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Updated December 04, 2014

Try something else first.

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Software Version

New AtTask, Code Name Anaconda

Modules Used

  • Web Bases Software
  • iPhone App
  • iPad App

Overall Satisfaction with Workfront

  • I like the web based aspect, that stores all of our data on their server so that users in our building cannot accidentally save it incorrectly like Microsoft Project.
  • Their customer service is adequate when asking the right questions. If there is a solution they will get it to you quickly and effectively.
  • The interface is pretty well designed and relatively intuitive.
  • The ability to specifically decide which emails you wish to receive makes up for the vast number of emails you will receive when involved with a project.
  • AtTask should not be only focused on IT. We are a manufacturer and their new version clearly left us out of the loop. The New AtTask seems bent on making their software easier for non-technical users, but fails to maintain high level Project Management capability. Reporting can be accomplished now, by first time users, it really is quite straight forward. But reporting for PM's has become tasking to say the least. Old AtTask gave so much more control to the users that they could customize reports all the way down to the width of Columns, but that feature has been removed as well. Now I send out a weekly report, that shows several tasks with percent complete usually between 10-90%, but the column width is defaulted to a single character and the 5 and 0 end of on different rows. It is an embarrassment to me who provides these reports and an embarrassment to our company that cannot fix such a simple mistake. (And before you ask, Yes, I did try using the Text-Mode, which still didn't solve it, and reported the issue to Help Desk, which in turn escalated it, but there has still not been a resolution.)
  • AtTask sometimes focuses too much on making a more appealing interface for users, and impossible for managers. When they switched to the New AtTask they abandoned the ability to customize reports exactly as desired and tried to make them easier for non-users to jump in and build reports.
  • New AtTask removed the "Replan" feature from Old AtTask. "Replanning" is an essential element of project management. Why would they remove features? When projects fall behind or creep, an active PPM team will reschedule the project based on the current situation, usually based on PM's advisement. The Replan feature allows all "New", unstarted tasks to easily be rescheduled to have not started yet and now be On Time. This allows a PM to quickly and effectively reschedule projects that have changes during development.
  • I can no longer choose which report elements are links and which are not. When I asked customer service to fix this, they sent me to a website of theirs, where suggestions can be made. Since Launch, less than a year ago, I have submitted about a dozen suggestions for bringing back features from Old AtTask, and none of them have been brought back.
  • While customer service from their Help Desk is quite good, their timing is sometimes a pain. They outsourced to Armenia, and I usually submit an Issue Monday, they reply Monday night and I get back Tuesday, and they reply Tuesday Night, and we have clarified the Issue by Wednesday. Sometimes that means it takes almost 3 days to deal with an Issue that could have been 15 minutes if they were local. Other times it means it takes almost a week to elevate the Issue to someone who sees that the code is bad.
  • I had major issues with their Java Scripts for their Gantt Charts. Constant updates make it a pain to work with even though it is one of the most effective tools.
  • They have some turn over issues with Reps. I have been working with them for 3 years, and have dealt with more than 5 reps. The most recent has been a Customer Success Consultant, who when I called to complain of new issues, ranted at me for 30 minutes before finally letting me speak. He was unable to correct my issues, but told repeatedly said how bad he felt about that...
  • AtTask has helped us document our progress well.
  • We have had situations where we have "he said she said" and AtTask has helped clear that up.
  • AtTask has left non-Engineering members quite confused with Percent Complete calculations, as they do not understand how they are calculated.
Clarizen seemed to provide roughly the same product. They quoted a bit more expensive, and not many improvements. The implementation cost was not worth it. AtTask also did a better job at Gantt Charts for each project rather than just 1 for all projects in Clarizen, which was not editable.
AtTask seems better suited for IT and Customer Service departments, but a huge pain for manufacturers.

Using Workfront

50 - My company is a manufacturer, and it is primarily used in Engineering. But our Purchasing department, and Marketing Departments also use it. Our Manufacturing Engineering department has jumped all over it as well. We have not put IT on it, but they have helped solved some of the problems that AtTask creates.
1 - I am in charge of our AtTask use, but I just needed to dig in, to wrap my head around it. I received no official training, but within 3 months I knew more than any one else at our company except our admin, who brought AtTask on board. We could really use another person.
  • Documentation
  • Scheduling
  • Checklist
  • Ticket tool.
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Testing Loading
  • IT Tickets
  • Determining if Projects should be initiated.
  • Valuing and comparing projects for PPM.
Unfortunately, I am yet to find a better alternative, but once found I would definitely switch. Once we are stuck with AtTask it becomes difficult to leave, because we need to convince everyone at our company, and concern ourselves with implementation.

Evaluating Workfront and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
  • Analyst Reports
Product Usability. I don't really understand how any other factor comes close. At the end of the day, I need to answer to dozens of other employees when anything in AtTask isn't working exactly as they expect. If there is a problem finding something or uploading something or reporting anything, they are coming to me for a solution.
I would put more emphasis on making sure I understand how the program is calculating their projections. I hate when AtTask arbitrarily designates percent complete to days to a project and cannot calculate projected hours and days, as different things. They need to work harder at working for managers not users.

Workfront Implementation

It was implemented before I was here at our company, and I don't know how it went.
Change management was minimal - I don't know, It was implemented before I was here.
  • retraining
  • spreading the information
  • user buy-in

Workfront Training

  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
It was from my boss, not a rep from AtTask.
This was almost useless. They really need to make more interactive training modules. Why would weak 2-3 minute videos solve everything? There are real people on the other end who need real answer on how to use the program, but they think 2-3 minute videos are going to explain an entire feature?!
Yes. It is pretty simple, and there are enough resources to read through to find almost all details. I would recommend this to others, because knowing AtTask, they would charge a fortune to train each person, and it would be almost completely useless. They did a decent job of making the interface intuitive enough.

Configuring Workfront

It is too limited. They used to have more capability just a year ago, but they simplified it. I really hate when I run into things that dumb down to the lowest common denominator. Just because there are other companies full of idiots that can't utilize the configurations they used to have why would they remove them?
Keeping giving the customers more options not less. Let the people who can use more, use more, and the ones that are idiots and cannot, just tell them to ignore the hard parts. Just because you have a majority vote for dumb it down, does not mean you will reach Six Sigma of acceptable work.
Some - we have done small customizations to the interface - We mostly customize the Custom Data, because that is what we need. We don't really do much for the user interface because it isn't the main function. I customized my dashboard, since I want to see report results all day long, rather than just which tasks need to be completed.
Yes - we have added extensive custom code - We needed to track time use on repeated tasks, and these tasks are really more ticket issues, and a team member was able to coordinate our AtTask projects with these tasks. He can use Access and our Network interface to code the 2 together to automatically create and close issues with tasks in AtTask.

Workfront Support

Sometimes I ask easy questions and they do a nice job. But many times I have issues that they escalate and then I never hear a solution. The major issues which are not resolved, bother me far more than the quick simple solutions that the CS team rarely is able to provide.
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Escalation required
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
No - Their support is inadequate enough without me paying extra for it. The majority of the answers to our questions are that AtTask removed that feature and now here is a long convoluted way to accomplish the same thing. There aren't things AtTask is capable of that I cannot figure out how to do.
Yes - No. I have found about 5 bugs in the last 3 years, and each time it gets escalated but there is almost never a solution. I have no idea what happens once they are escalated. They need to get back to me, and I would even suggest offering rewards for finding bugs.
No. They have never called or gone above and beyond. I would say just the opposite. They seem to go out of their way to screw us over. I have never heard of upgrades that actually remove product features, except maybe getting rid of Apple Maps, which sucked much worse than Google Maps.

Using Workfront

This gets a relatively high rating compare to the rest of my review, since for the most part many other users that I have had to train and review AtTask with, they are able to grasp it pretty quickly. I am able to still maintain workflow on a daily basis. Even when it gets worse, or more complicated from "Upgrades", at the end of the day, all my complaining doesn't mean we don't have the information we need.
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Do not like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Not well integrated
  • leaving updates
  • creating new weak reports
  • using the Legacy Gantt Chart.
  • Logging time
  • Measuring Percent Complete
  • TRULY determining the condition of a project, not the crap they spit out.
  • Adding Tasks correctly
  • Duplicating Tasks
  • Using Templates
  • Developing Custom Data and Forms
  • Adjusting Email settings to receive the desired Emails.
  • Emailing out of AtTask.
Yes - Very Poorly. I have an iPad and an iPhone. I tried using the iPhone app, but it was borderline useless. I used the all-new iPad app, but it only monitors, and cannot update anything. These mobile solutions are a joke. I'm not sure why they didn't take the time to do it right.

Workfront Reliability

Our projects can get quite large and then they slow down when they get too big. I really don't like the new "1-250" which you can adjust to "All" but why are they doing that in the first place? Because they cannot keep track of all the tasks. That is a poor level of scaleability.
I would say the product is probably too available, and should instead be replaced by a WORKING product. There are many clients for AtTask that probably feel they would rather have a better working solution rather than this crap that doesn't do what it need to do. They should reinvent or rebrand.

Integrating Workfront

AtTask has not been able to import or export any project that I have tried. I have never successfully accomplished this with any other interface, or system. I asked for help with customer service and IT but was never able to accomplish what was necessary. That is why they get the lowest possible score.
  • Outlook
  • iPhone
  • iPad
Very minimal integration and still impossible.
  • Outlook
  • iPad
They say they do, but don't.
  • File import/export
  • AppExchange or similar marketplace
AtTask has done a horrible job trying to integrate with others. I have tried exporting projects into other systems like Clarizen, Celoxis, Genius Inside, and Microsoft Project. None have been exported well, not imported into others well. I can't be sure the export is all to blame but they claim to be integrated.
Don't even try. Start fresh and manually input all information you need. AtTask is incapable of integrating with any other system. From an integration stand point AtTask is completely useless. So if you already have another system don't switch, and if you are stuck with AtTask, I would say you are probably always stuck with them.

Relationship with Workfront

They try to charge us more every year, and they have only decreased features. Furthermore, they keep switching our rep, so we have never really had a chance to develop a relationship. It seems they want us to drop them for some reason. I don't think they want manufacturers just IT companies.
After we purchase our annual licenses, they never call to see if we are pleased. I have been trying to bring more involvement and build our relationship, but they seem to be uninterested. I would assume they would offer more support or something to try to build our relationship too, but they don't.
We were able to bring the quoted cost down to get us on board, and we have been able to retain that pricing even as they increase the price over the years. Which makes me think they care more about their higher paying customers and less about the older locked up clients.
They should really listen to us when we tell them they have a product that can really work for manufacturers. But instead they ignore us and try to pry more money out of us each year. Why are they not valuing their customers? They seem to only value their competitors clients and want to grab more market share but not retain their current clients.

Upgrading Workfront

Yes - WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! The change went smooth for AtTask, but was an epic failure for the users. It was such a pain in the butt, and they never offered to retrain our entire staff just because they wanted to change the look. They also went ahead and removed tons of key features, which they of course never mentioned previously.
  • NONE
  • At least it still functions
  • for the most part it isn't as slow
  • NONE
  • maybe they can bring back the old features?
  • I'd like them to move away from Java