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What is SteamVR?

SteamVR is a virtual reality toolset from Valve Corporation headquartered in Bellevue, enabling users to experience VR content on hardware of choice. SteamVR supports the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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What is SteamVR?

SteamVR is a virtual reality toolset from Valve Corporation headquartered in Bellevue, enabling users to experience VR content on hardware of choice. SteamVR supports the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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Product Demos

SteamVR - Aperture Science VR Demo (from GDC2015)


Interview - Nolo: VR Motion Controllers for Mobile VR and SteamVR!


FreePIE + OpenTrack Xbox to Hydra emulation for SteamVR demo


NOLO SteamVR Demo at CES


Arduino VR Controller using FreePIE in SteamVR


(Demo) VR Chat finger tracking working with etee Controllers

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What is SteamVR?

SteamVR Technical Details

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Daniel Epstein | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Part of my role is to be knowledgeable in current games, including VR. However, I only have the Oculus as a VR headset. Using SteamVR not only allows me to access a larger library of VR games than the Oculus store, but it allows me to use those games on my Oculus headset.
  • Access to a large library of VR games from various publishers
  • Allows for other users to join my game and be social in a "hub" outside of the games
  • The user interface works well and isn't prone to crashing
  • It's stability is good but could still use some optimizing
  • The hub has a variety of tools that look cool but are not explained. A tutorial would be nice
  • An app that can be accessed from the Oculus would be good, though I realize that is a long shot
I wanted to play "Half Life:Alyx" which is the best VR game currently available. I was able to purchase it through steam during a sale, launch it through SteamVR, and stream it to my oculus. This allowed me to use the processing power of my desktop with the mobility of my oculus.
  • Vastly increased access to library of the VR games.
  • Ability to meet with friends in a virtual space to hang out or then jump into games together
  • Ability to utilize the processing power of desktops with relatively low expense of Oculus headset
SteamVR has more volume of games, a variety of games, and quality of games much more advanced than the oculus store. While the SteamVR headset is better than the Oculus, the software (SteamVR) is the better option. Plus, you can utilize your computer storage to hold games instead of being limited by the Oculus internal storage capacity.
We produce media content, so being able to experience VR games is an important asset to our overall library of games and knowledge. Some games we've already experienced have been ported to VR recently, and the gameplay is different enough to warrant a new visit. In addition, the VR landscape afforded by VR allowed us to continue to function during the pandemic lockdown.
SteamVR isn't as plug-and-play as the Oculus store, mainly because it was designed to function with many different headsets. As such, you really only need someone who can ensure the steam account is linked with the headset, and if you are using a virtual desktop, ensure that your wifi is accurately connecting the device to the software.
  • Remote employees can meet in a virtual space
  • The widest assortment of VR software available, both indi and mainstream
  • Valve sales allow low prices games to be stockpiled on a desktop HD instead of the limited headset storage
  • Late night gaming sessions when in person visits would be impractical
  • Higher quality versions of games through SteamVR are pushed to the Oculus headset as compared to the same games from the Oculus store
  • Using desktop hardware power paired with Oculus mobile headset for better freedom
  • Virtual meeting spaces to discuss future products with remote employees
  • Remote access to desktop SteamVR (hardware in one house, headset in completely separate house, connection via virtual desktop and SteamVR)
SteamVR is the best platform on the market for VR games, and its integration with the already fantastic Steam marketplace makes it piggyback on a very mature product and highly tuned usability. The low-cost, high-reward offering is impossible to beat at this time. There is also a section that is in the works for VR videos, which, once complete, will add additional welcome functionality to the platform.
Steam on the whole is a very mature platform, so SteamVR had a great head start in that regard. I'm used to how Steam operates and that got me most of the way to understanding and navigating SteamVR right from the start. The thing holding me back from a perfect score is the lack of a simple tutorial for those who are not as familiar with the legacy Steam.
  • Accessing your game library was very easy and intuitive
  • The hub, or homepage was well put together and fun to hang around in
  • The speed of the system on the whole was snappy and stable
  • Knowing if the system should be launched from the headset or the pc
  • Connecting to social hub with friends outside of a game was difficult
  • Stability wavered on longer gaming sessions
One person connection is easy to establish and maintain, however we found that multiple people from multiple locations and internet speeds and troubles connecting to s SteamVR social hub. Ultimately we were unsuccessful, however once in a game we had no difficulty connecting to the social hub within it. For some reason, the connection outside of a game was harder to establish
The system is easy to download, doesn't take much time to boot up, and is built on the tried and true bones of the Steam launcher. That means great memory of what games you've purchased in the past, and which ones you are currently downloading. Playtime metrics as well are tracked, and the SteamVR has a low crash occurrence, assuming your PC was stable to begin with
SteamVR is fast to boot up, fast to load games, and fast to recover even if you need to restart for any reason. The navigation within SteamVR is quick and responsive, and sifting through have libraries is smooth and fluid. When connected via virtual desktop to an oculus headset, SteamVR still works great and allows for wireless VR Gaming
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