Buyer's Guide to Talent Management Software

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In this guide you'll find:

  • In-depth exploration of the Talent Management software market and capabilities offered by each vendor
  • TrustMaps showing the Top Rated tools used by SMBs and Enterprises based on user ratings & frequency of evaluation on TrustRadius
  • Detailed profiles of 9 Talent Management suites used by SMBs & Enterprises, including pros & cons as cited in 450+ authenticated end-user reviews
  • Common capabilities and key factors to consider when selecting Talent Management software

Why You Should Read This Talent Management Software Guide — Vinay Bhagat, Founder & CEO, TrustRadius

Photo of Vinay Bhagat Founder and CEO TrustRadiusTrustRadius is excited to publish our Buyer's Guide to Talent Management Software, following publication of our companion Core HR guide. It provides practical guidance to help you find the best talent management software solution for your use case. Based on insights from real software users, it offers an in-depth exploration of the overall talent management market, as well as product profiles for the leading vendors. Our research team analyzed more than 450 reviews and ratings of talent management software by authenticated users on, with the vast majority of reviews sourced independently of vendors.

About This Core HR Guide — Alan Cooke, Research Analyst, TrustRadius

Photo of Alan Cooke, Research Director, TrustRadius This guide covers a range of talent management products not all of which have precisely the same set of capabilities or starting points. However, these are all suite products and typically include recruiting, onboarding, performance management, succession management and, sometimes, learning management. Some products included in our Core HR guide are also featured here as they contain significant talent capabilities and are often considered alongside pure talent management solutions when procurement decisions are being made. The dividing line between these categories is blurring and will probably vanish at some point in the future as vendors strive to offer a complete range of capabilities under one roof.

In the guide you will find:

  • A primer on talent management software for those new to the field
  • Descriptions of various types of talent management suites along with their advantages/disadvantages and best-fit scenarios to help you understand the best choice for your use case
  • Analyses (2 dimensional charts) we call TrustMaps™, comparing the software solutions based on “Likelihood to Recommend” ratings and evaluation frequencies on TrustRadius
    TrustRadius TrustMaps
  • Product ratings across multiple factors from real user reviews
  • A discussion of key market dynamics and trends