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27 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend


If you have an ecommerce website Yotpo does the job. It's dependable, easy to install, and you can set up a funnel to get the customer to review your site or product, then ask them to post a review on social media by offering an incentive. If you're a small business this can work as a set it and forget it system that just needs to be checked once in awhile if you are short on time. When you do check in you can push the reviews yourself to social sites. The free version does not do this automatically as far as I know
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  • It provides a nice, user-friendly tool for online reviews.
  • It allows us to send automated emails to customers to help generate reviews.
  • It makes it easy for us to respond to negative reviews so we can resolve issues and turn bad outcomes into good ones.
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  • The customer photos are too small. We'd like to be able to display the photos that customers upload as much larger. They're almost thumbnails.
  • Yotpo widgets slow down site speed so we can't use any of them. The only one we can use is the reviews page.
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Likelihood to Renew


Yotpo 5.0
Based on 1 answer
Our organization is very lean and agile and does not have the resources to staff either a Marketing or Customer Service Team member on reviews full time. We know and understand the value of such an individual but are unable to staff a position at this point. This reduces the value of the tool in our eyes.
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Yotpo 7.0
Based on 1 answer
I think the platform back end could be easier and more intuitive, but we are able to get around and accomplish what we need to with minimal training or guidance. Specifically, we had complications with trying to do something as simple as sending ourselves test emails and adjusting image sizes pulling from our product catalog so that the review request email images would be clear.
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Yotpo 8.3
Based on 11 answers
So far we have not needed to contact Yotpo support. Everything was clear in their documentation and we were able to integrate it into our website without issue. Yotpo lists their support contact information clearly on their site which is why I rated their support an 8, despite experiencing it firsthand.
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Alternatives Considered


We experimented briefly with the Shopify Reviews app, but saw almost no response as the emails had to be sent manually or otherwise automated. Yotpo made it super easy and our response rate is very good now. You can do the math for your business, but if it helps drive X additional sales and costs you Y for the software
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Return on Investment


  • Yotpo was very useful in the beginning offering a simple service, well executed for a reasonable price. But when they suddenly raised it from $30 per month to $399 per month, they completely priced my business out and now I'm stuck with hundreds of reviews on their platform that I must find a way to migrate elsewhere so as not to lose the reviews I've collected with them.
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