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Google Drive Pricing Overview


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Discounts are available for students, educators, and non profit organizations.

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What TrustRadius Research Says

Whether you’ve used it personally or professionally, almost everyone has experience with Google’s cloud storage solution, Google Drive. The free version for individual users and built-in integrations with Google Workspace make it a popular cloud storage tool that businesses and individuals use for cloud storage, document generation, and collaboration.

Google Drive pricing is transparent, simple to understand, and on the affordable side compared to other cloud storage options. We’ve collected all the pricing data relevant to Google Drive for businesses considering Google Drive.

Below you’ll find pricing information for all of Google Drive’s pricing plans, as well as the key features that differentiate them. We have also included discount information, so you can see if Google Drive offers discounted pricing your business can take advantage of. If you want to compare this pricing information to other popular cloud storage tools, check out our Cloud storage pricing comparison.

Google Drive Pricing

Google Drive is offered at 4 price points for businesses as part of Google’s Google Workspace package. Notably, the 4 business pricing plans are separate from their individual pricing plans, which include a free version, and are a little cheaper compared to business subscriptions. In addition to Google Drive, Google Workspace plans include video conferencing, and custom business email addresses. All plans are charged per month based on how many users are licensed.

The Business Starter plan starts at $6.00/user/month, and it includes up to 30 GB of cloud storage per user and video conferences with up to 100 users. This plan is good for businesses that will primarily be storing simple documents, for which 30 GB of space should be sufficient.

For businesses with greater storage needs, the Business standard plan includes up to 2 TB of cloud storage per user, and supports automatic recording of video conferences for $12.00/user/month. This plan is a good choice for businesses storing larger files, such as graphics, videos, or larger publications.

The business plus plan provides 5 TB of cloud storage for each user and supports up to 250 participant web conferences with audience tracking for $18.00/user/month. This plan is a good choice for businesses that store many large files or want to run large events such as webinars using Google Workspace’s conferencing tools.

Lastly, the enterprise plan is highly customizable, supporting as much storage capacity as is needed and including enhanced support. Pricing for this plan is dependent on the specific needs of the buyer. The vendor can supply a quote upon request.

Google Workspace Discounts, Add-Ons, and Account Sharing

Google Drive’s pricing plans are transparent and mostly easy to understand, but there are a few discounts and add-ons that should also be considered when considering Google Drive.

Google Drive offers discounts for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. These discounts vary, but typically range from 10-25%. Additionally, there is a free version of Google Drive available for individuals, so businesses can try Google Drive before making a purchasing decision.

For the most part, Google Workspace plans are all-inclusive.They have one add-on that users can purchase in the form of enhanced support, which promises faster response time. Regular support is included in all the business plans, but for businesses that purchase the business standard plan, or the business plus plan, they can pay to upgrade to enhanced support. Enhanced support is included in the enterprise plan. Notably, users cannot just purchase more storage, or support for more video conferencing participants. One would have to upgrade their plan instead.

Google Drive charges by the user, and account sharing is against the terms of service of the cloud storage tool.

Is Google Drive right for you?

Google Drive offers plans for businesses of all sizes, so any organization should be able to find a plan that meets their storage needs. That said, Google Drive is packaged with other software as part of the Google Workspace suite of products, including Gmail, Google Meet, and Google Chat. If your business doesn’t need any of those products, you could likely find another cloud storage tool that is more specialized and cost-efficient

If you are still on the fence about Google Drive, consider checking out some verified user reviews. Similarly, if you want to see how other products stack up, you can see how real users feel about all of the products in the cloud storage space.

Google Drive Pricing-Related Quotes

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delivered. Ease of use, no access hoops. Size of storage is very helpful. The price is very attractive. … found in comparing dropbox with Google Drive it was lacking in ease of use, price to expand was not as attractive. We found sharing files with our clients

Related Quote from Verified User

becomes expensive if it's needed to be used by several different accounts. Also the user interface seems less clear than Google Drive and pricing plans are … while workers are deployed on siteAccessible from a tablet so as workers in charge can have access to all the information they need on site visits witho…

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Features are still basic as compared to competiti[t]ors and pricing. Switching between the folders in the Google Drive is not simple and easy … Positive: Google Drive packs are cheaper than competition for the business uses. Positive: Easier to use for all &hell…

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Easy to use Cost savings Security

Related Quote from Verified User

Slow image loading. Storage cost. Crashes when loading too many thumbnails.

Related Quote from Vijay Pal

Expensive to buy more storage Does not support other vendors Sometime is gets slow

Related Quote from Andrew Dahlstrom

Price Product Features Product Usability

Related Quote from Mochammad Zachri

Sharing access doesn't repeat on folders Pricing too expensive Native PC Apps to sync not efficient because takes too much bandwidth … Pricing is reasonable for small usage Have a good impact for helping our presentation

Related Quote from Afjal Hossain

1) Tools to share everyone's opinions on a single platform. 2) Cost-effective and easy way to communicate and share important documents with

Related Quote from Verified User

simplification of the same. The prices for more storage are much higher than many other cloud services, so the prices can be made cheaper.

Related Quote from H. P. Molloy

repository for files that must be viewed by teams. Not particularly useful or cost effective as an archiving system. … Google Drive is generally more cost effective at the levels at which we use it--…

Related Quote from Sahil yadav

your own storage device. But Google Drive will also save the cost of saving the data. … Cost isn't that high You can use 15GB of space for free

Related Quote from Verified User

No subscription fee, which makes it easier for startup companies to have access to a cloud storage

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complex solutions such as Data Studio, it presents itself as one of the best cost benefits for the organization. It also unifies communication and collaboration … Collaboration Price Reliability Ecosystem &…

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It offers low price plans (even free) that anyone can access for day to day needs. Having it

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Google Drive gives 15GB free of cost. Return on investment is very high as it gives very affordable yet sophisticated cloud storage solution. … Google Drive is very good and sophisticated yet affordable so I rank it above other cloud solutions.

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around when searching for specific documents and files. Google Drive is also cost effective and inexpensive. Google Drive is easy a return on investment.

Related Quote from Cheryl Ligon

application across a broad spectrum of devices at an affordable rate. Dropbox was more expensive, less organized, and did not upload or download quite

Related Quote from Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson

However, Dropbox only provides 2 GB of free storage space before it starts charging a fee while Google Drive offers 15 GB of free space. Overall Google Drive … storage and collaboration tools I need while allowing me to save on the price.

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managing and storing all our documents, sheets and presentations. It's low cost and we are provided with unlimited storage. It is being used across the whole … space on laptops which minimizes cost. … Overal…

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through your smartphone. It is suited as well for companies who want a cheap way to manage files for the organisation. The Google suite of products (Sheets

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the cost basis isn't bad either. … Out of the all the ones listed above, the only one that comes close is Dropbox, and their storage and pricing are not

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Drive is expensive for the amount of storage included within the price. File navigation has room for improvement - as

Related Quote from Laurance J. Specht

Cost-effective Easy to collaborate Efficient Stabile … Google Drive is far and away better than other products in cost and ease of use. When you add access to tools and easy collaboration, there