is going, if i have any suggestions or have any questions.
We use the Scale Computing HC3 across our whole organization to supply our Staff and customers with our software application. This infrastructure solves the issue we had with stability and redundancy when using servers in the past. Since purchasing and upgrading to this node cluster, we have never been happier or more confident in our solution to support our staff and clients.
  • Hardware redundancy. Although I haven't had a need to use it yet, I know that all main failure points of any hardware has a redundant secondary to pick up in any failures.
  • Easy upgrade; to update the Hyper visor or installing a new node is simple and easy to do. The configuration is a simple step by step process that even a non Techy person can follow.
  • Automatic Snapshots; with the latest update for automatic Snapshots & Backups, I can control what backup schedule I want and mange my snap shots with ease
  • VM Creation. I am constantly creating new Virtual machines for my programmers. With the easy to use tools provided by Scale, I can have a new VM up and running in seconds.
  • Automatic Exports. Although they have the ability to create scheduled snap shots, I am waiting on the tool to allow us to automatically create exporting schedules to a 3rd party NAS
  • Historical Reports, the Hypervisor allows us to see real-time reports of our cluster, but it would be nice to have detailed historical reports of this data to look for patterns in our software resources
Currently I have run the following applications critical to my business: Exchange 2013 & 2016, Active Directory 2008 & 2016, Sage CRM, Sage Accounting, LDAPs, Custom Applications, Sharepoint and many more. All applications I've installed have worked flawlessly on the Scale Computer HC3. Thanks to the assistance of their Support, I was even able to receive assistance in some of the install when I had questions about different drivers.
  • We have ended up saving money due to less hardware purchases from the capacity given to us during the initial purchase of Scale Computing.
  • We went from 6 servers and 2 NAS down to a 4 Node Cluster with a single NAS for off site replication. This has dropped our Power capacity by 1/4 saving us costs with our Data Center
  • We are able to mange the Cluster from a single portal. This has cut our management time in half and allowed us to work on other items and less worrying about our Node Cluster.
I have looked into a number of other Vendors when originally making my decision. Some vendors outright insulted others stating theirs was the best on the market while others had less physical features for redundancy or reporting that Scale had available for me. Along with the commitment from their support team it made it easy to determine that Scale was the right company for us.
I cannot really foresee where Scale Computing HC3 is less appropriate. They have different packages for clusters that works for small to large size businesses. We resell our software to other vendors to supply to their clients and we will only support the Scale Computing HC3 cluster to install our application due to its capabilities, easy to use and amazing support from their help desk. We started off as a small to medium size business when I was introduced to Scale. From there we have been slowly increasing in our business size. Scale follows along beside us and is able to assist in our expansion at a moment's notice.

Using Scale Computing HC3

3 - Myself, Director of Technology and 2 programmers use our Scale Cluster Admin portal on a daily basis while we have over 300,000 users access our web application hosted on the Scale Cluster. I monitor and update our VMs including clean ups, and backups using the Scale tools provided. Our programmers log into the VMs to install updated copies of the Web Applications they build to support our staff and clients. Along with our custom Web Applications, we host our Exchange 2016 Server and Active Directory which is the entire back bone of our Service team members communication.
1 - I support the Scale Computing HC3 cluster myself. In my absence one of the programmers will step in if needed. To this day, no one has had the need to modify the HC3 cluster, but only install updates. Everything else is happening automatically which was set up by the Scale Support team on initial set up. Periodically I login and run a snapshot to ensure everything is working perfectly. I have a background in Programming, Networking, Hardware design and support. I use none of those skills to manage or support this cluster.
  • All of my use cases are the same, Our entire network expect external backups reside on the Scale Computing HC3 cluster. Our web application is 24/7 to clients. If it goes down at any point; I can guarantee I will be getting a call from a client in seconds. With the Scale Computing HC3 cluster, we have had 0 down time due to Hardware or internal infrastructure
  • At this moment the only unexpected item we do with this Node Cluster is the automatic Exports to a NAS based off of using the Tag line. This is not currently a feature on the Scale Computing HC3, so their support team was able to assist me in creating what I was looking for.
  • Right now in my internal office (My Node cluster is at a Data Center), I have a WD NAS for a shared device between all of my staff members. I am looking at creating an FTP on the Node Cluster to be able to remove 1 more device from my infrastructure.
  • Currently I also configure computers every time we need a new one for additional hires. I am looking into different versions of Thin Clients and would like to see if this is something I can set up on the Scale Computing HC3 to give me easier management of computers.
Since I have had no issues with downtime; easier management of my cluster and the ability to lower the number of devices in my Infrastructure, I will gladly renew my support contract with Scale Computing HC3 and upgrade my equipment with them when it comes time for it.

Using Scale Computing HC3

I was able to learn how to manage this system in minutes. I can go weeks without touching it and never have a problem. If something comes up like an update, I simply get an email notifying me to login and update my Cluster OS.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Creating a Virtual Machine. Simply fill out the size and specs for what you want and click Create. It is as simple as that
  • Media Management. Simply upload what you need and it is ready to use
  • Snapshots. Creating a schedule is simple to do. After that, simply edit your VM and select which schedule you want it to back up on.
  • Historical usage reports unfortunately do not exist yet. This would be a nice to have in the future.
  • Feature for automatic Exporting does not exist yet
Not Sure - I have never used one if they have it. This is due to my own Firewall configuration and not Scale. I do not allow VPN through a mobile device at this time meaning i have not used their Admin portal on a mobile device.