ADP Solutions for Compliance in Payroll and HR
Updated February 21, 2023

ADP Solutions for Compliance in Payroll and HR

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Modules Used

  • Employment Tax
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Wage Payments

Overall Satisfaction with ADP SmartCompliance

ADP Smart Compliance processes our tax liabilities, wage garnishments, and provides a portal for employees to store their W2s and pay stubs. By outsourcing these items, we have reduced compliance issues and solved platform issues for federal reporting. Our previous provider had not updated its platform, so there were many problems transferring data. ADP is a leader in these areas and they stay ahead of new regulations that help drive organizational guidelines.
  • Tax liability processing
  • Wage garnishment and child support payments
  • Wage payment portals for employees
  • Training in other ADP products in order to help users be subject matter experts, even if they are not currently using the other products
  • Offer training for their solutions that do not coincide with calendar quarter end dates

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  • Reduced accounts payable processing for garnishments and child support
  • Increased compliance for federal regulations
  • Automated processes
We have integrated: tax liability, child support, garnishment processing, and a wage payment portal for W2s and pay stubs.
We use ADP SmartCompliance on a daily basis. Our employees' login into ADP weekly to review their pay stubs. This has helped to reduce paper by not having to deliver ACH payments. This has helped our company reduce its carbon footprint.
ADP was instrumental in helping our organization with its FICA ER Deferral process, and to ensure payments were made timely to the IRS. The Eye on Washington newsletter and notifications on regulatory changes are beneficial to us.
ADP SmartCompliance is a total package and is the most up-to-date software with every solution to meet payroll and HR needs.
ADP SmartCompliance is well suited to organizations that process multi-state payrolls. State and federal laws can differ and understanding how to best process liabilities in every state can be challenging. If a company has few employees, an integrated suite may not be necessary. However, with a multi-state payroll and varied industries under one umbrella, ADP offers a great solution.

ADP SmartCompliance Feature Ratings

Not Rated
Sales and Use Taxes
Not Rated
Cross-border Taxes
Not Rated
VAT / GST Taxes
Not Rated
Energy and Fuel Taxes
Not Rated
Geolocation for Tax Assessment
Not Rated
3rd-Party Software Integrations
Tax Data Reporting
Compliance Administration Management
Tax Exemption Processing
Not Rated
Tax Document Management
Not Rated
Complex Tax Scenario Management
Not Rated

Using ADP SmartCompliance

2 - Payroll and accounting.
2 - Payroll and accounting understanding.
  • Tax liability
  • Garnishments
  • Child Support
  • Wage Payments
  • Regulation updates
  • New Hire Reporting
As an organization we are happy with the ongoing performance of our solutions.

Evaluating ADP SmartCompliance and Competitors

Yes - Ceridian. Their platform was not updated, and they had many workarounds. It was very frustrating.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
My previous experience working with ADP and using their products drove the decision to elect ADP as our vendor of choice.
I would not change anything.

ADP SmartCompliance Implementation

To properly implement ADP, you will need a subject matter expert in payroll, HR and IT.
Yes - Tax liabilities from previous quarters were uploaded before we went live.
Change management was minimal - It was a seamless process. The payroll manager and one administrative person performed the tasks needed to go live. It was a success from the beginning. It was a welcomed change from our previous vendor.
  • Creating the extraction process from our platform for ADP
  • Creating the proper reporting tools to validate against impound totals

ADP SmartCompliance Training

They have annual training for Smart Compliance, which is very helpful. We learn the most up to laws for various subject matters, like garnishments, payroll law, child support, state unemployment laws by states. We also earn credit toward certifications. The training is user friendly, and highly recommended. It can be done live or listened to at your own convenience.

Configuring ADP SmartCompliance

The reconfigurability was just right for this product. The implementation team wanted to know about our system to ensure the implementation was smooth and successful. Our IT folks worked with ADP to ensure the extraction process would work and there would be proper reporting to validate the transfer of data. It was a success.
As best practices, you want to have the right team in place in order to implement any solution. A payroll professional, an HR professional and an IT professional are key players for a company to implement an HRIS solution successfully. ADP provided the same professionals on their side to collaborate with us in order to have success from the first day of production.
Some - we have done small customizations to the interface - We have customized our Smartlite process which converts our interface to transmission to ADP. This allows for customization of our Company ID's. As we have added features like wage payments and modified the extract process to differentiate between biweekly and weekly employees. Their IT teams are very knowledgeable and have been helpful in making this efficient for us.
No - we have not done any custom code
No additional customization was needed outside of the extraction process mentioned earlier. This was to accommodate differentiating between company codes and our workforce payment schedule being biweekly versus weekly. The ADP IT team is well versed in our system JDE Oracle v2.

ADP SmartCompliance Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes, we purchased what was necessary in order to have the proper support.
Working with ADP's IT team to integrate the extraction process was streamlined and efficient.
ADP has an excellent support staff if and when needed.

Using ADP SmartCompliance

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Extraction uploads
  • Access to the resource bridge to learn about state compliance
  • Report extraction and downloads
  • Local or city tax reporting by employee
ADP solution is very easy to use. And there are folks who can guide you at any given moment, or answer questions.

ADP SmartCompliance Reliability

ADP has the ability to scale across departments. This was found to be true when we rolled out the wage payment solution. ADP users are able to view their pay stubs on their phones and/or computers. This wage payment portal offers W2 storage and paystub storage for access at any time by an employee.
We have never experienced unavailability with ADP. They communicate promptly when there is a holiday or if the system is down for maintenance. The maintenance schedule is during times when it is least used.
If ADP is having issues, they communicate the problem within the solution once you log in. They also communicate that the issue will be fixed promptly. Reports run efficiently and in a reasonable amount of time. Also, the reports allow for various reporting types to be produced like a PDF or a Microsoft Excel file.

Integrating ADP SmartCompliance

The process with our team and their IT team worked well, and was very efficient.
  • Extracts from JDE Enterprise
We have integrated extractions from our tax liability, wage garnishments and wage payments in order to upload the data into ADP.
No other ones at this time.
  • File import/export
None to report.

Relationship with ADP

During the sales process, we were able to ask many questions and receive a lot of feedback. This helped to identify what platform would best be suited to our organization. We were able to hold a few meetings with ADP experts until we were comfortable with the selection of our choosing.
The vendor provided a specialist who helped us implement the product and how to go live. They stayed with us until we were comfortable using the product. Then ADP transitioned us to a regular representative for further contact if need be.
We were able to negotiate a price that was satisfactory to both ADP and the company. Since their prices were going up at the beginning of their new fiscal year, there was some wiggle room for negotiation.
Know what you need, do your homework, and ask many questions. In our case, this meant having a few meetings. The sales team was well versed with the competition and helped answer questions or concerns that others might not have shared. We appreciated that.

Upgrading ADP SmartCompliance

Yes - For the most part, the look and feel of ADP SmartCompliance have changed a bit. It took some help to navigate some menu items from a different area. There was no downtime for us as it was simple to adapt to the new look and feel.
  • Better reporting
  • Reporting tools to be more flexible with output