Cloud Management32Cloud Management Suites helps IT managers and organization orchestrate and deploy resources in a hybrid cloud environment containing a mix of on-premise, public, and private cloud services, providing oversight, secure and efficient provisioning, and automation of tasks, with increased agility and lower cost.Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo)1 CloudWatch4 Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)5 Elements7 Enterprise Manager Cloud Control8 Director10 Cloud Application Manager (formerly AppFog)13 CloudRanger14 Cloud Appliance Library17 Cloud Manager (Discontinued)19 CloudCenter (formerly CliQr)20 Hat CloudForms22

Cloud Management Suite

Cloud Management Suite Overview

What is a Cloud Management Suite?

A Cloud Management Suite is focused on providing information about cloud computing systems. These tools provide a degree of administrative control over public, private and hybrid clouds. Cloud management tools have become increasingly important as IT tries to balance security, compliance and budgetary concerns with the business innovation brought about by self-service provisioning of so-called shadow IT.

Cloud Management Suite Features & Capabilities

  • Support for different cloud types, such as public, private and hybrid clouds

  • Support for creation and provisioning of new objects and the removal of unnecessary objects, like servers, storage, and/or apps.

  • Reports on uptime, response time, latency etc. with a drill-down dashboard

Advantages of Cloud Management Suites

One of the big advantages of cloud management tools is that they provide self-service capabilities to users who wish to access a public or private cloud, review available cloud instances, or create new ones.

Pricing Information

Many cloud management platforms (CMP) price by taking a percentage of spend or charge you a variable per-VM fee. Some other vendors charge a per-year flat-fee pricing based only on your public cloud spend. SMB systems typically cost between $1,000 and $5,000 / year, and there are also some open-source systems available. Enterprise systems start in the region of $25,000 / year and can scale to $100,000 or more depending on number of VMs.

Cloud Management Products

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ServiceNow is a fast-growing service management provider that went public in 2012. The ServiceNow platform has strong social capabilities.


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Rubrik is cloud data management and enterprise backup software provided by Palo Alto-based Rubrik, Inc. It is a software platform that provides backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centers and clouds.

Amazon CloudWatch

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Amazon CloudWatch is a native AWS monitoring tool for AWS programs. It provides data collection and resource monitoring capabilities.

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BetterCloud is a SaaS Application Management and Security Platform that is designed to enable IT to centralize, orchestrate, and operationalize day-to-day administration and control for SaaS applications. The vendor says thousands of customers rely on BetterCloud to centralize data and controls, sur…

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Cloud Elements is a cloud API integration service that uses cooperative apps to connect an organization’s customers, partners and employees to the cloud services they use. The vendor says that by using their pre-built elements, their one-to-many approach connects applications with services, each thr…

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CloudCheckr is an AWS cost and security management platform. It monitors and analyzes AWS data sources, including AWS CloudTrail logs, AWS Config, AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) flow logs, AWS CloudWatch and AWS API calls, to help users optimize AWS environment resources.

CloudRanger delivers cloud server management software for businesses, MSPs and enterprises. Its easy-to-use graphical interface offers users scheduling and backup policies to help companies save time and money.Key features of the CloudRanger platform include: Server Management: CloudRanger gives us…

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CSS Corp in Milpitas, California offers CloudDRIVE, a cloud management platform designed to optimize application performance and reduce costs post cloud migration, and smooth adoption of new cloud capabilities and applications.

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Red Hat CloudForms is a cloud infrastructure management platform that allows IT departments to control users’ self-service abilities to provision, manage, and ensure compliance across virtual machines and private clouds.

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SkyKick headquartered in Seattle offers a total cloud migration solution, featuring cloud backup and cloud management features for control of customer access to cloud resources.

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Extility is a cloud management platform from London based software company Flexiant.