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Enterprise Search Software Overview

What is Enterprise Search Software?

Enterprise Search Software is the organized retrieval of structured and unstructured data within an organization. It makes content from multiple enterprise-level sources such as databases and intranets, searchable to a defined audience. Using an easily-navigated interface for entering, categorizing, and retrieving data securely in compliance with security and data retention regulations, products in this category can be made available to customers and employees.

Enterprise search software can connect a myriad of disconnected cloud platforms together and make them accessible through just one search tool. This kind of software arms employees and consumers with access to a network of data from anywhere, on any device, all in real time.

Enterprise Search Features & Capabilities

Quality products in this category should include these features:

  • An interface through which to search for and retrieve data

  • Indexing and/or archiving of data

  • Collecting and updating of information from different data sources, categories, and formats

  • Intelligent search options to auto-complete, find same/similar or rank by relevance

  • Search refine using advanced faceted and filter search

  • Defined user permissions for accessing information

Unified Search Tool

Everyday, businesses utilize a variety of cloud platforms, all with their own databases, simply to function. With enterprise search software, organizations can connect all their data sources through a single search engine. These search tools provide users with the ability to easily search and organize vast amounts of data quickly and easily.

A need for an easy way to keep that data integrated increases as companies continue to expand upon their rapidly growing technology stacks. With the help of one search bar, an employee can navigate dozens of different cloud platforms and access the content of thousands of pages. Any app, platform, and database a team could need is readily available with the right search tool.

Predictive AI

Predictive AI, simply put, is the future of search engines. Self-learning algorithms embedded in enterprise search software innovates upon itself by learning from users and improving results based on usage patterns. Custom APIs are designed to make your search tool best-suited for your particular audience, delivering finely-tuned results that improve between user to user.

The application of capabilities such as key-phrase extraction, organization detection, and even OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is streamlined by many enterprise search software tools on the market. People expect simplicity from their search tools, and today products are utilizing advanced language-learning processes based on state-of-the-art search enquiries that ensure that results are both accurate and dynamic.

Privacy & Security

Security is salient for leading enterprise search software because ensuring that data is secure and compliant with regulations ensures that integrity and confidentiality of data is maintained, and that crucial business assets are protected. Most of this software will be compliant with GPDR and SOC 2 and 3 regulations, industry standards for maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.

Making sure that your software offers administrative options to ensure that only the right information and documents are accessible to the right users can be done by looking for software with the following features:

  • Meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards

  • Protection for content from malicious acts with encryption built into indexing pipeline

  • Customization for IP restrictions and encryption

  • Sync with single sign-on and SSO providers

  • Controls for per user access, using security filters for content

  • Multilayer security across cloud, physical data centers, intranet, and operations

Pricing Information

There is a lot of diversity in pricing options for enterprise search software, but many providers operate on a monthly billing basis, based on the size of a buyer’s organization and the scope of their search needs. Some of the top products in this category offer free versions, which may appeal to developers running test projects or individuals managing their own small businesses.

Standard monthly costs for paid services can range from around $25/mo to $499/mo. However, many products feature custom pricing for enterprise-level organizations. In these cases, prices can be determinant upon variables such as their region, cloud platform of choice, operating systems, deployment configurations, and security needs. Additionally, some products provide dedicated hardware for enterprise users at an additional cost.

Enterprise Search Products

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105 ratings
42 reviews
Top Rated
Elasticsearch is an enterprise search tool from Elastic in Mountain View, California.
Yext Search Experience Cloud
14 ratings
14 reviews
Yext headquartered in New York offers the Search Experience Cloud, a suite of products that aims to organize a business's facts so it can provide official answers to consumer questions — wherever people search. Starting with the company website, then extending across search engines and voice assista…
9 ratings
9 reviews
Algolia in San Francisco, California offers enterprise search as a service.
Apache Solr
26 ratings
8 reviews
Apache Solr is an open-source enterprise search server.
Coveo Relevance Platform
3 ratings
3 reviews
Coveo is an enterprise search technology which can index data on disparate cloud systems making it easier to retrieve. It has integrated plug-ins for Salesforce.com, Sitecore CEP, and Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.
Google Search Appliance
14 ratings
3 reviews
The Google Search Appliance provides document indexing.
4 ratings
3 reviews
Searchspring headquartered in Denver offers intelligent site search for customer facing web pages and ecommerce, providing product discvoery tools, navigation viacategory page, and other features to improve site navigation. In February 2020, Searchspring merged with Nextopia to expand its product c…
Apache Lucene
6 ratings
3 reviews
Apache Lucene is open source search software.
IBM Watson Content Analytics
4 ratings
2 reviews
IBM Watson Content Analytics is an enterprise search option. This supersedes IBM's older offerings, IBM Omnifind and IBM Content Analytics and Enterprise Search.
Lucidworks Fusion
0 ratings
2 reviews
Lucidworks headquartered in San Francisco offers the Fusion Platform, an enterprise search application development platform supporting NoSQL and unstructured data search, and having machine learning augmented recommenders and search capabilities.
Elastic Enterprise Search, with Site Search (formerly Swiftype)
6 ratings
2 reviews
Elastic Enterprise Search Swiftype is a platform with modules for Site Search, App Search and Workplace Search, that boasts powering search for thousands of enterprises and websites. The services were developed by Swiftype and acquired by Elastic in late 2017. Powered by Elasticsearch, the vendor st…
Azure Search
12 ratings
2 reviews
Azure Search is enterprise search as a service, from Microsoft.
IBM Watson Discovery for Salesforce
8 ratings
2 reviews
IBM Watson Discovery for Salesforce is a customer support agent productivity and machine-learning driven search tool designed to rapidly gather support insights and speed problem resolution, available now on the Salesforce app exchange.
iManage Insight
0 ratings
1 review
iManage Insight is an enterprise search tool formerly known as HP Autonomy Universal Search. iManage was divested by Hewlett-Packard in 2015. The newly formed iManage company is headquartered in Chicago.
Aderant Handshake
0 ratings
1 review
Legal software specialist Aderant offers Handshake, the company's Sharepoint compatible knowledge management platform specifically for law firms featuring access via intranet and extranet portals and an enterprise search tool for locating documentation and expertise, and general KM analytics.
IBM Watson Explorer
2 ratings
1 review
IBM Watson Explorer supports enterprise search with unstructured data analysis, machine learning, and content analysis to improve decision-making, support customer service or serve other business needs.
Amazon CloudSearch
22 ratings
1 review
Amazon CloudSearch is enterprise search as a service, from Amazon Web Services.
Inbenta Enterprise Search
1 rating
1 review
Inbenta's Natural Language Processing technology and years of research and development have led to the creation of Inbenta Enterprise Search for Customer Support, an intelligent, AI-powered self-service solution that understands the meaning of customer questions in over 25 languages, providing the c…
CustomerMatrix headquartered in New York offers their platform for enterprise search. in 2013 CustomerMatrix acquired French enterprise search company Polyspot.
Mindbreeze InSpire
Mindbreeze InSpire is an appliance for enterprise search from Austrian company Fabasoft and their subsidiary, Mindbreeze.
Fabasoft Mindbreeze
Fabasoft Mindbreeze, from Austrian company Fabasoft's eGov-Suite, is enterprise search software.
Enterprise Search by Hyland (formerly ISYS)
Hyland Enterprise Search (formerly ISYS from Perceptive, acquired by Hyland in 2017) is designed to make locating key information simple, fast and straightforward. The vendor states that with Enterprise Search, users can rapidly find and access the information they need and then take action — comple…
Chicago based Dieselpoint offers their platform for enterprise search.
Rocket Folio/NXT
Rocket Software in Waltham offers the Folio/NXT (NXT Enterprise Server) enterprise search solution. Rocket Folio, an application based platform, provides search, content management, and publishing from the desktop or delivered via CD/DVD/USB. Folio converts files into the Folio-Views format for use…
Austin based Searchify offers hosted enterprise search.