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Amazon Drive Pricing Overview


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Amazon Drive Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

It's good for backing up massive amounts of data for a reasonable cost. … Amazon is better for storing tons of data. Box and Dropbox are much more expensive to store a lot of files.

Related Quote from Arlex Guzman

It is safe but has little added value.

Related Quote from Verified User

Gmail account). A lot more expensive than Google Drive, which is 1.99/month...but they are more in line with Dropbox pricing. … so you can access it anywhere- you just need to have an Amazon account. Affordable upgrade of $11.99/month once you reach the 5GB limit. Less … Drive. Personally,…

Related Quote from antonio lopez

have 5GB starting, but if you want to buy more space you can and it is cheaper than with other similar software. You can create, like with other cloud … store can be stored in the cloud drive. Good storage space. The service is cheaper than other similar ones. … have 5GB starting, but if you want to buy m…

Related Quote from Verified User

will increase costs for instances when compared to competitors charging you a pro-rated fee. … said it is a bit more expensive than the competition. Namely, Google and their entry into the cloud solutions game is being priced very aggressively and … Monthly pricing

Related Quote from Mike Narumiya

It is still an affordable, yet easy enough solution to use. Generally decent use, despite some throttling down of speeds at certain times. Communication … Affordable Good availability … It is still an affordable, yet easy enough solution to use. Generally decent use, despi…

Related Quote from Muhammad Fazalul Rahman

I would have to reupload the new files every time I make a change. The pricing for the service is too high. It doesn't stand as a long term solution to … get 5GB storage for free from OneDrive, and if I need more, it would only cost me USD 2 for a month to get 50 GB of storage with OneDrive. In Amazon Cloud … There are other op…

Related Quote from Kaung Htet Kyaw

The pricing is quite on the expensive side for everyone to be able to use. … Very much suited for students and businesses. Due to the pricing, it is … speed compared to Dropbox. Won over the both of them overall except for the pricing case.

Related Quote from Verified User

people know about it. Also, since it's Amazon people might be wary about it costing too much money when there are free resources such as google drive.

Related Quote from Verified User

Microsoft and Google were strong options, we decided that ACD had a better cost and availability uptime compared to other services. Dropbox has been used … makes the ACD files feel like they're part of the computer Price, ACD has a much better price to space ratio than a lot of its competitors. &he…

Related Quote from venkat nitin panaganti

dynamically. Pay as you use. They charge only when your instance is up and running, other than that there is a very minimal fee for just keeping an instance … valid. The other two services i have used from google and apple are free of cost, and it was for a general purpose…

Related Quote from Jason Montoya

syncing software, but the unlimited photo and video space for a small annual fee is unsurpassed by the competition.

Related Quote from Jorden Beatty

competitor products like Microsoft and Dropbox offer similar services at similar prices, but offer far better interfaces for file management. … Compared to other, similar services, the cost of the unlimited tier for Amazon Cloud Drive is far more affordable, which in turn improves our bottom line … competitor products like Microsoft and DropBox offer similar services at sim…