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SilkRoad was founded in 2003 and had raised multiple rounds of funding since its inception, raising a total of $145 million. The company made two major acquisitions to fill out the suite, acquiring OpenHire (recruiting) in 2004 and VTN Technologies (learning management) in 2008. The software includes OpenHire for recruiting, RedCarpet for onboarding, WingSpan for performance management, GreenLight for learning management and a basic Core HR called HeartBeat. The onboarding product, RedCarpet, is considered one of the strongest in the industry. SilkRoad products are targeted predominantly at small and medium-sized businesses.

Company Status: Private
2014 Revenue: Not disclosed
Revenue Growth 2013-2014: 68%
Customers: 1,800
Employees: 505 (according to LinkedIn)

SilkRoad LifeSuite Customer Distribution

SilkRoad LifeSuite Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (37) User reviews of SilkRoad LifeSuite on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of SilkRoad LifeSuite on TrustRadius

Source: (37) User reviews of SilkRoad LifeSuite on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute SilkRoad LifeSuite Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Talent Management Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 6.5 24 7.4
Likelihood to renew 6.5 11 7.7
Product usability 8.0 1 7.6
Product availability 9.0 1 8.5
Product performance N/A N/A 7.2
Support 2.0 2 6.2
In-person training N/A N/A 8.4
Online training N/A N/A 7.4
Implementation satisfaction 4.0 2 7.4

SilkRoad LifeSuite Talent Management Ratings

Source: (37) User reviews of SilkRoad LifeSuite on TrustRadius
Talent Management Component Talent Management Rating Number of Ratings Average Talent Management Rating
Performance Management N/A N/A 7.8
Goal Alignment N/A N/A 7.3
Succession Planning N/A N/A 7.1
Recruiting/ ATS 6.2 73 6.2

Summary of SilkRoad LifeSuite Reviews

Source: (37) User reviews of SilkRoad LifeSuite on TrustRadius
SilkRoad LifeSuite Pros SilkRoad LifeSuite Cons
  • Job requisitions – The requisition approval process is great and it has great integration with job posting sites, although some had formatting problems.
  • Ease of use – OpenHire is quite intuitive to use and is easy to customize.
  • Candidate correspondence – Templates for corresponding with candidates are very helpful.
  • RedCarpet integration – Very good integration with onboarding: All candidate information automatically forwarded to the onboarding module.
  • Compliance – Compliance reporting is well handled.
  • Reporting – Although a couple of users mentioned that canned reports work well enough, there is general unhappiness with the reporting engine which is found to be difficult to use and in need of an overhaul.
  • Customer support – Support team is not very proactive with poor follow-up and no way to escalate. Staff is not always knowledgeable about the product.
  • Mobile – Mobile capabilities could be improved.
  • Offer letters – Some users complain that offer letter capabilities are inflexible.
  • Search – There are some complaints about the quality of the candidate search engine.
  • Task Management – RedCarpet provides a customized portal and good task management capabilities.
  • Eligibility checking – Smooth I9 and E-Verify (work eligibility) process.
  • Work eligibility check – Streamlined and effective way of storing all onboarding-related materials in one place.
  • User interface – Good design and user interface with a visually appealing employee and administrator portals.
  • Forms library – the forms library is very useful for document storage.
  • Reporting – Reporting is generally a pain point.
  • Performance – System is sometimes sluggish.
  • Customer support – Support team can be slow in responding to issues.

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