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19 Ratings
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If you're looking to do more in social, past single person teams - then I would absolutely recommend Viralheat. If you aren't scaling or not trying to have a strong social monitoring/management presence then you might want to consider a smaller social management suite.


  • Social media analytics
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media reporting
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social media management
  • Easy to learn and use


  • Content publishing calendar although i hear it is ongoing
  • Media library
  • integration with weibo

Likelihood to Renew

Based on 13 answers
Viralheat provided our team with the kind of monitoring tool we were looking for. As an added bonus, they had a member of their team brainstorm the best ways for us to set up our account to ensure we weren’t missing anything. Great customer service.


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I found it really easy to use and I use it on a daily basis and can easily find my way around. It has the usability of a consumer application for an Enterprise product that does very complex things in a very elegant manner.


Based on 2 answers
The customer success team clearly cares about how well we do. They are quick to get back to us and they always offer to jump on a screen share so we can understand and learn new features.


Based on 1 answer
We were up and running within an hour.

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Viralheat met our needs better than the other solutions we tested.

Return on Investment

  • The best thing about Viralheat is that it increases employee efficiency by 100%.

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