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19 Ratings
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If social is a big part of your business in more departments than just marketing and communications (marcom), make sure to let the team know and ask how Viralheat can accommodate multiple users and departments. Viralheat was great during the evaluation process because they were willing to show us exactly what they could do for our company - they even customized accounts for us to show us the true value of signing on.


  • Viralheat’s reporting feature delivers analytics in presentation-grade spreadsheets. I include these images in reports or presentations to different teams.
  • Monitoring is definitely a strong point. I am not limited by a conversation or mention limitation, which is especially important when tracking high-volume products or brands. We are able to quickly identify trends and act accordingly.
  • The user experience is a pleasant one. Viralheat offers many comprehensive features but the layout of the product is simple and intuitive. I’m able to access any feature without having to click around into multiple places.


  • More improvements in user experience
  • More tracking tools for analytics
  • More ways to create reports

Likelihood to Renew

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Very likely, our management doesn't like to change gears much when we're already educated on our current system. Also, it seems to be meeting all our needs for now.


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I found it really easy to use and I use it on a daily basis and can easily find my way around. It has the usability of a consumer application for an Enterprise product that does very complex things in a very elegant manner.


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The customer success team clearly cares about how well we do. They are quick to get back to us and they always offer to jump on a screen share so we can understand and learn new features.


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We were up and running within an hour.

Alternatives Considered

We chose Viralheat because it allowed us to do multiple things from one tool. We were able to monitor our brand mentions after each video, song, or album release - this provided us with valuable feedback abouout our brand and music. We were also able to connect our accounts and engage directly with our fans as well as post new content. We monitored the analytics around each release and campaign and were able to determine which were successful.

Return on Investment

  • Increased efficiency - each group member was able to post mentions on behalf of the group that was acceptable to all
  • Increased teamwork - our interns were were able to get onto the system easily so they could start to promote where and when necessary
  • Identified loyal fans who we then engaged with to help with promotions, etc.
  • Developed closer relationships with what we call “super fans” (longtime and recent) which helped grow our audience and increase our visibility
  • Increased ROI - word of the album spread quickly leading to more purchases and gigs

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