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Software Profile & Review Summary

Ultimate Software was, founded in 1990 by Scott Scherr, and was taken public in 1998. Its UltiPro solution is a cloud HCM platform delivering a global HR system of record for managing employees and processing payroll. Talent management capabilities began to be introduced in 2008, and include employee onboarding, performance management, succession management, career development, compensation management, and recruiting (a new version of which was launched in 2014). Ratings for these talent management capabilities on TrustRadius are shown below, in addition to Core HR ratings:

Company Status: Public
2014 Revenue: $505.9 million
Revenue Growth 2013-2014: 25%
Customers: 2,800
Employees: 2,300

UltiPro Customer Distribution

Ultimate Software Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (268) User reviews of UltiPro on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of UltiPro on TrustRadius

Source: (268) User reviews of UltiPro on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute UltiPro Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Talent Management Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 7.7 268 7.4
Likelihood to renew 8.3 125 7.7
Product usability 7.6 17 7.6
Product availability 8.8 6 8.5
Product performance 7.5 4 7.2
Support 5.8 13 6.2
In-person training N/A N/A 8.4
Online training 6.8 5 7.4
Implementation satisfaction 5.3 12 7.4

UltiPro Talent Management Ratings

Source: (268) User reviews of UltiPro on TrustRadius
Talent Management Component Talent Management Rating Number of Ratings Average Talent Management Rating
Performance Management 7.4 34 7.8
Goal Alignment 8.2 31 7.3
Succession Planning 7.1 8 7.1
Recruiting/ ATS 8.3 60 6.2

Summary of UltiPro Reviews

Source: (268) User reviews of UltiPro on TrustRadius
Ultimate Software Pros Ultimate Software Cons
System uses Cognos BI for reporting and variety of canned reports available is large. But no single query interface across modules.
Paid Time-off Tracking
Vacation time tracking does not work properly. People can submit time but system does not track balance.
Employee/Job Data
Good employee system of record for employee and job data. System generally quite user friendly.
Lack of Module Integration
Various modules are not well integrated causing data sync issues and disconnected look and feel. For example, data does not flow seamlessly between modules.
Core HR functionality strong
Payroll, open enrollment, vendor self-service capabilities all get good grades from users.
Browser Support
Some users complain of that Internet Explorer is required to benefit from all functionality.
Audit Trail
Very detailed electronic transaction logging capabilities.
Talent Management Weak
Performance management and recruiting capabilities are relatively weak with major gap regarding goal setting and alignment.
Excellent, very active user community with high volume of information sharing.
Salary planning and budgeting
The Salary planning and budgeting add-on is difficult to set up and use.

Customer support
Support is of variable to poor quality. Many support reps do not know the system well and cases take a long time to resolve.

Ultimate Software's Response to Reviewer Feedback

Ultimate Software operates with a commitment to put people first, always. This idea permeates our culture to its core and it drives the strategy behind designing our products and services. As a result, we enable our customers to put their people first — helping them build the people-centric environments they need to grow and meet their business goals.

Ultimate's time solutions are designed to help our customers easily automate and streamline their workforce management processes, simplify time capture for all employees, and increase overall workforce productivity. Employees can conveniently capture time and manage their time off requests using a variety of devices, including an employee's own mobile device. Ultimate will continue to invest heavily in workforce management over the next couple years.

Seamless integration with other business solutions is a key component of Ultimate's overall technology strategy. We believe in simplifying complex integrations and empowering the business user to manage these. Ultimate is excited to announce a brand new self-service Integration tool within UltiPro, the Integration Studio, is available in early 2015. Business users can easily create and manage timely, secure, and reliable integrations between UltiPro and other business systems and seamlessly exchange data.

Ultimate places a high premium on our customers having a successful user experience with UltiPro. To ensure that UltiPro delivers an experience that simplifies people's work, Ultimate is brings cutting-edge science and state-of-the-art usability engineering techniques into the design process. We are focused not only on the look-and-feel, but also on how well UltiPro works. We devote 100% of our resources to the research, development, and delivery of industry-leading, continuously evolving HCM solutions. Our UX team has more than doubling in the last year alone. Together, they are helping to create user experiences in UltiPro grounded in modern, consumer-focused, and mobile-friendly interactions and visual design.

Delivering a compelling candidate experience, Ultimate's new UltiPro Recruiting solution – released in 2014 – transforms talent acquisition to a dynamic and personal experience that engages potential and existing employees.

Ultimate believes it's important to have confidence that you are effectively compensating your people and that your compensation decisions are aligning employee performance with your overall business objectives. UltiPro's Compensation Management solution — released in Spring 2014 — enables companies to easily navigate through allocating rewards to their people; Ensures employees, regardless of their country, understand their compensation and have visibility into the factors that drive it; Enables managers to make informed compensation decisions based on talent insight and the use of analysis tools; And aligns employee compensation with corporate objectives while staying within budget and guidelines.