Zero tech support or customer service kills the product
December 19, 2022

Zero tech support or customer service kills the product

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Overall Satisfaction with Algolia

Improving search for e-commerce. Fast results from large index, plus suggested and product recommendation. This improves navigation and product discovery for users (shoppers), and shortens time to product pages, and time to cart, to increase conversions. We need a rapid solution that can meet the needs of a large catalogue and users searching across lots of disparate categories
  • Indexing
  • Speed
  • Suggested
  • Tech support is non existent
  • Customer service doesn’t respond
  • Faulty billing platform
  • Service can be blocked without warning
  • Affects conversions (uplift when working, huge drop when service is down)
  • AOV (average order value increases when service is on, huge drops of hen service is down)
  • Negative UX when service down
At the time we did a TD on a number of different solutions, and Algolia was selected for its features and functionality. Why we couldn’t account for at the time was the lack of customer service and tech support, or problems that would regularly and repeatedly occur within their billing platform etc.

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Tech support and customer service is non existent. When you have an issue you can’t in touch with anyone, and no one responds. What’s worse is that the billing issue we had was caused by their platform. But instead of receiving any notification or warning to resolve the service was blocked and the application terminated. This left us without search on our platform, and no way to unblock application or restore service. Several support tickets were created, which was an easy to resolve if someone had responded, but no response or resolution. I believe this is a “unicorn” with massive funding and they can’t get a basic tech support in place with reasonable response times, e.g. 24 hours.
It’s a shame they built such a great product and zero support or service. This makes it unreliable and not fit for purpose. I have also seen similar reviews at G2 aswell- so this is clearly not an isolated incident and is being experienced by lots of users, who likely end up leaving the product and seeking another solution elsewhere.

Algolia Support

It’s non existent. No tech support and no customer service… my application was blocked and is currently inactive causing huge business disruption, and I’m still waiting days later for a response to an issue which could be resolved very very quickly if only they would respond. Very poor from a company of that size
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
Yes we’re on the Premium tier plan- but as far as I can see there is no Premium dedicated support. So no way to access the support needed, or get the response and resolution that you want. I wish I could upgrade to premium support, then maybe I’d get a response
Yes - I reported the bug, which was one that could be resolved quickly but it required their response and actioning something on their side. I waited and waited and no response came, meaning my service was down and the application was blocked for days causing huge business disruption. I wish I knew this before going with their product