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Taboola Pricing 2021

One of the most popular advertising pricing models is cost-per-click or CPC. These financial services can get very competitive and expensive for ad campaigns. When finding the right one, it can come down to small details, since many share the same types of algorithms and pricing.

Taboola is a native advertising platform. Native ads are placed in relevant places. This way rather than irritated, consumers are interested in the content recommended. Here is an explanation video about Taboola to give you a good overview.

See the next section to learn more about Taboola and how Taboola works. If you already have looked at Taboola’s capabilities, skip to pricing.

What is Taboola Ads?

Taboola is a self-service, advertising platform open to the public, based in New York with offices worldwide. They claim to be the largest content discovery platform. Taboola ‘discovers’ content for consumers and audiences for advertisers. Each month they actively 360 billion content recommendations to 1 billion consumers each month. Their recommendation ads have appeared on high-traffic websites for major companies like MSN, NBC News, The Weather Channel, and more.

The appeal of using them for your ad campaign is their ability to expose your content on popular sites. More than simple exposure, Taboola places its recommendations where consumers are more likely to consider the ad. They find consumers when they're in ‘discovery mode.’ They target consumers when they are researching or looking for information, such as on news websites.

They believe that their content distribution when consumers are inquisitive can help you increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your own website. This type of strategy is considered an inside marketing tactic. Their platform has options to help you reach your target audience. A Taboola user can access a 360-degree view of their data and learn and make decisions from it.

The self-service aspect of Taboola includes not just managing your ad data, but also for uploading your campaign in their interface. There you can add creatives and descriptions you want (your media and writing will still need approval).

Taboola‘s platform has what they call a predictive engine. This works by collecting key data about consumer interests and purchasing habits. The platform uses Deep Learning software to pull this information from over a billion people. They then use their algorithm to analyze your data and then match it with the most receptive audience.

Taboola doesn’t guarantee immediate results, as it takes time for their predictive algorithms to match your campaign to consumer behavior. With time they can then learn and increase the accuracy of those matches for the optimization of your ads.

Part of how they match your campaign to consumers depends on your cost-per-click (CPC) budget and the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads. This means the more you spend on CPC, the more competitive your campaign will be and the more exposure it gets. The more exposure it gets, the better the chance your CTR will rise.

When your CTR rises, the more recommendations to consumers your campaign will receive. The SmartBid feature analyzes your campaign and bids at the right times and against higher-converting publishers for your brand.

Taboola also has a helpful blog that talks about digital marketing and campaign marketing. They have one article with instructions on conducting a/b testing for landing pages.

This marketing software is more suited to bigger budgets because you need to continually grow your spending to increase your brand awareness. Taboola is a public platform open to any individual or e-commerce company that wants to use them for content marketing. That does not mean they’re a good choice for any company size. The costs of an ad campaign with them could easily accelerate and burn through your budget.

The majority of companies that use Taboola are small enterprises with at least a revenue of $1-10 million or $10-50 million. Freelancers, small teams, and startups that are newer may find the budget needs to compete on Taboola less economic.

Not all the companies that use Taboola are selling, some are websites that have agreed to monetize their site with high-quality ads. Individuals and companies can also exchange traffic for more web traffic.

For more information about Taboola and how their platform works, you can see their explanation page. Below we go over the different pricing plans Taboola offers.

Taboola Ads Pricing

Taboola is a native advertising platform that uses cost-per-click, or cost-per-mille CPM pricing models. CPM denotes what you pay per impression of the ad, whereas CPC requires the action of clicking on it. The three pricing plans for Taboola are the schedule options for how you want your billing to work.

Automatic Billing

The Automatic Billing choice is when you set up a credit card with your Taboola account. With that credit card, you need to set up the billing increment that will be charged for interactions with your ad. Taboola notes that $100 is a common increment amount for other Taboola users. Your card is charged every time your brand campaign spends the billing increment amount. By the end of the month, you are charged the remaining balance as well.

This kind of plan means you pay right away, and you don’t need to worry about individual payments. Everything is charged to the chosen card, so it’s good to have a separate credit card for those expenses. If you realize the Taboola cost per month is too much, you can contact customer support at You will then be able to direct your questions about your account to your account manager. This kind of restrained pricing is a strong choice for those worried about exceeding their budgets.

Monthly Invoice Billing

Monthly Billing is the better choice if you do not want immediate charges or use a separate card. With this option, you are emailed an invoice each month of your total service costs. You can also make payments before you receive your invoice at the end of the month to decrease the total later.

This plan is easier to control and think about your spending because you will see everything at the end of the month rather than being charged without a second thought. Companies can then decide if their spending on Taboola is worth the conversion rate and revenue gained easier. The copy of the invoice will also be better for tracking spending for taxes.

Prepayment Billing

This is the best option for strict budgets. With Prepayment Billing, you pay a set amount before your brand campaign runs. If you get close to your total, your account manager can contact you so you know you’re approaching it. Then you can decide if you want to make another payment to keep the campaign running.

Again, if your budget is strict this may be the best option, but it will take more work to keep your ads live. With Automatic and Monthly billing you would not need to worry about that. This plan requires a staff member or department to be on top of the campaign, analyzing it, and ready to determine whether you want to pay more that month or restart the following month.

Not all of you may be sold on Taboola, but there are other great cost-per-click options.

Taboola vs Outbrain

Taboola has a well know competitor called Outbrain. Outbrain is a CPC platform with very transparent pricing guidelines. It doesn’t have the same schedule options as Taboola, instead, there is a budget cap, and after you reach the cap they stop distributing your ads. They also make it very clear that you will still be charged if your ad is still clicked after your cap is reached and your content stops being distributed.

Outbrain also has ‘recommendation technology’ or algorithms for matching you with the right consumers, just like Taboola. They are also a self-service platform that is available all over the world, like Taboola.

When it comes to the difference between there isn’t anything major in cost because that depends on you. If you want more specialized scheduling choices for payments Taboola may be better. If you want a simpler platform, with the same functionality as Taboola you can go with Outbrain. If you need to form stronger feelings for a decision you can compare Outbrain and Taboola reviews with our comparison tool or go here.

More Resources

You may be still unsure about Taboola. Here is a 30 minute in-depth tutorial of Taboola and how to use their interface and navigate the website.

Taboola may not be the platform for you, but we do have more products available to check out. Other major options include Google Ads and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. If you want to learn more about those platforms, you can go to the alternatives page for Taboola.

If any of you have used some of the software in the article, please consider leaving a review to help other buyers make informed decisions.