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What is Zesty?

Zesty is a first cloud management platform from the company of the same name in Giv'atayim, Israel, that leverages AI-driven automation to increase efficiency and reduce AWS spend, with the goal of reducing it by over 50%. The platform automatically…

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Zesty offers an automated solution for managing Reserved Instances and reducing EC2 costs. Users have praised the platform's ability to …
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What is Zesty?

Zesty is a first cloud management platform from the company of the same name in Giv'atayim, Israel, that leverages AI-driven automation to increase efficiency and reduce AWS spend, with the goal of reducing it by over 50%. The platform automatically adjusts compute and storage resources to match…

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Product Demos

Zesty Easy Baked Crappie Food Demo


Zesty product demo: Activity Log


Nerf fortnite zesty smg firing demo


Zesty Lemon FIFA 20 DEMO? First thoughts (Live PS4 Broadcast)


Rachbuntu Zesty Install Demo


Zesty Demo ride with Nirvana Cycles

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Product Details

What is Zesty?

Zesty is an Automated Cloud Optimization Platform designed to reduce costs, free up DevOps resources and maximize efficiency with AI-driven Cloud Management. Zesty offers two AWS optimization options:

Commitment Manager

Automatic purchasing and selling of AWS Reserved Instances with a buy-back guarantee. Achieve over 45% savings on EC2, risk-free. Commitment manager proactively buys and sells AWS Reserved Instances to match real-time application needs, with no human intervention. It’s AI engine continuously analyzes Amazon EC2 usage along with the RI marketplace to leverage the most lucrative Reserved Instances discounts for your environment.

Benefits of the solution as provided by the vendor:
  • Reduce EC2 Costs by up to 50% - Zesty leverages the best RI discounts possible, maximizing EC2 savings.
  • No human effort required - Zesty’s AI engine analyzes and optimizes EC2 environment 24/7 so you won’t have to.
  • Never use On-Demand Instances again - Zesty keeps the user's environment at a constant 99% RI coverage, to maximize cloud savings.
  • Risk-free buyback guarantee - Zesty promises to pay the user back in any case of under-utilized commitments.

Zesty Disk

Automatically shrinks, expands, and adjusts volume types. Zesty Disk aims to reduce storage costs while improving a product’s performance. Zesty Disk proactively adapts storage capacity to real-time application needs, with no human intervention. It automatically shrinks and expands cloud disks so there is no need to heavily overprovision volumes or manually expand storage capacity when required. Zesty Disk aims to improve the application’s performance, reduce storage costs by up to 70% and relieves engineers from managing storage volumes.

Benefits of Zesty Disk, as provided by the vendor:
  • Automatic right-sizing of Cloud Disks - Zesty’s advanced AI automation expands and shrinks a disk to match application needs.
  • Prevents “Out of Space” failure - Zesty Disk monitors storage 24/7 and proactively expands disks when more storage is required.
  • Reduce storage costs by up to 70% - Zesty aims to ensure storage volumes are always optimally utilized, resulting in reduce costs due to ideal capacity allocation.
  • Relieve engineers from storage Management - Zesty Disk’s AI engine provides an autonomous storage experience to DevOps engineers, and relieves them from manually managing disks.

Zesty Video

Introduction to Zesty (formerly Cloudvisor)

Zesty Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Zesty offers an automated solution for managing Reserved Instances and reducing EC2 costs. Users have praised the platform's ability to save money and provide flexibility in resource management. With Zesty, users no longer need to manually manage RI commitments, allowing them to achieve high coverage rates without the risk of over-provisioning instances. The software automates cost management and optimization of resources on AWS, resulting in significant cost savings. Users have reported reducing their AWS EC2 costs by nearly 60% with the help of Zesty. Additionally, Zesty provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing autoscaling cloud compute costs and ensuring high availability and performance. Overall, Zesty helps businesses achieve substantial savings by reducing AWS costs effortlessly while maintaining optimal resource allocation.

Cost Optimization: Users praised Zesty for being a fully automated platform that allows easy cost optimization. Some users felt that it helped them save money on EC2 billing without the need for commitments or extensive planning. The commitment manager feature was particularly appreciated for providing automated three-year Savings Plans coverage, resulting in significant cost savings. The ability of Zesty to automatically buy and sell RIs and Savings Plans based on user needs further enhanced cost savings.

Seamless Onboarding: Users found the onboarding process of Zesty to be seamless and the implementation process to be simple. They appreciated the ease of setup, which typically took just a few minutes, and the simplicity of the user interface, making it straightforward to navigate and understand the platform. The proactive and helpful customer support provided by the Zesty team during onboarding was highly appreciated.

Valuable Features: The 100% refund for unused commitments offered by Zesty was seen as a valuable feature by users. Additionally, users highlighted the dashboard as a valuable tool that provides insights into unused resources and identifies potential areas for cost optimization. The AI-powered instance discovery and purchase mechanism were recognized for their effective accuracy in identifying relevant instances, adding value to the overall experience with Zesty.

Confusing User Interface: Some users have found the user interface of Zesty to be perplexing and not user-friendly, leading to difficulties in completing tasks.

Lack of Product Improvements: Users have expressed their desire for more enhancements to the product, including better visibility into overall spending and Kubernetes monitoring. They also mentioned that certain areas of Zesty are not fully developed, and they would appreciate richer dashboard features and more options for exporting data.

Limited Cost Savings on AWS Services: Several users have pointed out that while Zesty helps save costs on EC2 Reserved Instances, they would like it to extend its cost-saving capabilities to other AWS services as well.

Users highly recommend trying Zesty as it offers a low-risk experience and easy cancellation process. They suggest signing up for Zesty without hesitation.

Cloudvisor receives positive recommendations from users who encourage trying their service due to the absence of risk and long-term contracts. Users recommend reaching out to Cloudvisor to explore potential cost savings and highlight the exceptional support and straightforward implementation process.

Users also recommend trying Cloudvisor's solution for its easy installation and potential money savings. It is important to note that users mention the current platform limitations, as this solution does not currently support GCP or Azure.

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