The Best Editing Software for Beginners and Professionals
John Uibel | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 27, 2019

The Best Editing Software for Beginners and Professionals

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Premiere Pro

We have a creative department of about 10 people that use Adobe products. Of those 10, only about 5 of us use Premiere Pro, and only 3 of us use it heavily. I'm one of those three. We rely on Adobe Premiere Pro to do our job as videographers and we love it. It seems like Adobe has been stepping up their game every update for the past several years with the exception of only a few software glitches that were later fixed. The software helps me feel confident in my ability to achieve the goal of my edits and the process is usually very smooth.
I highly recommend Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • The color tab at the top of the program enables quick edits and adjustments to color correction and grading. Very similar to Lightroom.
  • GPU acceleration. GPU accelerated effects are labeled to help you decide how and what effects to use for smoother editing.
  • Labels and organization is made easy with the ability to color code your various clips in the timeline and bin.
  • The audio tab at the top makes audio adjustments quick and easy. It has many of the features that Audition has built in.
  • GPU utilization- While Premiere utilizes the GPU occasionally and during exports, it's mostly a CPU intensive program. Unless you have a powerful CPU, your computer may struggle to playback high-resolution footage.
  • The Graphics panel is very useful and has come a long way but still needs some work. I need more templates available to me since I'm paying monthly for this service.
  • Speed of workflow has increased- specially when coupled with keyboard shortcuts
  • Jobs have had a faster turnover rate which makes clients happy.
  • I have two Adobe accounts, one for work and one for personal use. Both of these accounts are paying for themselves through the work I can provide with the use of Premiere.
I can't say that I've ever really tried other video editing programs other that GoPro studio which is nowhere near as good. Premiere Pro widely used around the globe, partially due to the monthly payment bundle it comes in, but also because it's such a great program. It's used widely by many professionals and production houses will often use it to create full feature-length movies. Premiere has many things to offer, but there are other things that other editing programs do a bit better or at least in a different way. In my opinion, Adobe Premiere Pro is the only program to start with as a beginner getting into video editing. Sure, there are other programs that do similar things but you might as well jump into something that is as professional as it is easy to use.
The great thing about Premiere Pro is that it's easy to use if you're a beginner or if you're a pro. The process of using the program is simple and laid out in a way that helps you stay in your mental creative process without having to overthink what you're trying to do and where to find settings, etc. If you're relying on your GPU to do the brunt of the processing work then you're pretty much out of luck since Premiere is CPU intensive and there are currently no signs of that changing any time soon. Many folks switch to other editing software for this reason but as mentioned earlier, if you have a powerful CPU then you'll be okay. I have the 7960X 16 core, 32 thread and I can playback 4K pretty well.