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Vista HRMS from PDS is a human resource, benefits and payroll provider. The company was founded in 1974 and focuses uniquely on Core HR and payroll functionality. PDS partners with Halogen to offer its customer base a full suite of talent management functionality as a complement. Vista is offered to customers as traditional on-premise software and in a hosted option, which allows users database access to their own instance. In 2012, they offered a SaaS version of the software for the first time, but the vast majority of new license revenue is still on-premise.

Company Status: Private
2014 Revenue: Not disclosed
Revenue Growth 2013-14: 68%
Customers: N/A
Employees: 52 (according to vendor)

Vista HRMS Customer Distribution

Vista HRMS Customer Distribution Pie Chart Source: (16) User reviews of Vista HRMS on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of Vista HRMS on TrustRadius

Source: (16) User reviews of Vista HRMS on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Vista HRMS # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Core HR Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 8.7 15 7.82
Likelihood to renew 8.5 6 7.19
Product usability N/A N/A 8.54
Product availability N/A N/A 9.00
Product performance N/A N/A 8.30
Support N/A N/A 8.88
In-person training N/A N/A 7.80
Online training N/A N/A 7.50
Implementation satisfaction N/A N/A 7.28

Summary of Vista HRMS Reviews

Source: (16) User reviews of Vista HRMS on TrustRadius
Vista HRMS Pros Vista HRMS Cons
User friendly
Overall well designed and user-friendly application. Very easy to navigate for all staff. Self-service capabilities are very easy for employees to understand.
Reporting requires knowledge of Crystal Reports. Some users report difficulty extracting data from the system.
Product has strong payroll and benefits management capabilities, which work very well together.
Recruiting module
Needs work to become a true ATS. This is still a work in progress.
Customer service
Very helpful and responsive customer support team. Excellent overall customer service.
Time Module
Very manual and cumbersome.
Very flexible data security capabilities.
Excel data
Difficult to export or import Excel data. Excel files have to be converted manually.
Highly customizable
Open, customizable architecture provides lots of flexibility and integration options.
It would be nice to have a user's guide documenting all the features. Help screens are not always updated.

Vista HRMS Response to Reviewer Feedback

PDS offers training courses and workshops to increase customers' skill sets on using Crystal Reports, and has also introduced EasyAsk, a natural language query tool to generate reports or extract data to Excel. The Recruiting module is being enhanced in response to user feedback, and enhancements will be available in next release. Similarly, the Time module is being enhanced, including better integration to Vista Time, a more sophisticated Workforce Planning solution. Excel import / export is being enhanced to make it less cumbersome. Additionally, documentation will soon be deployed via the Support Site to simplify access, and a video library of demos in functional areas will be rolled our throughout 2015.