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Vibe HCM

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cfactor Works is a small Canadian company founded in 1999 as Cronus Technologies. cfactor's flagship product, Vibe HCM, is an HR technology suite delivered on an on-demand SaaS platform. Vibe HCM's components, which include Onboarding, HRMS, Talent, Workforce Insight, Social Intranet and HR Service Delivery, are offered on a modular basis or as an integrated suite. Vibe HCM serves mid-large sized organizations from a variety of industries and geographies

Company Status: Private
2014 Revenue: Not disclosed
Revenue Growth 2013-14: Not disclosed
Customers: 1,000+ (from vendor)
Employees: 65 (from vendor)

Vibe HCM Customer Distribution

Vibe HCM Customer Distribution Pie Chart Source: (8) User reviews of Vibe HCM on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of Vibe HCM on TrustRadius

Source: (8) User reviews of Vibe HCM on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Vibe HCM # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Core HR Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 9.1 8 7.82
Likelihood to renew N/A N/A 7.19
Product usability N/A N/A 8.54
Product availability N/A N/A 9.00
Product performance N/A N/A 8.30
Support N/A N/A 8.88
In-person training N/A N/A 7.80
Online training N/A N/A 7.50
Implementation satisfaction N/A N/A 7.28

Summary of Vibe HCM Reviews

Source: (8) User reviews of Vibe HCM on TrustRadius
Vibe HCM Pros Vibe HCM Cons
User interface
Excellent user interface. Very intuitive for users.
Email notifications could be easier to manage (one user).
Customer service
A great company to work with. Very collaborative and responsive to customer needs. Excellent customer service.
Integration to other external HR systems could be easier (one user).
Strong automation of HR processes with workflow.

Very configurable and flexible platform.

Corporate intranet encourages engagement.

Very secure product making it suitable for use in regulated industries.

Vibe HCM Response to Reviewer Feedback

Vibe HCM offers multiple integration options to 3rd party systems, from batch files to real-time and everything in between. Integration capabilities are only restricted / limited by the capabilities of the 3rd party system(s).