Buyer's Guide to Core HR Software

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In this guide you'll find:

  • A primer on Core HR software for those new to the field.
  • Detailed profiles of 12 Core HR systems along with their pros/cons, customer demographics, and best-fit scenarios to help you understand the best choice for your use case.
  • End-user ratings across product attributes and features.
  • A discussion of key market dynamics and trends.
  • TrustMaps showing the best Core HR software for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and enterprises, based on user ratings and buyer research frequencies on

About the 2016 Edition

This guide is based upon a distillation of 1,107 in-depth reviews and ratings of Core HR software products contributed by end-users to TrustRadius, many of which were written or updated in the last year. In this updated 2016 edition, we've focused on the most recent reviews in order to provide buyers with current insights into leading products and vendors. Each reviewer was vetted and validated by a TrustRadius team member. The result is an independent analysis of 12 Core HR products, uninfluenced by vendors or anyone else with an agenda. As with our other buyer's guides, we hope this report will help you select the Core HR software that best fits your needs.

What is Covered in This Guide?

We cover a range of Core HR products not all of which have precisely the same set of capabilities or starting points. However, these are all suite products and typically include HR records, payroll, and benefits management at least. Many also include workforce management, recruiting, and/or talent management capabilities. Two HCM products included in our talent management guide are also featured here as they contain significant Core HR capabilities—in many cases, having begun life as HRMS or Payroll products—and are often considered alongside other solutions in both categories when procurement decisions are being made. Other products with talent management features noted on their profiles are not included in that guide because they focus on the lower end of the market, they don't compete against pure play talent suites, their talent modules are still very new, and/or we do not have sufficient reviewer feedback on the talent management pieces yet. On the other hand, Oracle HCM Cloud, which has robust capabilities across both Core HR and talent management, is not yet profiled in this guide because we don't have sufficient reviewer feedback around the Core HR piece. The dividing line between these categories is blurring and may vanish at some point in the future as vendors strive to offer a complete range of capabilities under one roof, or begin to open up applications and allow customers to mix and match via (in some cases pre-built) API integrations and partner ecosystems.

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